Social Media CRM Tips for Next-Gen Ecommerce Brands

Social Media CRM

Last Updated: February 2024


Fifty years ago, a handshake between the salesperson and the customer signified that a sale had been clinched. Customers prefer to skip calling customer service and get on social media to ‘like’ the brands they buy from in the digital age. In the post-pandemic era, social media CRM is too important to ignore for even the smallest of brands. For e-commerce brands, social media is a great leveler- it gives them a better reach for pennies on the dollar than traditional advertising.

However, to make a real difference to customer experience, a quick response time is critical to engage customers on social media. Why? Social media conversations can serve either as an endorsement or alienate other buyers from your brand.

 While most brands take up to 5 hours to respond to social media queries, 39% of customers expect a response in 60 minutes or less. If you fail to respond quickly, the narrative could slip away from your hands.

Remember, negative reviews are not easy to get rid of (even if you mark them as private) and can resurface in online search results when you least expect it. The key problem is that most e-commerce brands do not have the right tools in place to manage their social media efforts.

Why Does Social Media CRM Matter?      

As you probably know, Facebook lets customers know how responsive you are by calculating your average response time and displaying a badge on your social media page saying “very responsive to messages”. To earn the badge, you must respond to at least 90% of all messages you receive in 5 minutes or less. This is the best possible marketing that your brand can get.

However, if positive comments are not acknowledged, you could lose out on an opportunity to create customer engagement. Conversely, if negative comments go unanswered, you could come across as being arrogant or insensitive. Though the bar has been set very high in terms of response time, it shows why social customer service is so important.

With social media CRM, you can gather and exploit vital customer data across multiple channels, delivering better service and driving sales and referrals.

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5 Social Media CRM Tips for Next-Gen Ecommerce Brands

To help you harness the full potential of your social media presence, here are 5 proven CRM tips you can follow:

1. Build in-depth customer profiles for marketing:

Random content can end up sending conflicting messages to your audience. After all, customers belonging to different age groups are likely to have different tastes and preferences. A social CRM platform can help you integrate customer activity, location, buying history, and other data into a complete profile to create personalized social media content. This can be further extended to other channels like your website for lead generation and nurturing.

For example, data from the lead-in forms submitted by customers on your website can be automatically populated into your CRM. This cross-channel data integration will only make your customer profiles more comprehensive.

2. Analyze customer feedback:

Instagram or Twitter can be great places for running polls and getting instant feedback. However, you could lose out on vital insights without a common platform to store and analyze the feedback. Social CRM can help you get to the root cause of an issue reported by customers and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Most social CRM tools come with integrated social listening features that make it easier for brands to track online reviews across different platforms in one place and respond faster.

3. Integrate workflows across multiple teams

If your marketing team has been pushing for increasing ad spend, social CRM can help you make an objective decision. Measuring ROI requires real-time data tracking, and comparing social media engagement with sales performance can ease decision-making. For example, social CRM data can allow you to tweak your loyalty program to boost sales figures.

That’s not all, integrating social CRM with your customer service workflow can also increase the first contact resolution rate of your agents. The result: better CSAT and higher retention.

4. Find trending topics for content marketing

Trending hashtags on Twitter and other social media often make the best topics for creating branded content. After all, those relate to the issues faced by customers in real life. However, it may not always be appropriate for a brand to join a conversation that may not be directly related to its product or service.

However, if you can create a helpful explainer video or “tips and tricks” blog and share it on social media, you will have succeeded in linking a trending event or situation with what you have to offer.

Twitter has an advanced search function that even lets you search for topics by date or region. This can go a long way in reducing the average number of inbound calls handled by your customer service team over a period of time.

5. Reduce manual effort:

If you have a small customer service team, every bit of automation you bring in can make life on the job easier for agents. There are more social media platforms today than ten years ago, and a common CRM can bring about greater efficiency and visibility across all your social media efforts. For example, you can increase click-through rates by timing your posts at various times throughout a day when they are most likely to be seen. It also makes tracking and analysis easier.

Last Words:

Social Media CRM can help brands analyze customer behavior and create new opportunities for engagement. The other element that is absolutely critical for brands to do this is, of course, customer service. Given the high rate of turnover, most businesses incur significant expenses on hiring and training new agents.

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