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Last Updated: April 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive review, where we’ll delve into the features, pricing, and user feedback of this powerful and versatile online platform. is designed to empower entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses in their digital ventures. It offers a range of tools that help to streamline processes, enhance marketing strategies, and simplify online selling.

In today’s article on review, we will also navigate through’s pricing structure, ensuring that you gain a clear understanding of the value it brings to your endeavors. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is is an online platform that helps you create and manage your online businesses. It provides tools and features to make it easier for entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses to sell things, offer online courses, and connect with customers.

It’s like a toolbox that includes things like making websites, setting up ways to sell products, sending emails to customers, and more – all in one place. So, instead of using many different tools, lets you do everything you need to run an online business from a single platform. review
Source: Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Offers a wide range of tools and features including website building, sales funnel creation, email marketing, and online course management.You may find it lacking in advanced features and customization options found in standalone tools
User-friendly interface, suitable for non-tech users.Does not integrate seamlessly with third-party tools or services you might be using.
Includes features for automating marketing tasks such as sending targeted emails, to your customers and creating a sales funnel.You might find the excessive features offered overwhelming and it Includes a learning curve to fully utilize its features. 
Get personalized domains, partner pages, and affiliate programs.As your business grows, the platform capabilities become limiting, especially for large businesses with complex needs.

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1) Pricing offers four different plans: pricing
    • Free: Suitable if you want to explore the basic features or get started with basic online operations.
    • Startup plan: Priced at $27/month, it is recommended if you have a small business. The plan offers 2,000 contacts, 5,000 emails sent, limited sales funnels, blog posts, courses, and basic automation rules. 
    • Webinar plan: Starts from $47/month and is suitable if you host webinars and marketing events. It includes 10,000 contacts, unlimited emails, more steps in the sales funnel, blog courses, and advanced automation rules.
    • Unlimited plan: This plan is good if you have a business with complex needs. It starts from $97/month and includes all the features plus one-click upsells, A/B testing, custom domains, and more.

User Review

“It replaces several different programs and offers it all at a much better price point.”

⭐5/5, Belinda S.

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2) Funnel builder funnel builder empowers you to craft appealing and effective sales pages for products, opt-ins, and more. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor facilitates A/B testing, enabling easy design adjustments for higher conversions.


Begin with pre-designed templates to streamline the process, eliminating uncertainty and ensuring impactful sales funnels tailored to your content.

User Review

“I’d recommend for anyone getting started with funnels, and for the seasoned funnel builder, too.”

⭐5/5, Crysta F.

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3) Automation features 

You can set up automated workflows for various tasks such as launching an online business, managing projects, communicating, selling products and services, and collecting leads. 

For instance, you can effortlessly initiate email sequences or unveil online courses to new clients. This efficiency enables you to deliver exceptional customer service with reduced time investment.

User Review

“Numerous business automation solutions are available on the platform, reducing the time that would otherwise be spent on repetitive chores.”

⭐5/5, Ali e.

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4) Email marketing’s straightforward text-focused email editor directs your attention to the email content. Alongside its impressive deliverability, this enhances customer engagement and drives increased sales via impactful email campaigns. review
Source: enables you to craft and store email templates suitable for drip sequences and automation. Additionally, you have the capability to dispatch one-time broadcasts. 

Furthermore, you can initiate an email sequence directly within the configurations of any constructed sales funnel, adding to the platform’s versatility.

User Review

“The email marketing and sales funnel features have increased conversions and revenue, while the membership site management makes it easy to offer digital products and courses to my audience.”

⭐4.5/5, Devashish A.

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5) Blog Creation

Leveraging the drag-and-drop website builder, you gain the capability to house a contemporary blog directly within the platform. review

While the option to integrate personalized domains exists, it’s not obligatory, as extends complementary domains to its subscribed users. 

User Review

“In the blog section, pop-up, and SEO sections are really impressive. I also like its user interface because it is very clean and easy to handle.”

⭐5/5, HM S.

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6) Webinar is an excellent choice if you employ webinars to swiftly establish rapport with your intended audiences and cultivate potential leads. Naturally, webinar funnels significantly bolster sales figures. facilitates the creation of evergreen webinars through a straightforward process. review

The platform not only empowers you to construct limitless webinars but also manages every facet encompassing registration, subsequent interactions, and presentation delivery.

User Review

“From sales funnels, webinar pages, and autoresponder. These save you thousands of dollars on tools if bought elsewhere.”

⭐4/5, Tony O.

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7) Membership sites

This all-inclusive marketing platform makes crafting a fully operational membership website a breeze. You can use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder or select from the system’s ready-made templates.No coding expertise is needed!


Moreover, handles payments seamlessly and automatically withdraws user access upon payment cessation. Acceptable payment methods encompass Stripe, PayPal, debit, and credit cards.

Additionally, the platform provides a comprehensive course builder to host your videos and courses. If preferred, you can upload videos to an external platform like YouTube and seamlessly embed them into the interface.

User Reviews

“I used it to create a sales funnel and a membership and course for my business and it is increasing my income and helping others. I now have an email list here I am nurturing and love it!”

⭐5/5, Monique K

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8) Affiliate program

In, an affiliate management tool assigns unique affiliate IDs to your individual subscribers, directly associated with their corresponding e-mail addresses.


Once your subscribers effectively vend your offerings through link sharing, they commence earning commissions. With, achieving complete automation for affiliate payouts is achievable through simple adjustments within the affiliate program settings.

User Reviews

“It provides me (as a beginner) with a complete affiliate marketing system to promote products and also set up my own products with other affiliate marketers. This is the best system is have found. I highly recommend for any affiliate marketer, beginner or experienced.”

⭐5/5, Verified User in Marketing and Advertising

So that was the end of our review. 

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    • Intelligent Analytics: Assess the efficacy of your customer support endeavors through robust analytics and reports, pinpointing areas for enhancement.
    • E-commerce Workflow Automation: Effortlessly streamline e-commerce operations by automating repetitive tasks like returns/exchanges, order modifications, and address adjustments.
    • Custom Automation for SaaS: Customized automation functionalities designed to address tasks like resolving login complications, managing requests for plan changes, navigating through settings, and reporting bugs.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, shines as an all-encompassing and adaptable platform that boasts positive feedback for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and effective marketing tools. 

With its cost-effective pricing options, it accommodates businesses of all sizes. Its extensive suite of features, spanning from creating sales funnels to automating email marketing, empowers users to bolster growth and enhance engagement.

We hope our comprehensive review took you a step closer to your decision. 

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