Sprout Social Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: April 2024

Elevate your social media game with Sprout Social’s top-tier features, while staying budget-savvy with competitive Sprout Social pricing plans. Trusted by over 30,000+ businesses, it’s the ultimate tool to streamline your online presence. Embrace the platform that boasts an average 4.4/5 rating from satisfied users, and revolutionize your social media strategy.

What is Sprout Social?

Sprout Social is a cutting-edge social media management platform designed to empower businesses in optimizing their online presence. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, it offers content scheduling, performance analytics, and engagement tracking across various social media platforms. 

With flexible pricing plans, Sprout Social caters to firms of all sizes. It’s the go-to tool for social media strategies. Sprout Social is a reliable choice to amplify your social media success.

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A Detailed Breakdown of Sprout Social Pricing

Sprout Social offers 4 pricing plans: Standard, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise to cater to different business needs.

Sprout Social Pricing
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1. Standard 

At a starting cost of $249 per month, you’ll receive the opportunity to experience it all risk-free with a 30-day trial. Any extra user will incur a monthly fee of $199.


    • 5 social profiles: You can designate up to five of your social accounts to be linked on the platform.
    • Publish, schedule, draft, and queue posts: Enhance your business productivity by designing and queuing up campaigns and posts beforehand, enabling a seamless and steady release of your content.
    • Profiles, keywords, and locations monitoring: Observe social media trends to ascertain whether your business is being cited along with specific keywords or geographical areas.
    • Review management: Evaluate your business’s presence on Facebook, Google My Business, and TripAdvisor.

This plan is suitable for:

Ideal for small businesses or those just starting out in social media management.

2. Professional 

Commencing at $399 per month, the Professional plan offers a complimentary 30-day trial and integrates the Standard plan’s features and additional enhancements. Additional users can be accommodated at a monthly fee of $299 each.


    • Competitive reports for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: Analyze your content performance across different social platforms.
    • Scheduling for optimal send times: Elevate engagement levels by up to 60% by planning your posts to coincide with peak hours of social media usage.
    • Paid social reporting for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn: If your business employs social media ads, you can access reports that provide insights into their performance.
    • Custom workflows for multiple approvers and steps: Create a more solid framework for your team’s pipeline by outlining a cohesive workflow that coordinates the efforts of your team members.

This plan is suitable for:

Suitable for growing organizations with larger social media needs.

3. Advanced

At $499 per month, the Advanced plan comes with a $349/month fee for extra users. Benefit from a 30-day trial period. This plan encompasses all elements of the Standard package along with a few additional features.


    • Message Spike Alerts for increased message activity: Get notified if you encounter a sudden surge of messages, as this may point to issues with your campaign.
    • Chatbots with automation tools: Establish a chatbot that helps and supports customers.
    • Automated Link Tracking: Enable link tracking on Sprout links, helping you determine the destinations of your social tracking activities.
    • Saved and suggested replies: You can rely on a machine learning algorithm to create suggested replies for comments and messages, effectively reducing the time you’d otherwise spend in composing them.

This plan is suitable for:

Designed for firms aiming to maximize social media impact.

4. Enterprise

A customized pricing framework tailored to your specific requirements seamlessly integrates with the Advanced plan, accompanied by additional functionalities.


    • 24/5 prioritized customer support: Enjoy round-the-clock attentive customer support, available 24/5 for your convenience.
    • Premier Success Consulting Services: Provides high-level consulting services aimed at fostering business expansion and achievement. With their expertise, you can enhance your approaches.
    • Tailored implementation and onboarding to get teams up and running quickly: Experience customized implementation and onboarding processes for swift team integration and operation launch.

This plan is suitable for:

Geared for marketing agencies and businesses managing client social media accounts.

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Sprout Social  Pricing Plans Comparison












1 (extra user $199/month)

1 (extra user $299 per month)

1 ( $349 per month for additional users)


Social Accounts










CRM Tools

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Key Features Missing in Sprout Social 

1. Native video editing

If you intend to edit your videos before scheduling them for posting, be aware that Sprout Social doesn’t include in-app video editing tools, requiring third-party alternatives.

2. Integrated Social Listening

A built-in tool for monitoring brand mentions and conversations across social media platforms.

3. Advanced analytics 

The analytics tools within Sprout Social are impressive, though there’s potential for them to be elevated to a more higher level.

4. Collaboration tools

Sprout Social’s collaborative tools have their limitations, notably the absence of features for sharing post drafts or facilitating group collaboration on reports.

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Sprout Social User Reviews

Positive Reviews

“There are no longer any problems that Sprout Social is solving. Social media management is a tool that native social platforms are realizing they can bring in-house for free.”  Peyton R.

“As Brand Manager, I am using the tool to get an idea of sentiment when people talk about Nasuni and how we can adapt or modify our messaging to best reach our customers.” Alyssa L.

“They also have a great support team that you can work with to ensure that you’re utilizing all of the platform features as best as you can. For teams who struggle to plan and manage their social accounts, I highly recommend Sprout Social.” Verified Reviewer

“I like Sprout and am happy with the service they provide. It helps me do my job, which is invaluable as a team of 1.” Verified Reviewer

“Being able to tag user content to identify patterns for other teams to address is incredibly helpful. We no longer have to export videos at various sizes for them to load properly through the system, which is a limitation of many other planning platforms and was an efficiency killer for the content team.”  Ben M.

“This is our main option to integrate with one tool all our social media profiles of customers who didn’t have an option to manage their social media.” Verified User

“We absolutely love the Sprout link feature coupled with the first comment feature for Instagram! We rely on it so much, we don’t know how we lived without it up until now.” Steve Opfer

Negative Reviews

“You cannot control any ad accounts from sprout, but you can engage with boosted posts and ads once they are live. Hence, Sprout will work in compliment with the original ad account.”  Nathaly.

“Cost is a big downside. Compared to its competitors, Sprout is much more expensive, and some of the features, such as custom reports and saved replies, are an additional cost rather than included in the base price.” Cassey S.

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Effortless Social Media Customer Support

Saufter is your one-stop solution for efficient social media customer service. Streamline interactions, automate responses, and provide better customer service seamlessly. Elevate your support game with user-friendly features designed to simplify customer engagement.

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Key Features

    1. Unified Inbox: Centralized view of all social media messages and interactions, simplifying response management.
    2. Automated Ticketing: Automatic creation of support tickets from social media messages, ensuring no query remains unnoticed.
    3. Real-time Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of social media channels for instant customer response.
    4. Integrated Collaboration: Seamless team collaboration with the ability to assign, escalate, and discuss social media messages within the platform.
    5. Automated Routing: Intelligent routing of messages to appropriate team members based on keywords or categories.
    6. 24/7 Availability: Ensuring customer support is accessible at all times, improving overall customer satisfaction.
    7. Scheduled Publishing: Integrated tools to schedule and publish posts across multiple social media platforms.
    8. Social Listening: Monitoring brand mentions and conversations beyond direct messages for a comprehensive view of customer sentiment.


Sprout Social offers a variety of pricing options to match different requirements. Its feature set includes powerful analytics, scheduling, and engagement tools, with user reviews applauding its user-friendly interface and reliable customer support. Overall, Sprout Social is a compelling solution for comprehensive social media management.

Saufter simplifies customer support with streamlined tools. Automate tasks, enhance interactions, and deliver top-notch service effortlessly. Boost your support game with Saufter.

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