5 Tips to Choose the Best Wholesale eCommerce Platform!

Last Updated: February 2024

It is no secret that the digital world has transformed the shopping experience of users worldwide. With over 69% of traffic coming from Google searches, the online business landscape has created unprecedented changes in the retail industry. Besides having a website, choosing the best wholesale eCommerce platform for your B2B business can boost your operational efficiency and ensure optimum resource utilization. But choosing one without research can get overwhelming.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you save time and provide a clear understanding of what a wholesale eCommerce platform does for your B2B business.

Why Do You Need a Wholesale eCommerce Platform?

Previously, B2B and retail businesses relied heavily on salespersons to build long-term relationships with customers to grow their business. But the boom of eCommerce changed this scenario. Today, B2B businesses rely heavily on online platforms to attract new prospects and retain existing customers. The ease of usage and accessibility offered by eCommerce platforms has changed the buying experience for consumers.

The best wholesale eCommerce platform can help B2B businesses automate time-consuming manual processes and ensure more straightforward deals. From managing complex accounts to sending updates to clients, the platform will meet the strategic needs of your business. By working with a reputable eCommerce outsourcing company, you can get complete support on the type of platform you will need for your operations.

Things to Know When Selecting the Best Wholesale eCommerce Platform!

While the best wholesale eCommerce platform offers many benefits to B2B businesses, it is vital to pay attention to certain factors to help you simplify the buying process and drive business growth. Let’s deep dive into them!

1. Customization Opportunities


Integrations and plug-ins are the keys to crafting a seamless buying experience. Setting up an easy-to-use eCommerce portal will help you process bulk orders faster and create faster data synchronization. From providing multiple shipping options to setting up a secure portal, the best wholesale eCommerce platform offers flexible customization opportunities to help you connect better with your customers.

The platform provides multiple customization options, such as:

  • Better inventory management through third-party integrations.
  • Availability of custom reports and dashboards, enabling detailed analysis.
  • Marketing tools to create better revenue opportunities.
  • Automation tools to simplify complex workflows.

2. Budget Requirements

Like most things, wholesale eCommerce software comes in different shapes and sizes. When deciding to buy one for your company, it is vital to decide on a budget first.

Here are some critical questions you need to consider while deciding on a budget:

  • What is the cost of setting up the platform?
  • Do you require additional integrations, and how much will it cost you to add them?
  • Will you require a professional to keep it running smoothly, and what are the maintenance costs?
  • Do you need to pay additional charges for updates and security checks?
  • Which wholesale eCommerce platform fits well with the long-term vision of your company?

3.  Supports an Easy Mobile Experience


User-friendliness matters more in B2B businesses. Most wholesale buyers require an on-the-go experience, making B2B brands more conscious about improving their customer service. You don’t want to lose customers because your eCommerce website doesn’t support orders placed through a mobile device. As a wholesaler, you want customers to keep visiting your website and personalize their experience. The best wholesale eCommerce platform offers you the flexibility and the convenience to help you engage and interact with customers across all channels on any device without any hassle.

4. Multiple Payment Methods

In an ultra-connected age, consumers demand experiences that are seamless and swift. Having a sluggish check-out process can cause shoppers to hesitate and ultimately abandon the cart.

Wholesalers also need to offer buyers multiple payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, and payment through wallets. By adding payment methods to your store or website, you can allow customers to pay the way they want and choose packages they can afford. With an online wholesale platform, you will have the tools to offer consumers a flexible and frictionless payment portal.

5. Pricing and Cataloging Controls

Nowadays, B2B and B2C customers are well-accustomed to searching for information online. If your website or online store doesn’t have a well-organized catalog or pricing information, it will turn away your potential prospects to competitors. By providing detailed information about products and your brand identity, you can stay on top of product searches and build trust between you and your customers.

The best wholesale eCommerce platform has robust pricing and cataloging controls that will help you provide information that is clear and accessible. This includes technical attributes, images, inventory information, and product usage combinations.

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