Smartsupp Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Smartsupp Pricing - Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

Last Updated: July 2024

Are you considering using Smartsupp for chat solutions? If so, it’s essential to know the details of Smartsupp pricing plans, as it involves your money. Selecting the right plan can significantly impact your business’s efficiency and success. 

On the other hand, choosing an unsuitable plan may result in losses. To assist you, we will break down all the available Smartsupp pricing options, allowing you to review them and make an informed decision on which one to subscribe to.

So, let’s get started to find out which Smartsupp plan is suitable for your business.

What is Smartsupp?

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 Smartsupp is more than just a live chat tool; it’s a comprehensive platform that brings together live chat, chatbots, and video recordings to enhance your website’s performance and customer engagement. By integrating these powerful features, Smartsupp ensures you not only save time but also efficiently convert your website visitors into loyal and satisfied customers.

This all-in-one live chat solution empowers your business to deliver exceptional customer experiences, boost conversions, and build strong relationships with your audience.

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Overview of Smartsupp Pricing

Smartsupp Pricing
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Smartsupp offers four distinct pricing plans: Free, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. Unlike the Free plan, all of the others are paid plans, but you do get the benefit of a 14-day free trial with the Standard and Pro plans. For the Ultimate plan, however, you’ll need to schedule a demo to explore its full potential.

If you choose to pay for your plan on an annual basis, you’ll be treated to a fantastic 20% discount. That means more savings for you while enjoying all the impressive features Smartsupp has to offer.

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Detailed Breakdown of Smartsupp Pricing Plans

  1. Free
  2. Standard
  3. Pro
  4. Ultimate

1) Free

The Free plan offers essential features to engage visitors and provide basic customer support. Here’s what you get:


    • Live Chat: Real-time customer interactions.
    • Web Dashboard & Mobile Apps: Easy management on the go.
    • Basic Visitor Info: Understand your audience better.
    • Notifications: Sound and visual notifications to never miss a message.
    • Customer Support: Get assistance from Smartsupp for using the software efficiently.
    • Data Privacy & Security: Smartsupp is a GDPR-compliant European company that ensures data security with 256-bit SSL encryption. 
    • Conversation History: Easily access past customer chats for reference and insights. 
    • Personal Shortcuts: Streamline your chat responses with pre-designed texts, activated by simple shortcuts. 
    • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with eCommerce platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Prestashop. 
    • File-Sharing: Share files by dragging and dropping them onto our user-friendly dashboard.
    • Contact Form: Ask visitors to fill in their details before starting a chat, using our customizable Contact Form.


    • Communication Channels: Live chat
    • Agents: 1
    • Conversations: 100/month
    • Conversation History: 14 days
    • No. of Websites: 1
    • Personal Shortcuts: 1
    • Contact Form: Only visible when your agents are offline
    • Customer Support: Help Center
    • Chatbox Customization: Colors and design options.

Free Plan is Good For:

Ideal for small businesses or those looking to get started with live chat.

2) Standard

The Standard plan starts at $25.5/month for monthly billing and $19.5/month for annual billing. It includes all the features of the Free plan along with the following additional ones:


    • Unlimited Conversations: Accommodate higher demand. 
    • Chatbot Conversations: Every time a visitor interacts with a chatbot, it is considered the Chatbot Conversation.
    • Engage Visitors: Automatically send messages based on set conditions. 
    • Teams Stats & Routing: Monitor team performance, and response times, and assign chats to specific teams based on language or domain.
    • Integration: Supports Facebook Messenger & Google Analytics integration.
    • Personal Shortcuts: Create unlimited shortcuts.
    • Contact Form: Customize it as per your need.
    • Detailed Visitor Info: Access customer details like email, name, and more during chats through integrations or API linkages.
    • Block Visitor: Easily block and unblock spam senders.
    • Segmentation: Categorize conversations and contacts using tags.
    • Customer Satisfaction Rating: Receive valuable feedback from customers with satisfaction ratings.
    • Chat Assignment: Assign conversations to colleagues for efficient handling.
    • Basic Statistics: Optimize team workflow with insights on chat cases served, online time, and average response times.
    • Chatbot Templates: Create chatbots effortlessly with pre-designed templates.


    • Communication Channels: Live chat, email, & Facebook Messenger
    • Agents: 3
    • Conversation History: 1 year
    • No. of Websites: 2
    • Customer Support: Email
    • Chatbot Conversations: 100/month, but upgradable to 500/month
    • Engage Visitors: 1 automatic message
    • Teams Stats & Routing: Only basic stats
    • Chatbox Customization: Adjust the chat box position on your website.

Standard Plan is Good For:

Designed for growing businesses, the Standard plan expands your capabilities with advanced features.

3) Pro

This plan starts at $60/month when billed monthly or $48/month when billed yearly. In addition to the Standard plan features, the Pro plan includes the following ones:


    • Multi-language Chatbot: Create chatbots in multiple languages.
    • Lead Generation: Qualify and collect quality leads effortlessly with the chatbot.
    • Segmentation: Allow the chatbot to automatically categorize conversations and contacts with tags.
    • Limited Access: Control agent access to billing and general settings.
    • Team Statistics: Gain insights into chat support performance with detailed metrics per agent.
    • Chat Assignment: Route chat conversations to specific agent groups, such as tech support and sales departments.
    • Team Shortcuts: Create and manage shortcuts for all agents from a centralized location.
    • Visitor Filters: Filter visitors based on activity, status, or customer information.
    • Office Hours: Set designated office hours to appear online only during specific times.
    • Chatbox Customization: Customize the design with advanced options like different positions or languages for multiple websites using the API.
    • AI Chatbot: Enhance productivity with intelligent automation using an AI-powered chatbot.
    • Rest API and Data Exports: Export conversation history and data from Smartsupp to your systems with the Rest API, and receive real-time updates for specific events.
    • Integration with 3rd Party Tools: Seamlessly integrate Smartsupp with other platforms.
    • Individual Account Review: Benefit from valuable tips and insights with twice-yearly account reviews by Customer Success Managers.


    • Communication Channels: Email, live chat, & Facebook Messenger
    • Agents: Upgradable to 10
    • Conversation History: 3 years
    • No. of Websites: 5
    • Customer Support: Priority support
    • Chatbot Conversations: 500/month, but upgradable to 10,000/month
    • Engage Visitors: 5 automatic messages
    • Add-ons: AI chatbot, rest API and data exports, and integration with 3rd party tools. 

Pro Plan is Good For:

Tailored for businesses that need greater efficiency and personalized support, the Pro Plan empowers you with more control over customer interactions.

4) Ultimate

Contact the sales team to create a tailor-made solution for your business. This plan includes all the Pro plan features plus the below additional features.


    • Customer Support: Get a dedicated account manager.
    • Services: Benefit from proactive performance evaluations, chatbot and automation building assistance, 1:1 presentations on new features, and specialized team training.


    • Communication Channels: Custom limit
    • Agents: Custom limit
    • Conversation History: 3 years
    • No. of Websites: Custom limit
    • Chatbot Conversations: Custom limit
    • Engage Visitors: Custom limit

Ultimate Plan is Good For:

The Ultimate plan caters to enterprises and businesses seeking premium support and customizable features.

Smartsupp Pricing Plans Comparison At a Glance

Pricing Per Month










Contact sales team




Smartsupp Features






Communication Channels

Live chat

Live chat, email, & Facebook Messenger

Custom limit




3, upgradable to 10

No. of Websites




Chatbot Conversations

100/month, upgradable to 500/month

500/month, upgradable to 10,000/month

Engage Visitors

1 automatic message

5 automatic messages




Personal Shortcuts


Conversation History

14 days

1 year

3 years

Live Chat

Web Dashboard & Mobile Apps

Basic Visitor Info




eCommerce + FB Messenger & Google Analytics


Contact Form

Visible when offline


Team Statistics & Routing

Basic stats

Detailed metrics per agent



Automatic tagging

Chat Assign


Teams of agents

Chatbox Customization

Design & colors

Design & colors + chatbox position

Complete customization with API

Multi-language Chatbot

Lead Generation

Team Shortcuts

Visitor Filters

Office Hours

AI Chatbot


Rest API and Data Exports

Integration with 3rd Party Tools

Smartsupp Services






Customer Support

Help Center


Priority support

Dedicated account manager

Data Privacy & Security

Individual Account Review

Additional services

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To Sum it Up!

Smartsupp offers a range of pricing plans with various features to cater to different business needs. Whether you’re a small business or a growing enterprise, Smartsupp has a plan for you.

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