Tidio Pricing: Which Plan is the Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: May 2024

Are you confused and trying to figure out which Tidio plan is the best for you? We are here to help.

Pricing strategies can make or break the success and should be viewed with the long term in mind. Tidio is a live chat and chatbot tool which stays robust and agile with its pricing structure to keep ahead of the competition. But it has different pricing plans and varied features in them. We will assist you to analyse the pricing of Tidio by the complete breakdown and analysis of every plan. Let’s get started.

In this post we will cover the following:

Overview of Tidio Pricing

Tidio is one of the leading live chat software that solves all the queries from your customers and enables you to sell the product constructively. You can even check the location of the visitor chatting in your Tidio Live Chat. Wanna try Tidio for free and then decide? Don’t worry. They offer an attractive free trial for  7 days helping you to decide if it’s worth a try before spending your money.

Image Source – https://www.tidio.com/pricing/

Tidio pricing falls under four schemes viz. Scale, Team, Strater, and a Free plan. These schemes are quite pliable and user-friendly, designed precisely for meeting the mixed needs of its customers. You can bill them annually or monthly. It is up to you. But if you choose annual billing over monthly payment you can save some money. You can use Tidio for free for two months if you opt for annual billing.

Detailed Breakdown of Tidio Pricing Plans

1. Free Plan

A forever-free plan! Yes, you can use it for free without any time-bound limit. And this plan makes you accustomed to Tidio’s innovative chat possibilities unlocking the way to a hilarious business experience.

Tidio Free Trial
Image source – https://www.tidio.com/panel/register

What Do You Get?

  • With Tidio’s free plan you get a chance to start with two operators
  • This free plan provides AI-supported chatbots and chatbot templates. 
  • Visual Chatbot editor is also given along with the chatbot metrics.
  • You can access a maximum of 100 chatbot uses/unique reachable visitors. 
  • The main advantage is that they don’t limit the number of online chats. You can have an unlimited number of live chats with any visitor.
  • Also, allows integration with several eCommerce, email marketing, CRM, and helpdesk platforms like Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Hubspot, etc.
  • Furnishes you with the visitor details. Yes, you get visitor info like location, contact details, etc.
  • A multilingual interface is another peculiarity available in this plan.
  • Moreover, they provide mobile and desktop apps. You can install both apps to maintain touch with your customers.


  • Only two operators – no additional operators are allowed in this plan. Additional operators can only be added when a paid plan is purchased.
  • Monthly chatbots are limited to 100. You won’t obtain an additional chatbot limit in this plan. For an additional chatbot limit, you should go for paid plans.
  • Live typing provision is not added in this plan.
  • They also don’t provide you with the live visitor’s list.
  • Advanced Shopify integrations are not possible with the free plan.
  • Even though you are provided with chatbot metrics you won’t get customer support metrics in this plan.
  • You cannot get rid of the branding with the free plan. ‘No branding’ is a characteristic available only in the paid plans, that too by paying an additional charge.
  • You cannot assign custom roles.
  • 1 on 1 onboarding is not possible.
  • No multichannel tool.

Free Plan Is Good For:

You can go for the free plan to get a first-hand exploration before setting off on a paid journey in Tidio. If your e-commerce store is in the commencing stage, this plan might be the best pick for you. 

2. Starter

The Starter plan costs $32.50/month if billed annually. If you are intending for monthly payments it costs you $39/month. By purchasing a starter plan you unlock all the features available in the free plan plus some add-ons.

What Do You Get?

  • All free plan features.
  • You get an additional operator in this plan. That means a total of 3 operators. You can also add extra operators up to 5 by paying more ($2.50/month for each).
  • Your monthly chatbot limit increases with this plan. You can amass up to 2000 chatbot uses/unique reachable visitors. If you need more you can pay $4.17/month for every 1000 additions
  • This plan includes provisions for live typing. It equips you to respond quickly by showing you what your visitors are typing before they send their messages.
  • Provides a live visitor list to you to view all the visitors on your website in real-time.
  • You can avail advanced Shopify integrations.
  • Multichannel tools are allowed, making you active across various channels.
  • They also serve you with customer support metrics in this plan.
  • Furthermore, you have an option to remove the branding by an additional payment of $15.83/month in this plan.


  • $2.50 /month for additional operators and it is further limited to up to 5 operators.
  • $4.17/month for every additional 10000  Tidio chatbots if paid annually and $5/month for monthly payments.
  • No branding is not free. You have to pay an additional charge ($15.83/month) to unhook this feature.
  • You cannot assign custom roles.
  • 1 on 1 onboarding is not possible.
  • You will not be entitled to a dedicated chatbot consultant with this plan.
  • Info on viewed pages by your visitors is not provided.
  • Don’t have an option for quick responses and notes.

Starter Plan Is Good For:

As the name suggests this plan is good for starters. This plan will be a dedicated tool for beginners until you lift your business further high.

3. Team

Here comes the most popular plan of Tidio – Team. This plan costs $65.83/month when billed annually and $79/month for monthly billing.

What Do You Get?

  • All the features available in the Free plan and Starter plan are also available in the Team plan.
  • 5 operators are included in the plan. You can avail extra operators by paying an additional charge of $4.17/month for each (limited to 10 operators)
  • Increased limit of unique reachable visitors is a catch. 15000 tidio chatbot use/unique reachable visitors are permitted. If you need more chatbots you can pay $12.50/month for every 5000 chatbots.
  • You can do away with branding by paying $15.83/month.
  • Have the option for quick responses.
  • Details of viewed pages and notes will be given to you. You can track your visitors and watch all pages they browse and you can personalize your communication with them accordingly.


  • For extra operators, you have to pay additional charges. That too is not unlimited. You can only add up to 10 operators.
  • Custom role assigning is not possible.
  • No 1 on 1 onboarding
  • Don’t give a dedicated chatbot consultant.
  • For enabling no branding you have to pay an additional $15.83/month.
  • Additional chatbots are costly and limited too. You have to pay an additional $12.50/month for every 5000 additional chatbots.

Team Plan Is Good For:

If your e-commerce store has multiple support agents this plan will be a good fit. You can give highly personalized customer assistance with this plan. 

4. Scale

The Scale plan is Tidio’s highest plan and it costs you 332.50 USD/month if billed annually. You have to pay $399 if you go for a monthly payment. 

What Do You Get?

  • All the features available in the Free plan, Starter plan, and Team plan are available in the Scale plan.
  • You get the added advantage of unlimited operators. 
  • There is no monthly Chatbot limit in this plan. You can have unlimited use of chatbots.
  • You can assign custom roles.
  • 1 on 1 onboarding is possible.
  • You get a dedicated chatbot consultant.


  • Even in the highest plan, Tidio does not allow ‘no branding’ for free. And you have to pay an additional amount of $15.83/month to remove branding.

Scale Plan Is Good For:

This plan is good for established businesses. Also, you can give unlimited chat assistance to your visitors and customers, thereby ensuring worthwhile customer service.


Tidio provides a good live chat solution at affordable prices. The cost of live chat software varies for different vendors since they are also equipped with their tools and features. Have a look at Saufter, which would be a better option for your organization. Its proven expertise in customer support management can help you navigate the challenges of the future cost-effectively. We have a refreshingly different approach: Zero-Risk Guarantee that gives you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. Start your free trial now!



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