Top 11 Shopify Video Testimonials Apps [Tried & Tested]

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Last Updated: April 2024

Are you looking for Shopify video testimonials app?

You have to admit it: In e-commerce, trust is one of the most essential elements that lead to final purchase by customers.

As per Helplama’s survey, 93% of consumers say they prefer to buy from a well-known brand or the brand they like. As consumers seem to buy from well-known established brands that they are familiar with, building consumer trust seems essential to make consumers buy from your Shopify store.

One of the effective ways of building consumer trust is – User-generated testimonials.

Consumers might not trust you saying your product is good but they do trust reviews and testimonials by other consumers who have the experience of using your product or service. And if they’re video testimonials, they work like wonder.

Saufter’s team has recently created an infographic with some notable stats that show the importance of user-generated video testimonials:

  • 79% of consumers have watched a video testimonial to learn more about a company, product, or service.

  • Brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated product video.

  • 2/3rd of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product, or service helped someone like them.

Now, let’s have a look at the best video testimonial apps that you can use to embed user-generated video testimonials in your Shopify store.

Top 5 Shopify Video Testimonials Apps

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App Name

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Proof Motion

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Influencer Product Videos

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Intercept: Video Testimonials

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Vid Proof ‑ Video Testimonials

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VideoProof: Reviews on YouTube

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Testimonials Master

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AAA Product Options + Forms

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EVM Customer Testimonials

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1. Proof Motion

It is one of the most popular video testimonials apps on the Shopify store with a 5-star rating. The main thing about Proof Motion is that it can send automated e-mail or text requests to customers using a smart follow-up system.

Subscription: Both free and paid plans are available.

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Key Features:

1. Interview format
The app follows an interview-like format. Instead of simply asking the customers for a video review, Proof Motion asks them one question at a time, just like a real-life interview. This helps guide customers to give the best review they can.

2. Multi-device support
The app works on multiple devices and allows you to capture authentic and powerful video reviews and testimonials that sell from your customer’s mobile, tablet or computer.

3. On-Site widget
The app also has the on-site widget feature, so that you can share product video reviews and testimonials on home, product, shopping cart pages, and other channels on your Shopify store.

4. Split testing
You can test your campaigns to know what works best for you. The app allows A/B testing of emails and texts (SMS) subject line, copy, and layout.

2. Influencer Product Videos

Take your customers’ best Tiktok, Insta videos, and embed them directly on your site!

When customers are really happy with your product, they don’t wait for you to ask them to share their positive experience, and share their positive experience on social networks. This app allows you to directly embed Tiktok and Insta videos into your Shopify site.

Check out this great example by Harla Arts, to get an idea of how the app can work for you.


Image Credits: Harla Arts

Subscription: Free.

Shopify app link

Key Features:

1. TikTok and insta-like short stories
The app allows you to add TikTok and insta like short stories to your Shopify site.

2. Directly embed videos
You can directly embed video reviews on your store, posted by customers on social media (TikTok and Instagram).

3. Embed unlimited videos
The app is totally free and allows users to embed as many as videos they want.

3. Intercept: Video Testimonials

Intercept is a video testimonials app with some premium automated features like the Proof Motion app. But Intercept doesn’t offer a free subscription plan, you can subscribe for a 14 days trial though to experience the app.

Subscription: Paid, starts from $14.99 per month.

Shopify app link

Key Features:

1. Automate testimonials at scale
You can set when to send an automated request to the customers – either a certain number of days after an order is placed or even when an order is delivered. Requests for creating video testimonials are sent via SMS only.

2. Fully customizable questions
Intercept is fully customizable, including the text message you include, how the questions are worded, and what questions you ask.

3. Share and review videos from your admin dashboard
You can view and save your customer review videos right in your Shopify dashboard, and can also easily download them to use on social media or other marketing channels.

4. Embed your favorite videos right on your site
Intercept makes it easy to share your videos and testimonials with potential customers who are visiting your site. You can embed Intercept into your Shopify theme and start showcasing videos.

4. Vid Proof ‑ Video Testimonials

Vid Proof is also a subscription-based app with some unique features like “wall of love”, a feature that beautifully presents some of the best video testimonials submitted by your customers, on the landing or product pages.

Subscription: Paid, starts from $19 per month.

Shopify app link

Key Features:

1. Showcase video testimonials
Manage your customer video testimonials with ease. Pick which ones to show on home or other landing pages.

2. Get video testimonials easily
You can ask customers to create a video review by just sharing a link.

3. Separate campaign for each product
Vid Proof allows creating separate campaigns for each product, making it easy to manage the testimonials.

5. VideoProof: Reviews on YouTube

You can’t deny this – Youtube dominates the internet when it comes to video.

Video Proof is a YouTube-focused app that allows you to embed YouTube videos on your site. The process can also be automated, it can also auto-publish the review videos collected from the customers.

Subscription: Both free and paid plans are available.

Shopify app link

Key Features:

1. Automated prompt
Using this app, you can automate the video reviews collection process, and can also send review request emails to your customers on your behalf.

2. Automated uploads
Video testimonials are automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel and made public after approval.

3. Review widgets
The widget feature is also available in this app, allowing you to show testimonials on different pages and sections of your e-commerce site.



In conclusion, exploring the top 11 Shopify video testimonials apps has revealed a diverse range of options. Each app offers unique features tailored to enhance customer trust and engagement.

By incorporating these apps into their Shopify stores, merchants can effectively showcase authentic customer experiences and foster stronger connections with their audience.

Additionally, you cannot ignore another important aspect – customer service! For this, we suggest you take a look at Saufter. Created specifically for e-commerce stores, the helpdesk offers features such as automated order and returns management, proactive customer service and more. 

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6. Loox

Loox is a powerful Shopify testimonial app designed to elevate your brand by showcasing stunning product reviews, photos, videos, and referrals.

Subscription: Plans begin at $9.99/month with a 14-day free trial.

Shopify App Link

Key Features

1. Automatic Review Collection:

Streamline the review process with customized emails and review forms, effortlessly gathering valuable product feedback on autopilot.

2. Visual Reviews:

Encourage customers to share their experiences by offering a next-purchase discount for adding photos or videos to their reviews.

3. Customizable Widgets:

Enhance your website with beautifully designed widgets that match your brand, including carousels, pop-ups, and badges.

4. Multi-Platform Sync:

Extend the reach of your reviews by syncing them to and from the Shop App, Meta Shops, Google Shopping, and Search.

5. Referral Program:

Drive additional sales effortlessly with one-click referrals, empowering satisfied customers to refer your products to others in their network.

6. Social Proof Upsells

Boost trust and credibility by integrating social proof upsells that prominently display product reviews and ratings.

7. Kudobuzz

Kudobuzz is the ultimate free testimonial app designed to turbocharge your business by seamlessly collecting shop, product, photo, video reviews, and user-generated content (UGC) to significantly enhance conversion rates. As the premier, lightning-fast, and fully customizable review app, Kudobuzz empowers businesses to build unwavering customer trust.

Subscription: Offers a free plan; paid plans begin at $24.99/month.

Shopify App Link

Key Features

1. Versatile Review Collection:

Kudobuzz excels in collecting a diverse range of reviews, including shop, product, photo, and video reviews.

2. Cross-Platform Import:

Effortlessly import reviews from major platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Google, AliExpress, and more.

3. Automated Review Requests:

Streamline the review generation process by automatically requesting reviews with customized email domains after order processing.

4. Multi-Store Sync: 

Easily synchronize reviews across multiple stores.

5. Shareable Review Links:

Generate QR codes and URL links to facilitate convenient review collection.

6. Comprehensive Management Tools: Request review updates, add offline reviews, reply to reviews, facilitate Q&A, and effortlessly import CSV files.

7. Customizable Widgets: Choose from various customizable widgets that seamlessly blend with your site and brand theme.

8. TestimonialHub

Introducing Testimonial Hub, the best Shopify video testimonials app to showcase customer testimonials and harness the power of social proof to boost customer confidence and drive increased sales on your Shopify site.

Subscription: Offers a free basic plan while paid plan is priced at $2.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

Shopify App Link

Key Features

1. Effortless Testimonial Integration: 

Easily insert testimonials or download them directly from popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

2. Versatile Display Options:

Create a captivating testimonial slider, an organized grid, or a sleek list of rows to effectively present your reviews.

3. Seamless Integration with Google, Facebook & Yelp:

Create beautiful testimonials sliders that seamlessly incorporate feedback from Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

4. Centralized Review Management:

Access and manage all your reviews conveniently within the app, providing a centralized hub for easy review monitoring.

9. Testimonials Master 

Introducing Testimonials Master, the ultimate solution for effortlessly enhancing your website with compelling customer testimonials. 

As prospective customers seek assurance through the experiences of others, Testimonials Master empowers you to effortlessly showcase testimonials in an elegant and professional manner.

Subscription: Free plan, paid plans begin at $3.99/month with 7-day free trial.

Shopify App Link

Key Features

1. Effortless Installation:

With a simple 1-click install, Testimonials Master ensures a quick and hassle-free setup in less than 30 seconds.

2. Versatile Display Options:

Choose between a grid view or slider view to showcase testimonials, tailoring the presentation to match your website’s aesthetics.

3. Diverse Testimonial Styles:

Select from 5 different styles of testimonials, providing flexibility to precisely meet your unique display preferences and requirements.

4. Front-End Testimonial Submission:

Empower your customers to contribute their feedback effortlessly through the testimonial submission form on the front end.

10. AAA Product Options + Forms

Introducing AAA Product Options, the essential all-in-one app designed for Shopify store owners seeking a seamless, efficient, and budget-friendly solution. This versatile app combines three powerful features – Product Options Field, Testimonial Form, and Pop-Up Builder – providing a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing your online store.

Subscription: Priced at $9/month with a 30-day free trial.

Shopify App Link

Key Features

1. Unlimited Product Fields: Unlock the flexibility to create an unlimited number of additional product fields.

2. Customer-Friendly Interface: Empower your customers by allowing them to conveniently fill in the fields directly on the Product detail page.

3. Effortless Order Management: Display the configured fields on the front end and seamlessly integrate them into the ordering process.

11. EVM Customer Testimonials

Presenting EVM Customer Testimonials, the ultimate solution for seamlessly collecting and showcasing customer testimonials with photos on your store. 

Subscription: Free, paid plans begin at $7.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

Shopify App Link

Key Features

1. Effortless Testimonial Collection:

Easily gather and showcase testimonials from your customers, offering valuable insights into their experiences with your products or services.

2. Versatile Collection Methods:

Collect testimonials through either an email form or a website form, providing flexibility in the submission process.

3. Photo Reviews Integration:

Enhance the authenticity of testimonials by collecting product photos from customers and seamlessly incorporating them into your testimonials.

4. Grid and Slideshow Display Styles:

Choose from grid or slideshow display styles to showcase testimonials in a way that best suits your store’s aesthetics and layout.

5. Premade Templates: Access 5 premade templates to effortlessly style and customize the presentation of your testimonials.



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