Founded in 2012, Tawk.To is ranked #336 in the same category ranking of the apps. If you are in the market looking for an overview of the Tawk.To, then you are at the right place. Here we have curated all the related information with positive and negative customer reviews to help you decide if Tawk.To is the best for your business or not.

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What Is Tawk.To?

Tawk.To is a live chat software that provides seamless communication between customers and the business. It currently has 7 million page visitors with 16% of its total traffic coming from the US.

Tawk.To offer free live chat service and features like trigger and quick send replies shortcut, group messaging, screen sharing, desktop notifications, and many more. Apart from that, setting up Tawk.To is simple and its widget can be customized by changing chat colors, attention bubbles, and individual uploads.

Pros And Cons Of Tawk.To


Pros Cons
Provides free live chat feature You need to pay extra to remove its branding “Powered by Tawk.To”.
Allows you to build a multi-lingual knowledge base. Lacks an email marketing feature.
Tawk.To can set up in just 1 minute. Does not provide an option to keep the database via webhook or Google Sheets.
Provides analytics that allows you to track your team’s progress. Tawk.To has an outdated UI.
You can monitor the website’s real time visitors with the help of Tawk.To. Their customer support is not great.

Pricing And Plans Of Tawk.To

Although, Tawk.To provide free live chat support but it does charge for some of the services that we will be discussing in this section of the article. Moreover, we will also inform you about the reason Tawk.To provide free live chat, let’s check out:

Why Tawk.To Is Free?

The major reason why Tawk.To offer a free live chat feature is because they were a late entrant into this segment of the business and thus they were not able to sell their product and gain valuable feedback from others. There are several other reasons like:

  • Paying for the live chat software is not a barrier for companies it provides 24X7 customer care support with an adequate amount of staffing. Thus, Tawk.To charge you for hiring live chat agents.
  • Tawk.To does not want to take its competitor’s market share, instead, it wanted to provide support to the new emerging companies.
  • Tawk.To is an agent-centric model, unlike its competitors that charge per seat which allows Tawk.To to offer free service.

Plans Of Tawk.To


  • Remove branding-  $19/Month ( If you don’t wish to see the branding of Tawk.To. )
  • Hire agents- $1/Hour ( Tawk.To will hire live chat agents on your behalf )
  • Hire Virtual Assistants- $7/Hour
  • Video, VoiceScreen Sharing- $29/Month ( Allows you to provide better customer support service )

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Tawk.Io Features With Customer Reviews

There are 3 major features of Tawk.To, let’s have a look at all of them:

Live Chat


Live Chat 

Tawk.To’s live chat offers various features like local language translation, answer chats from your mobile device, provides an unlimited history of your store visitors, and many more. Additionally, it provides hassle-free installation which just takes a minute. 

Positive Customer Review 

“A lot of features you would expect to pay for with others but not with Tawk. The live chat is great and we don’t have to pay per user.”

4.5/5⭐, Leon T. Web Developer

Negative Customer Review

“Tawk.To can sometimes be deceptive to site visitors through the welcoming message such as hello how May I help you or hello we are online for instant help. This is because it ensures 24X7 hour live support even when there are no agents to respond to a visitor’s query. Also, Tawk.To has numerous features that sometimes confuse a user, especially the new users. It is also challenging to customize the widgets especially for the new users.”

5/5⭐, Beth M. Sales Assistant

Customer Relation Management Software


The CRM platform of Tawk.To help you track unlimited leads, collaborate with unlimited data, and easily import the data. Additionally, the developers of Tawk.To are working on adding phone support directly from the CRM, sending and receiving SMS messages, and collecting payments from widgets via the billing option.

Positive Customer Review

“With, you don’t need to worry about contacting leads and communicating with customers. You can simply add a chatbot to your website and automate your sales and marketing. will help your website visitors find the information they need and answer questions they may have. It also allows you to get in touch with leads, track conversions and identify trends and buying habits of your customers.”

-5/5⭐, Peter G., Technology Manager

Negative Customer Review 

“What I dislike at is it lacks of import & export feature. For example, I have many websites that want to use as a live chat. I want to copy the setting of one website to another one, but I did not find any solution for this. So, every time I add a new website to, I have to reconfigure from the beginning.”

-5/5⭐, Minh N., Developer

Knowledge Base Management


Through Tawk.To you can build a multilingual knowledge base and provide self-service to your customers. It even allows you to track article insights and comes with pre-set themes that allow you to easily add articles.

Positive Customer Review

“ is very good software itself, the ability to have a live chat and help center all in one site is very appealing and the knowledge center function is very easy to use.”

4/5⭐, David F., CEO

Negative Customer Review

“The ability to use custom domains for $18 a month is a pretty steep price just for the ability to remove branding from a knowledge center.”

4/5⭐, David F., CEO

Common Missing Features in Tawk.To

There are many common features that Tawk.To miss, let’s have a look at them:

A/B Testing

This feature allows you to check all the functions of the software before you run it on your store. Running the software directly on the store can be a bit harmful as you would not know the glitches that it might have which can scale down your user experience.

Tawk.To does not have an A/B testing feature which can hamper your business image in front of your customers.

Automated Routing

Automated Routing is a feature that can automatically transfer tickets to customer support agents and also ensure that all the agents have an equal workload. Tawk.To can not perform automated ticket routing and all the work has to be carried out manually which can consume a majority of your time.


A chatbot allows you to provide quick and robust customer service. It can attend to customers in real-time and can solve their queries using knowledge base articles. Tawk.To at the moment does not have a chatbot feature available, you need to hire live chat agents to provide support.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this article you were able to gain fresh knowledge of Tawk.To’s features and pricing. In this post, we have also mentioned customer reviews and some features that Tawk.To does not provide, making it easier for you to make up your mind on Tawk.To.

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