Spiceworks vs Zendesk

Generally, every business looks for a service desk that offers necessary functions. But it is hard to pick the best helpdesk software for your business because of all the fierce competition in the market. 

Still, you marked it down to Spiceworks and Zendesk. Now, you don’t know which one to choose. 

Just take a look at the Zendesk vs Spiceworks comparison in this article to find out which one is most suitable for you.

Spiceworks vs Zendesk Feature Comparison

Helpdesk Features (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Ticket Management (Winner: Both)

Collects and handles all of your customer support requests in the form of tickets. It is the basic feature that every helpdesk software needs to provide to its users.

  • SpiceworksAccept the tickets, reply, add comments and close them after the issue is solved. Use custom fields to track the ticketing process. 
  • Zendesk – Has a fully integrated ticketing system that lets you create, edit, and delete tickets. Also, enables you to add custom fields to tickets and request forms.

Winner: Both

Ticket Collaboration (Winner: Zendesk)

Allows your staff to collaborate with other agents so they can resolve tickets together.

  • Spiceworks – Share the tickets with your peers by sending an invitation via private message. It creates a copy of the ticket to which viewers can add private notes. Every change is synchronized with the original ticket so you and your team members can see the changes made to the request.
  • ZendeskUsing collaboration tools, connect tool-to-tool, peer-to-peer, team-to-team, or internal-to-external. And, get real-time notifications of your ticket updates.

Winner: Zendesk

Multichannel Support (Winner: Zendesk)

Refers to the ability to connect with your customers regardless of which channel they use to connect with your brand.

  • Spiceworks – Offers multi-site support for different locations. You may set up individual sites and user portals that all connect to your master helpdesk. But there is no multi-channel support.
  • Zendesk No matter what platform your users choose, you can provide support to them. It can be messaging, social, live chat, email, or voice.

Winner: Zendesk

Export & Import (Winner: Zendesk)

Basically, both functions let you transfer data from one place to another. With export, you can download the information and with import, you can upload it.

  • Spiceworks – You may export tickets from the cloud and desktop (legacy/ on-perm) helpdesk systems. But you are allowed to import only JSON files to the Spiceworks cloud and on-perm helpdesk.
  • Zendesk – With API, you can import tickets, and bulk user & organization data. In case you are not comfortable with APIs, you can use third-party applications from the Zendesk marketplace. Overall it permits you to export data in JSON, CSV, and XML files.

Winner: Zendesk

Remote Access (Winner: Zendesk)

Integrates an application that connects your staff over the internet or local network and enables them to operate the helpdesk software from the comfort of their desks. 

  • SpiceworksProvides a free remote support tool, Zoho Assist for Windows and Mac workstations. You can add multiple teams, run concurrent sessions, transfer files, record sessions, get audit reports, and so on.
  • Zendesk – It also enables you to use Zoho Assist. Or else you may integrate other apps from the Zendesk marketplace to give remote access to your employees.

Winner: Zendesk

Self-Service (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Knowledge Management (Winner: Both)

It is all about taking care of your content like articles, FAQ page, their format, and the look of your knowledge base.

  • SpiceworksYou may create your own knowledge base by writing articles or else you can edit the how-tos and articles available in the Spiceworks community.
  • ZendeskWrite articles or create an FAQ page by collecting your support team’s expertise. Make it accessible to your customers using the Team Publishing feature. In addition, use customizable themes and organize your content.

Winner: Both

Chatbot (Winner: Zendesk)

A chatbot is a conversational application that is used to interact with your customers and aid your support team agents.

  • Spiceworks – No chatbot application available.
  • ZendeskThe Answer Bot of Zendesk handles low-priority tickets. While chatting with your users, it gathers information like email, name, type of issue, etc, and adds it to respective ticket fields. It also shares a transcript of the conversation with agents.

Winner: Zendesk

User Portal (Winner: Both)

Provides single-point access to your customer-relevant information and self-service options.

  • SpiceworksYour clients can log in and create tickets, check their status, and view the history of submitted requests. Also, you can customize the portal to meet your needs such as adding important phone numbers, customer support center timings, etc.
  • Zendesk – End-users can create, submit, update, track, and close requests. They can also access your knowledge base and community forum from the client portal.

Winner: Both

Automation (Final Winner: Both) Spiceworks Rating ⭐5/5, Zendesk Rating ⭐4/5

Ticket Routing (Winner: Both)

Automatically assign incoming tickets to your members who are capable of handling them through the ticket routing feature.

  • SpiceworksWith the Ticket Rules setting, you may auto-assign incoming tickets to a particular agent based on specific conditions. You can also set due dates and priority as per the category of request. 
  • ZendeskWhether the ticket is language, channel, or request type, create skill categories to match the expertise of your employees. Now, based on these categories the software assigns tickets to your agents. Also, automate the ticket queue so that important and time-sensitive ones are addressed first. 

Winner: Both

Reports (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Team Performance (Winner: Zendesk)
  • Spiceworks – View your team performance metrics in your dashboard or you can configure it to automatically email reports every day, weekly, and so on.   
  • ZendeskMonitor the progress of your team continuously and make adjustments when necessary. Also, customize your reports such as changing the format of the chart or filtering the metrics.

Winner: Zendesk

Security (Final Winner: Zendesk) Rating ⭐5/5

Active Directory (Winner: Both)

Active directory usually contains information about objects on the network. Here, you can use it to easily verify the identity of your users.

  • SpiceworksIntegrate the active directory to your helpdesk software to automatically add end users and authenticate them in the portal. Also, tag them on tickets.
  • ZendeskYou can configure Zendesk to your active directory or Microsoft environment and authenticate your clients using JWT (JSON tokens) single sign-on.

Winner: Both

Compliance Certifications (Winner: Zendesk)

When an audit happens, if your organization follows certain rules and regulations set by the board, you are presented with certifications.

  • SpiceworksIts facilities are SSAE16-compliant, i.e. SOC2 level.
  • ZendeskHas SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27701:2019, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HDS, and many more certifications.

Winner: Zendesk

Data & Infrastructure Security (Winner: Zendesk)

Refers to the practices followed by your company to protect the data.

  • SpiceworksAll your traffic is TLS encrypted. They also perform 3rd party penetration tests at least once a year. The company does hourly offsite backups of all your critical data and stores them in multiple locations. Encrypts your database and daily performs infrastructure security scans by industry standards.
  • ZendeskAll of your teams and your communications with Zendesk UI are encrypted by HTTPS/TLS (TLS 1.2 or higher). Your service data is primarily stored in AWS which encodes data using AES-256 key encryption. Also, AWS infrastructure services incorporate backups, HVAC systems, and fire suppression equipment.

Winner: Zendesk

On-site Security (Winner: Both)

On-site security refers to the protective measures your organization implements to secure the premises of your data center. It is done to ensure that no unauthorized person gains access to your physical equipment. 

  • SpiceworksThe data center is staffed day and night by trained security guards. Employees are granted minimum rights required to do their job. Also, they use multi-factor access control and electronic surveillance systems.
  • Zendesk – AWS on-site service includes security guards, fences, intrusion detection technology, and many other protection measures.

Winner: Zendesk

Supported Platforms (Final Winner: Both) Spiceworks Rating ⭐4/5, Zendesk Rating ⭐4.5/5

Operating System (Winner: Zendesk)
  • SpiceworksYour operating system should be Windows 10, 8.1, 7, 2019 server, 2016 server, 2008 Server & windows 2008 server R2, 2012 Server, or windows 2012 server R2 to use Spiceworks.
  • ZendeskIt is available for Windows and macOS. In case your OS is neither, then you need for iPhone – iOS 11.0 & higher, android – Android 4.4 & higher, and iPad – iOS 8.0 & higher.

Winner: Zendesk

Browser Requirements (Winner: Spiceworks)
  • SpiceworksMost of the users report having a good experience with Safari. To use Spiceworks, your browser should be Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, and Chrome’s most recent versions. 
  • ZendeskIf you wish to add Zendesk, the software requires the latest two versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge for your agent and administrator user interface. Note that the interfaces are not supported through your mobile browsers.

Winner: Spiceworks

Bottom Line

Although Spiceworks has stopped development activities on the Helpdesk server, the site has access to both cloud-based and self-hosted helpdesk software. Note that both services do not cost you any money. And, the company claims that its features are specifically for IT industries.

While Zendesk declares to offer complete customer service solutions for your business along with a workspace for employees. Even though it offers a free trial, all of its services are priced.

Now, choose the best software that satisfies your business needs after reviewing all the Zendesk Vs Spiceworks feature comparisons. In case you are still overwhelmed, then you can pick Helplama Helpdesk.

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