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Slite Pricing

Last Updated: June 2024

Do you want to use Slite for your organization but can’t select a pricing plan? Then let us help you by providing a complete breakdown of all its pricing plans.

However, if you are in a hurry, check out the slite pricing plans comparison table. Furthermore, you can better understand its features by reading user reviews.

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What is Slite?

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Slite is a knowledge management software enabling you to create and manage your own knowledge base. Furthermore, you can view your customer agent’s activities using a user dashboard. 

Likewise, Slite provides predesigned templates for your organization’s handbooks, meeting notes, and more. It integrates with its embed feature and enables the integration of apps like Github and Google docs. Consequently, Slite’s import allows your support agents to upload customer conversation transcripts.

Likewise, a 2020 worldwide survey revealed 54% of executives and managers think knowledge management software would improve online collaboration. Therefore Slite helps your customer support agents better resolve customer queries online.

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Overview of Slite Pricing Plans 

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Slite has four plans– Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Its Free plan does not charge you anything and provides access to some basic features. Standard and Premium plans are fixed-price plans offering more features than Free.

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Finally, Enterprise is the customized plan. This plan allows you to keep your business focused as you scale up. You get access to an account manager who provides expert suggestions to manage your business efficiently as you grow. 

A Detailed Breakdown of Slite Pricing Plans

1.  Free

This plan is forever free. Are you interested in checking Slite’s features without paying first? Then check out this plan to get a better understanding of the software.


  • No member limits: Slite’s free plan allows you to add unlimited members.
  • Unrestricted Integrations:: Yes! You heard it right; it allows app integrations without restrictions.
  • Extension support:  A browser extension you can add to internet browsers.
  • Automated import: Automated import feature enables you to import documents from Google docs, Quip, Notion, and other text editors.
  • Multiplatform support: Slite works on Android, iOS, and Windows.


  • Creation limit:  The limit restricts you to 50 documents.
  • No admin panel: No access to the administrator panel. 
  • No Google SSO: Your employees cannot configure their cloud identities; Slite sets them.

This Plan is Best For:

If you are a single user or have a small remote team,  you can check out this plan.

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2. Standard

Standard charges you $6.67/month, allowing you to automate your workflows and gain new use cases and permissions.  Likewise, Standard provides you with all features of the Free plan plus some additional ones.


  • No limit: Standard allows you to create unlimited documents.
  • Usage dashboard: You can check software usage statistics using the Usage dashboard. These include the total number of employees online, virtual meetings, and documents.
  • Administrator panel: Provide you with an admin panel to manage other features of Slite in this plan.
  • Enforced Google SSO: Your employees can manage their identity online using their Google accounts by Google single sign-on(SSO).
  • Data backup: Back up your organization’s data on Slite’s remote servers. As a result, you don’t need additional hardware to back up your data.


  • Restricted access: You cannot modify or change the features of the administrator panel.
  • Only Google SSO: Your members cannot use open-id SSO like Microsoft Azure and Okta.

This plan is Best For:

Want unlimited document support, data backup, and enhanced employee sign-on at a nominal monthly price? Go for the Standard plan.

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3. Premium

This plan offers more control over your users and content at a monthly subscription price of $12.50/month. Likewise, Premium provides you with all features of the Standard plan plus some additional ones listed below.


  • Advanced administrator permissions: Unlike their previous Standard plan, Premium allows you to automate repetitive setups like daily virtual meetings. Furthermore, you can check what your employees are doing online.
  • Choice of other SSO: Your employees can now use other single sign-on accounts. Some examples are open identification apps like Okta and Microsoft Azure.
  • OpenID account management Allows you to create, update and remove user accounts on other apps.


  • No priority support: Priority support is unavailable in this plan.
  • No custom integration: You cannot integrate custom-designed virtual collaboration software with Slite in this plan.
  • No Service level agreement: Slite is not obligated to follow your organization’s service standards.

This Plan is Best For:

Premium is for you if you want to allow your employees more freedom to define their online identity. Furthermore, it gives you more admin privileges and user management on OpenID apps.

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4. Enterprise

 This plan allows you to personalize all Slite features to your organization’s standards. You can customize the billing of this plan based on your business requirements. Enterprise provides you with all features of the Premium plan plus some additional ones.


  • Expert guidance: You get access to an account manager.
  • Service Level Agreement(SLA):  Slite ensures you fulfill your business promises to your customers.
  • Ask by Slite: Use AI to get answers to your online workspace queries.
  • Prime customer: You get priority-level support. 
  • Customized billing support: You can customize your contracts and billing amounts with Slite. 


  • Limited beta access: Slite’s Ask feature is in beta, so you get limited features.
  • No clear SLA uptime metrics: Slite does not specify SLA uptime metrics. There should be 99.999% service availability as per industry standards.

This Plan is Best For:

Want to align your remote teams at scale with customized billing and integrations? Then, go for the Enterprise plan. 

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Slite Pricing Plans Comparison

PricingFree$6.67 per month$12.50 per monthcustomized billing
Document limit50UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Member countUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Browser extension supportYesYesYesYes
Automated import from text editorsYesYesYesYes
Multiplatform supportYesYesYesYes
Usage dashboardNoYes YesYes
Administrator panel accessNo

Read-only permission as

checking other features of Slite 

Advanced permissions like

automating repetitive setups and

observing an  employee’s work log

Access to all features
SSO supportNoGoogle onlyGoogle and other SSOs like Azure, OktaGoogle, and other SSOs like Okta, Azure
OpenID account managementNoNoYesYes
Data backupNoYesYesYes
Expert guidanceNoNoNoAccount manager support
Prioritized supportNoNoNoYes
Ask by SliteNoNoNoYes

Key Features Missing in Slite

1) Google Calendar App Integration

Slite does not have a dedicated Google calendar app integration. That means you do not get features such as Google calendar app scheduling. It allows you to mark dates of business activities like business meetings, performance reviews, and salary deposits on the Google calendar app. Hence, your employees can use their Google account sign-in to know the dates previously.

2) No Different Time Zone Tracking

Slite does not track different time zones. This feature allows you to manage employees working remotely in different time zones. Likewise, you can track your employees’ working hours even if they belong from different countries.

3) No Voice Support

Slite does not offer voice Support. This feature enables you to perform telephone calls via the internet. Generally, voice supports both smartphones and landline telephones.

4) No Live Chat Support

You do not get live chat support with Slite. With the help of this feature, your customers can talk to your customer service representatives instantly. Additionally, it enables your support agents to share information and save a full conversation record.

User Reviews

Positive Reviews

“ It’s a great tool to centralize knowledge on my team, we have been using it for 3 years, and comparing it with other tools like Confluence and Notion you get a lot of value for the price.”- David Felipe C

We use this with our organization to centralize our knowledge management process, procedures, and documents. The tool does a great job of organization and editability. It has a great user interface.”-Ryan C.

Negative Reviews

Hard to copy/paste, not too many options for exporting/importing, formatting of code is just okay, no easy way to create things like FAQs or knowledge bases that are automatically updated, searchable and viewed by users of a specific team, etc.”-Alon A



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