How to Streamline Returns Management & Reduce Costs

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Last Updated: February 2024

Effective product returns management boosts customer satisfaction, which in turn spikes profits. You can compel your audience to revisit your store if you have a solid return policy. Streamlining return management not only results in an excellent customer experience but also is a cost-effective business method.

Return Management And Its Significance In Ecommerce

Ecommerce store customers may choose to return goods they purchase for whatsoever reason. This process of collecting returned goods from customers and managing them well to reduce the loss incurred to the company is called returns management. The goal is to make the best use of time, energy, and money invested in the process of delivery since these efforts are wasted expense when products are returned. The return management process begins when – customers place a request. Then, the company manages the return shipping and handles the returned product (replace or restock it). The process ends by providing an attractive solution to customers who returned the product. Building an effective returns management system makes your business cost-effective, while also ensuring customers stay happy. Try to access what your customers want, run through your store analytics, and design a return process that proves to be beneficial for returns backed with a cost reduction and results in easy returns for the customers.

Deploying Effective Return Management Practices

Let’s help you build a strong product return management framework.

Merge delivery efforts with return requirements

Deliveries are tracked in real-time, which makes it easy to identify delivery partners at locations where customers have return requests. When both processes are aligned, it becomes easy for companies to save effort, fuel, and perhaps provide speedy service.

Draw a roadmap for returned products

It is not only the routes you should be planning in advance. Set some benchmarks such as the number of return pickups planned for each day, and the delivery routes along which the returned products will be picked up. This will give you an insight into restocking expectations which is critical for warehouse management. Also, plan the future course of action for the returned goods sitting in your warehouse.

Align delivery and return routes

While planning a route for delivery partners, include the deliveries as well as return requests. This creates an easy and seamless timeframe for delivery executives. Additionally, it saves fuel, time, and effort.

Draw out a plan for the holidays

Holiday sales are generally a success because of the gifting culture, but it also triggers a large number of return orders. So, to meet the expectation of holiday purchase behaviors of your clients, chalk out an exclusive plan for the holiday season. This includes increasing your workforce, improving your operational excellence, and deploying better management strategies.

Additional Tips That Can Help You Ace Returns Management

Inspired by the quote ‘prevention is better than cure, let us give you some tips on how you can minimize the return requests and create an efficient goods return process flow.

Incorporate detailed product descriptions

Misleading product descriptions lead to misinformed purchase decisions, which often end in return requests. If you provide a detailed product description, customers will have a better idea about the product, resulting in informed buying decisions, which ultimately cuts down on return requests.

Keep a track of return patterns

The goal is to learn from the reoccurring return patterns. Analyze your return patterns to locate the ones with a high frequency. Study them to eliminate the elements resulting in poor customer experience. Optimize the product quality or customer experience to make adjustments and improvements.

Expand return timeframes for customers

A good return policy is of 30 days, but expanding this timeframe creates a sense of trust. When your customers trust you and your products, you’ll earn their loyalty. With an expanded return timeframe, customers get the time to make informed decisions. The possibility of quick return requests comes down here, and customers get a lot of time to access the product’s use. The appropriate return timeframe for goods depends upon their category.

Incorporate easy terms and conditions for returns

The end goal here is to make the return process hassle-free and transparent. Incorporate the product’s return policy in the product description, add relevant shipping labels and other information. Having a good process in place encourages your customers to come back to you even when one order does not meet their expectations. They might even want to request a return in exchange for another product rather than requesting a cashback with no further sales to follow.

Automate the return process

Automated flow essentially works in favor of your customers and your business. When your return process is automated, customers will have control over their purchases. Automation facilitates faster communication thus speeding up your returns process. Automated flow is easy, quick, precise, and efficient. Study your customers closely and monitor their behavior before you build your products’ returns management. Strategic returns management ensures enhanced customer experience. Optimize this process so it can positively reflect on your business endeavors, and you can get your customers to keep coming back to you. Stay up to date with Helplama’s blog section. We talk about many areas that you, as an owner of an ecommerce store can work on, and ensure your clients get the best shopping experience. If you are in search of some help with customer support for your store, we would love to set up a call with you. Book a demo with us today, to see how we can help you.

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