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Last Updated: April 2024

Uncover the realm of pricing and gain insights into its comprehensive features and authentic user reviews with this complete breakdown. Delve into the intricacies of’s cost structures as you explore its versatile offerings and hear from those who have experienced them firsthand.

Table of contents

What is is an integrated online business platform designed to streamline various aspects of digital entrepreneurship. It combines website building, sales funnel creation, email marketing, and course management tools into a single platform.

This all-in-one solution empowers users to establish an online presence, automate marketing campaigns, and sell digital products easily. With its user-friendly interface and pre-built templates, caters to both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, enabling them to efficiently manage their online business endeavors.

Whether you’re building websites, launching products, or managing customer relationships, offers a versatile toolkit for online success. pricing
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Overview of Pricing presents 4 pricing selections: Free, Startup, Webinar, as well as Unlimited. Each plan offer different features such as sales funnels, email marketing, and automation tools to meet different business needs.

You have the option to sign up for a free account and choose a plan that suits your preferences. pricing
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Detailed comparison of pricing plans

1. Free

If you’re interested in giving a try, this is the ideal plan for you, as it comes at no cost.


    • Emails: You have the freedom to send an unlimited number of emails.
    • Sales funnels: Up to 3 sales funnels are supported by this particular plan.
    • File storage space: The storage space is unlimited.
    • Communities: Only one community can be accessed with this plan.
    • 24/7 email support: Provides round- the-clock assistance


    • Contacts: The maximum limit for contacts is set at 2000.
    • Courses: This plan grants entry to just one course.
    • Custom domain: A solitary custom domain can be utilized with this choice.

This plan is best suitable for:

If you have recently initiated an online business or nonprofit organization.

2. Startup 

The monthly cost is $27, but choosing the annual billing option offers a 30% discount, making it $288 per year.


    • Marketing funnels: The number of marketing funnels has been expanded to a maximum of 10.
    • Workshops: The option exists to hold 5 courses.
    • Email campaigns: Access is provided for a maximum of 10 email campaigns.
    • One-click upsells: With this plan, you can utilize one-click upsells for a total of 10.


    • Limited to 3 custom domains: The maximum cap on custom domains is set at 3.
    • 5000 contacts: You’re granted room for up to 5000 contacts.
    • Communities: The startup accommodates a maximum of 5 communities.

This plan is best suited for:

Ideal for startups and individual business owners in need of fundamental tools to scale their online operations.

3. Webinar

Opting for annual billing provides a 30% rebate, priced at $396 per year, or you can select the monthly plan at $47 per month.


    • Sales funnel steps: The sales funnel journey is composed of 300 stages.
    • Coupon code: You’ll be granted 50 coupon codes as part of this package.
    • Automation rules: Up to 100 automation rules are permitted.
    • Tags: The maximum allowable quantity for tags is 100.


    • Workflows: You’re restricted to employing 20 workflows.
    • Email campaigns: The boundary for email campaigns is 100.

This plan is best suitable for:

For individuals in the fields of entrepreneurship, online business, and course instruction.

4. Unlimited

The annual cost is $838, with a 30% discount, or you can opt for the monthly charge of $97.


    • Blogs: There are no restrictions on the number of blogs.
    • Blog posts: You can publish blog posts without any limitations.
    • A/B Tests: Unlimited possibilities exist for conducting A/B tests.
    • Deadline funnels: You can engage with deadline funnels.
    • Integration: Offers effortless integration with PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, and various other services.
    • 1-on-1 kickstart coaching session: Take advantage of a dedicated kickstart coaching session with personalized guidance.


    • Bandwidth: There’s a maximum of 10TB bandwidth allowed each month.
    • Webinars: Each webinar is limited to 100 attendees.

This plan is best suitable for:

Tailored for e-commerce businesses, affiliate marketers, SaaS operations, and any business that maintains a significant email list.

User Reviews 

“I was swayed by because it offered a full start-to-finish funnel path for free.” Jeremy

“The user dashboard and the general layout of all the menus, settings, and all the tools are very intuitive and much easier to use than on the platform I used before.” Sascha M.

“My experience has been fantastic and the customer service is awesome, especially when I was getting used to it at the beginning.” Kay R.

“Their course for building landing pages is perfect , very clear , the mailing list organizer is very intuitive.” Orit Yaghoubzadeh

“If you already employ numerous different marketing strategies, this could be a problem.” Azizur R.

“I would like it if I could create a course, and create my own templates for the lectures.” Spring

“The drag and drop editor is a plus, but lacks designer elements to really set yourself apart from other Systeme users.” Reggie O.

“Email deliverability is poor compared to Get Response.” Rob W.

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Analysis of plans

Sales funnels31050Unlimited
Sales funnel steps1550300Unlimited
Automation rules110100Unlimited
Custom domains1310Unlimited
Free MigrationXXX
1-on-1 kickstart coaching sessionXXX

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Key features missing from

1. Webinar hosting

Hosting live or pre-recorded webinars directly on isn’t possible. To conduct such webinars, you’ll need to use tools like Zoom or WebinarJam, and integrate them with

2. Custom domains

Using your own domain name for pages or blogs isn’t an option. You’re required to either utilize a subdomain from or purchase a domain through

3. Advanced analytics doesn’t offer in-depth tracking for funnels, campaigns, or courses. Instead, you’ll get basic figures like the number of views, clicks, conversions, and earnings.

4. Multilingual support

Generating pages or emails in various languages isn’t supported on The platform is only accessible in English and French.

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Want to automate your customer support?

Saufter redefines customer support with its automated live chat software, allowing your business to deliver exceptional service around the clock. Elevate customer satisfaction, streamline support operations, and increase efficiency with this cutting-edge solution.

Key features

    • Support Automation: Automates e-commerce customer service workflows such as AI-suggested replies, a ticketing system, proactive support, and reports and analytics.
    • AI-powered chatbots: Utilize AI-driven chatbots to handle common inquiries, resolve basic issues, and guide customers through processes, freeing up your team for more complex tasks.
    • Multi-channel support: Engage customers across various platforms like websites, social media, and messaging apps, maintaining a consistent and efficient support process.
    • Intelligent routing: It routes incoming queries to the right department or agent, minimizing response times and ensuring customers get accurate assistance.
    • Knowledge Base Integration: Seamlessly integrate a knowledge base to provide self-service options, allowing customers to find solutions independently.
    • Automated ticketing: Transform chat interactions into support tickets, enabling your team to manage and resolve complex issues seamlessly.
    • Smart canned responses: Equip your agents with pre-written responses to swiftly address common queries, ensuring consistency and reducing response time.
    • Personalized self-service portal: Enable users to find solutions independently, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction.

Final Words presents a range of pricing plans suited to diverse business needs. Its all-in-one features include sales funnels, email campaigns, and course creation, garnering positive reviews for its integrated approach.

While advantageous, you should weigh these benefits against any limitations to ensure a fit for your specific requirements.

While advantageous, you should weigh these benefits against any limitations to ensure a fit for your specific requirements.

In addition to automated live chat software, Saufter also delivers comprehensive customer support services.

Saufter is your reliable support partner, offering swift solutions to all your technical queries. Experience efficient assistance and personalized guidance with Saufter’s user-centered approach. Streamline issue resolution and enhance user satisfaction with their intuitive platform.

Embark on your free trial journey today.



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