7 Best Spiceworks Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

Are you looking for Spiceworks helpdesk alternatives? We have put together the top 7 Alternatives to Spiceworks helpdesk upon testing and trying several helpdesk software.

Spiceworks is a decent help desk that can help you manage IT help tickets and basic reporting to analyze your customer service level. And that’s fair enough for a free tool.

But over time, you will feel the need to have a featureful helpdesk that can help you automate your customer service workflows and increase your team’s productivity.

That’s why we have put together the top seven Spiceworks Alternatives you should look at.

Spiceworks Competitors: Pricing Comparison


Pricing Starts At

Pricing Limitations

Helplama Helpdesk$99/month/3users+$29/month for each extra user
Agent training automation starts from the pro plan.
Zoho Desk$14/agent/monthLive chat is only available in the enterprise plan.
Freshdesk$15/agent/monthIn the growth plan, the dashboard view is not customizable.
Helpcrunch$12/agent/monthEmail is an add-on. Only 3 auto messages in the basic plan.
Helpscout$25/user/monthOnly 2000 proactive messages, after that you need to pay an extra $20 per 2000 messages.
Intercom$74/month/2 usersOnly 1000 people can be reached in the basic plan. You need to pay an extra $50/mo to reach additional 1000 people.
Jira$20/month/userOne site set up and limited storage in the standard plan.


Top 7 Spiceworks Alternatives & Competitors

  1. Helplama Helpdesk
  2. Zoho Desk
  3. Freshdesk
  4. Helpcrunch
  5. Helpscout
  6. Intercom
  7. Jira Serice Management

1. Helplama Helpdesk

Being a cloud-based and unified customer service platform, Helplama Helpdesk allows you to support customers through multiple customer support channels: live chat, phone, email, social media, and more.

Furthermore, Helplama’s AI system for managing returns and e-mail drafting will significantly reduce your team’s workload and increase productivity.

It’s also one of the few platforms in this industry that offer Automated Agent Training based on YOUR past customer interactions/tickets.

Proactive customer support, marketing automation, a dedicated knowledge base, and native e-commerce integration are a few of its other key features.


  • Automated agent training and selection
  • Marketing automation: Collection of reviews and UGC
  • Social media integration
  • Native SMS and phone call integration
  • You can hire agents on an hourly basis if needed


  • Automated agent training is a Pro plan feature.

2. Zoho Desk (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 3,977 reviews)


Zoho Desk is an all-in-one help desk ticketing system that enables you to provide faster and more effective customer support. It is simple to set up and highly customizable.

Zoho Desk comes with an easy-to-use ticketing view that facilitates team collaboration. Furthermore, it includes automation features that make it simple to scale to a large number of customers.


  • The knowledge base articles can be integrated with the ticket description to provide useful articles that may answer the user’s question.
  • It includes a wide variety of customization options that can be tailored to your specific company’s requirements.


  • Because there are so many features available, it can be intimidating at first.
  • It can be difficult to implement custom functions.
  • There aren’t many custom fields for web forms.

3. Freshdesk (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 2,670 reviews)


Being an all-in-one customer service platform, Freshdesk includes most of what a helpdesk should have to communicate with customers in real-time.

One of the key features is that your agents can categorize conversations, and your customers can connect with the appropriate teams to get reliable solutions. You can also create a pool of predefined responses for common queries to reduce response time.


  • You can easily create automation rules for common use cases.
  • Freshdesk offers numerous customization options and can be tailored to meet specific business requirements.
  • Users have found the platform to be extremely user-friendly.


  • User switching is not possible in the Freshdesk app.
  • The platform is unable to connect to and sync with Google Workspace.

4. HelpCrunch (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 169 reviews)


HelpCruch is also a recognized helpdesk cum live chat software. Live chat and email support management are its key functions. It can also help you create a knowledge base.


  • A dedicated knowledge base that offers self-service for customers.
  • Provides customer history, customer segmentation, and customer service analytics.
  • Multichannel and multilingual communication.


  • Limited automated responses.
  • Workflow automation is not available.
  • Real-time notifications are not provided.

They provide a 14-day free trial. After that, you can start with the following plans:

  • Basic – $12/agent/month
  • Pro – $20/agent/month
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

5. HelpScout (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 359 reviews)


This Spiceworks alternative has been voted for Best ROI by G2 many times. Help Scout is also a great helpdesk that can help you manage customer service operations and automate some workflows.


  • Content management options.
  • Customizations are available for fields and templates.
  • Knowledge base management options.


  • Limited integrations.
  • No chatbot feature like in Helplama helpdesk.
  • No real-time notifications are provided.

HelpScout provides a 15-day free trial. After that, the pricing plans are categorized as follows:

  • Standard– $20/agent/month.
  • Plus-$35/agent/month.
  • Company-$60/agent/month.

6. Intercom (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 2,363 reviews)


Intercom is a CRM tool that provides an all-in-one solution for your customer’s journey. It has a unified platform for your sales, marketing, and support teams.

It has been shortlisted as an “Established Player” by Capterra in the categories of Live Chat Software and Customer Engagement Software in 2022.


  • Intercom’s chatbot – ‘Resolution Bot’ comes with the feature of sentiment detection.
  • Enables you to create a self-service portal for customers in multiple languages.
  • Provides the feature of data import/export.


  • The free trial option is only available for very small businesses.
  • The “Complaint Monitoring” feature is not provided.
  • Widgets are not provided.

The pricing plans for this tool are as follows:

  • Support/Engage/Convert – Custom pricing
  • Starter Plan – $74/month (special plan for very small businesses)

7. Jira Service Management (Overall ratings: 4.2/5⭐, 707 reviews)


Jira Service Desk is a full-featured service desk platform designed to provide efficient customer support solutions. Key features of the tool include automated routing, multi-channel communication, real-time chat, and so on.

Jira’s CSAT reporting can also help you better understand and analyze your service process.

Moreover, it allows you to configure a self-service portal to empower your customers and reduce the workload on your team.


  • It includes numerous integrations to help you streamline your service system.
  • A limited free version is available.
  • Powerful dashboard customization tool.


  • No option for integrating social media channels.
  • According to several users, there is a steep learning curve.
  • If your agent deletes a ticket by mistake, it cannot be recovered.

Bottom Line

A customer service tool must fulfill your business requirements and align with your company’s objectives. While Spiceworks helpdesk can be a good ticket management tool for small IT teams, it lacks many basic features and may not align with your company’s best interests.

So before choosing a Spiceworks alternative, you need to be aware of your own business goals and objectives. Once you’re clear about your aims, figure out which out of these top Spiceworks alternatives checks out the most boxes and aligns with your business needs. 

If you are still confused, you can contact our specialized team, they will help you out!

Or… you can try the Helplama Helpdesk to increase your team’s productivity and provide excellent customer support.

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