Top 5 SMS Notification Apps for Shopify in 2024 [Tried & Tested]

Shopify SMS Notifications Apps

Last Updated: February 2024

Sending SMS notifications to customers is indeed an old strategy but it still works like a charm!

As per studies, SMS marketing has an unbelievable 98% open rate compared to 20% of email marketing.

Through text notifications, you can not only engage your customers, but you can also recover abandoned carts, make customers aware of new products, and more.

If you’re looking for the Shopify SMS notifications app, we have listed the top 5 Shopify text message notifications apps after trying and testing several apps.


SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email (Rating ⭐ 4.8/5, 3K+ Reviews)

SMSBumb is one of the best and leading apps developed by Yopto. The app is intuitive yet advanced for SMS and email marketing. You can automate any type of message and build message flows of your own.


  • A/B testing: Easily craft, personalize, and A/B test SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Custom flows: Create custom flows for SMS and email marketing based on triggers.
  • Segment customers: The app allows you to segment and target customers with personalized messages.


Free to install with up to 10000 free emails per 30 days. Message rates start from $0.0165 (US). Paid plans start from $19 per month.


Back in Stock – Restock Alerts (Rating ⭐ 4.9/5, 341 Reviews)

Sending back-in-stock SMS notifications can help you regain the revenue lost due to out-of-stock products. With this app by Seal Apps, you can notify your customers when their favorite products are back in stock.


  • Popup: You can show a popup for out-of-stock products with a button.
  • Automation: Send SMS and email notifications automatically.
  • Customization: You get to edit the email template to match your store theme.


The app is free for up to 50 emails per month and 15 SMS. Paid plans start at just $5 per month. 


WhatsApp + SMS Notifications (Rating ⭐ 5/5, 4 Reviews)

Do you know that WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users worldwide? If not, you do know now!

If you were looking for an app to notify your customers on WhatsApp, this app by MiniOrange is made for you.


  • Gateway support: The app supports custom gateways like Twilio, ClickSend, and more popular apps.
  • Automatic alerts: The admin and customers can get automated order alerts.
  • Abandoned cart recovery: You can recover abandoned carts by reminding your customers to complete purchases.


A free plan with 10 SMS is available. Paid plans start from $19 per month.


Automizely SMS Marketing (Rating ⭐ 4.9/5, 290 Reviews)


Are you a small business looking for a free Shopify SMS app? If yes, Automizely is made for you. It is a one-stop-shop solution to recover abandoned carts with automated message notifications to customers.


  • Easy to set up: No coding skip is required, set up in a few clicks.
  • Templates: Use pre-built SMS templates or customize them.
  • Easy checkout: The app fills the checkout data automatically, helping customers check out faster.




SMS, Web Push, Email – FirePush (Rating ⭐ 4.7/5, 793 Reviews)

FirePush is the best Shopify message notifications app that can empower you to send SMS, email, and web push notifications to your customers with ease.

Best of all, the app is free, a great factor for small Shopify stores.


  • Campaigns: Create and run SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Remarketing: Remarket your products and increase your revenue through SMS and web push.
  • Automation: Notify your customers to complete a purchase and recover abandoned carts.




Bottom Line 

SMS marketing and notifications is an old but gold strategy that you should not avoid if you want to scale your ecommerce business.

As per studies, 50 million people opted to receive SMS marketing and alert messages from businesses. So it’s a no-brainer to have SMS as the main part of your ecommerce marketing strategy and use good software to streamline it.

All the Shopify SMS notification apps listed in this post are the best and top-rated for their unique features. However, we suggest you try the apps before paying for paid versions.

And if you want to streamline and automate customer support workflows, try Saufter – a tool specially built for ecommerce stores.

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