How To Easily Setup Shopify WordPress Integration?

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shopify wordpress integration

Last Updated: June 2024

Unlock the potential of your online store with seamless Shopify WordPress integration!

Even statistics reports show that 90% of online consumers favor websites that offer seamless navigation across devices and exceptional user experiences.

If you’re ready to harness this power, then you’re in the right place.

Combining Shopify’s robust e-commerce capabilities with WordPress’s versatile content management isn’t just a possibility—it’s an easily achievable reality.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to effortlessly set up this integration, empowering you to expand your reach and streamline your online business like never before.

Benefits of Shopify WordPress Integration

I. Enhanced E-commerce Capabilities

    • Expanded Product Reach: Seamlessly integrate Shopify’s robust e-commerce functionalities into your WordPress site, widening your product visibility and accessibility.
    • Unified Management: Manage your Shopify store and WordPress content from one platform, simplifying inventory updates and content publishing.

II. SEO Advantages

    • Optimized Content: Leverage WordPress’ SEO-friendly features to enhance your Shopify store’s visibility, maximizing search engine rankings.
    • Consolidated Analytics: Gain comprehensive insights by consolidating analytics from both platforms, aiding better decision-making.

III. Flexibility and Customization

    • Design Freedom: Blend Shopify’s sales-focused templates with WordPress’ customizable themes, ensuring a tailored, branded online presence.
    • Versatile Content Strategy: Combine Shopify’s product pages with WordPress’ blogging capabilities for a diverse content strategy.

IV. Seamless User Experience

    • Smooth Navigation: Offer customers a seamless browsing experience across devices, enhancing user satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.
    • Unified Checkout: Simplify the purchasing process by integrating Shopify’s checkout within your WordPress site, reducing friction for buyers.

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13 Easy Steps to Shopify WordPress Integration


Setup Shopify Store

Firstly, if you haven’t set up your Shopify store yet, take this opportunity to create one now. It’s a straightforward process. Add a few products to your Shopify store to get started, and then return here to seamlessly integrate it with your WordPress site.

shopify wordpress integration

Setup WordPress Website

Secondly, ensure you have set up your WordPress website. For this integration, you’ll specifically need, the self-hosted version, granting you immediate access to all WordPress features.

To establish a site, you’ll require a domain name (like and a web hosting account. Typically, a domain name costs approximately $14.99 per year, while hosting plans start at $7.99 per month, usually paid annually.

Let us now start the actual integration process.

Shopify WordPress Integration

Step 1: Get the ShopWP Plugin

To begin with, acquire the ShopWP plugin—a WordPress tool that bridges your WordPress site with Shopify. 

Step 2: Install and Activate

Install the ShopWP plugin on your WordPress site.

Step 3: Launch Connection

Once activated, head to the ShopWP Pro » Connect page. Click ‘Begin the connection process‘ to initiate the connection wizard and proceed.

connection - shopify wordpress integration

Step 4: Domain Name

This action will trigger the connection wizard, prompting you to input your domain name initially.

shopify wordpress integration

Step 5: Connect Store

Hit the ‘Connect your Shopify store‘ button to proceed. Following that, you’ll receive a prompt to grant ShopWP app access to your Shopify store. Click the ‘Install App‘ button to initiate the connection process effortlessly.

connect store - shopify wordpress integration

After this step, you’ll return to your WordPress site. The plugin will verify the connection between your website and the Shopify store.

shopify wordpress integration

Step 6: Configurations

Push the ‘Next‘ button to proceed. You’ll then be prompted to set up various configurations for your store, beginning with choosing the pages to utilize for your Shopify products.

configurations - shopify wordpress integration

Step 7: Set Listing Pages

Activate listing pages and select a WordPress page or utilize the default ShopWP Products page.

Step 8: Configure Collection and Product Detail Pages

Enable collection pages and individual product detail pages as per your preference.

Step 9: Define Product Click Actions

Choose the action when users click on products—display the product in a modal, redirect users to Shopify, or direct them to the WordPress product detail page.

click actions - shopify wordpress integration

Step 10: Cart Display Options

Determine how you wish to showcase the cart. ShopWP offers a tailored cart experience via a slide-in modal. If utilizing individual product detail pages in WordPress, you can disable this feature.

Step 11: Save and Complete Setup

Click the ‘Save and Finish Setup‘ button to exit the wizard.

Step 12: Product Sync

Proceed to sync products between your WordPress site and Shopify store. Navigate to the Sync tab within the plugin settings to begin.

shopify wordpress integration

Step 13: Sync & Connect

Further, press the ‘Sync Detail Pages‘ and ‘Connect Auto Post Syncing‘ buttons. This enables the plugin to retrieve product details as you add new items to your Shopify store.

Congratulations! You’ve now seamlessly linked your Shopify store to WordPress, thereby enhancing your customers’ website navigation experience.

But, what about your customer service? Are you able to provide an equally flawless customer support experience to your customers? If you are thinking, then read further.

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Saufter for E-Commerce Customer Support

When it comes to top-tier customer service for your e-commerce venture, Saufter stands out as your ultimate solution. Imagine having all your channels, including Shopify, seamlessly integrated into one powerhouse helpdesk software. No more hopping between screens—just a unified, exceptional customer support experience.


With Saufter, connecting to Shopify is a breeze. In just a few clicks, without needing any coding expertise, you’ll effortlessly synchronize with Shopify. Say hello to streamlined and efficient customer service without the hassle.

Key Features

    • Self-Service Excellence: Enable article suggestions via the self-service portal and engage in live chat for exceptional self-help solutions.
    • Automated E-commerce Workflows: Offer self-help options for returns, exchanges, order modifications, and address changes.
    • 24/7 Order Monitoring: Proactively monitor all orders, receiving alerts for any shipping issues to provide proactive customer support.
    • Label Generation: Enable customers to effortlessly generate return labels with a single click.
    • 6 Months Free Credits: Enjoy a complimentary 6-month credit period to fully explore and leverage the platform’s capabilities.

Final Thoughts on Shopify WordPress Integration

In conclusion, seamlessly merging Shopify with WordPress is a game-changer for your online business.

Remember, the experience a company offers is deemed as crucial as its products and services by 80% of customers.

As you embark on this journey, consider for automated e-commerce customer support. With a risk-free 15-day trial and 6 months of free credits, empower your business with streamlined, proactive customer service.

From self-help options to 24/7 order monitoring, Saufter offers the tools to elevate your customer support game, ensuring a remarkable experience for every shopper.



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