Shopify Symmetry Theme You need to know!

Last Updated: February 2024

Unlock the potential of your Shopify online store with the Shopify Symmetry Theme! Designed for global adaptability, this theme caters to diverse businesses. 

Its professional and polished appearance enhances your store’s online presence, elevating aesthetics. 

In this review, let’s explore how the Shopify Symmetry Theme can transform your online business.

Shopify Theme Symmetry: Pros and Cons

  • Versatile and fashionable design
  • Limited built-in features; additional app purchases required
  • Professional and polished appearance
  • Product pages may appear cluttered for stores with many products
  • Responsive design for optimal viewing
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Customization options to match your brand

Shopify Symmetry Theme: A Glimpse

The Symmetry theme for Shopify is like a style upgrade for your online store. It makes your shop look cool, professional, and trendy. 

Plus, it comes with awesome features that make your store work and look even better.

shopify symmetry theme

Here are some cool features of the Symmetry Theme

  • Slideshow: A fancy way to showcase your stuff.
  • Long-form home page: Make your main page look just the way you want.
  • Multi-level menu: Easy navigation for customers.
  • Reorderable home page rows: Arrange your page the way you like.
  • Quick buy: Customers can grab things in a flash.
  • Multi-column menu: Another way to organize your menu.

Symmetry Theme Shopify Pricing

The pricing setup for the Shopify Symmetry Theme lets you check it out thoroughly before committing to buying it.

With an Unlimited free trial, you have all the time you need to see if it fits your needs. You only have to pay for the theme when you’re ready to launch your online store.

Pricing: USD 360

Wondering where to get the Shopify Symmetry Theme? 

The Shopify Theme Store is the perfect place. You can add the theme to your Shopify account, customize it as much as you want, and only pay when you’re ready to make your store live.

Four Main Theme Styles on Symmetry

1. Beatnik

The Beatnik style in the Symmetry theme for Shopify is like a cool and clean fashion vibe for your online store. It’s all about making things look sleek and classy with nice pictures and calm colors. 

Perfect for fashion, home decor, and lifestyle stores, Beatnik makes your products stand out simply and stylishly. 

shopify symmetry theme

Moreover, it gives your store a cool look and helps your fashion stuff grab the attention of people who love style. So, if you want your store to look awesome and unique, Beatnik is the way to go!

2. Chantilly

The Chantilly theme style gives your online store a modern and classy vibe. It looks sleek and fancy with its clean design, simple layout, and cool colors, making a great impression on visitors.

It’s perfect for businesses that want a modern and polished look, like beauty and skincare brands, high-end fashion stores, and fancy home goods shops. 

Chantilly adds a touch of sophistication that makes your store stand out and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

3. Duke

The Duke theme is all about standing out and making a bold statement. It has a cool and unique design that grabs attention and sticks in people’s minds.

shopify symmetry theme

With its edgy layouts, cool fonts, and eye-catching colors, Duke is perfect for businesses that want to show off their personality. It’s great for niche markets, creative industries, and brands that want to be different.

Whether you’re into streetwear, organizing a music festival, or doing avant-garde art, Duke is the way to go. It lets you be creative and make a strong impact.

4. Salt Yard

The Salt Yard theme creates a friendly and intriguing atmosphere for your online store. Its welcoming vibe captures attention, and with captivating visuals and easy navigation, Salt Yard guides customers through your products effortlessly.

Furthermore, ideal for businesses aiming to connect deeply with their audience and make a lasting impression, Salt Yard is a great fit for various industries, including food and beverage, travel, and more. 

shopify symmetry theme

It offers a platform for exploration and discovery, making it a solid choice for your online presence.

Why Choose Shopify Symmetry Theme for Your Online Stores

The Shopify Symmetry theme is awesome for your store, and there are plenty of reasons why it’s one of the best Shopify themes.

1. Slideshow

    • Cool Slideshow: The Shopify Symmetry theme has a neat slideshow feature for fashion brands. It shows off cool pictures right when people visit.
    • Look Good in Fashion: In the fast fashion world, looking good is a big deal. With Symmetry, fashion brands can show their latest stuff in a way that stands out and makes people want to see more.
    • Happy Customers Speak: Real feedback from happy customers is a good thing. Showing these comments as people scroll tells everyone that your brand is trustworthy and cares about customers.
    • Show Your Style: In a busy market, having a unique style is important. The slideshow feature helps reinforce your brand’s cool style by showing pictures that match your brand’s vision, making a strong impression on your audience.

2. Long-form home page

    • Smart Homepage Use: Make the most of your homepage space with a long-form design. Add engaging stories, top products, reviews, and special deals in an easy-to-scroll format.
    • Compelling Brand Stories: Long-form pages help fashion brands share cool stories that connect with customers. This theme lets you showcase what inspires your collections and the effort behind your designs, creating a strong connection.
    • Effortless User Experience: The scrollable design ensures a smooth experience. Visitors can easily move through different sections without lots of clicks, staying engaged with your brand’s story and offerings.
    • Lasting Impression: When visitors dive into your brand’s story, it builds a stronger connection and leaves a lasting impression, boosting engagement and making your brand memorable.

3. Multi-level menu

    • Smooth Browsing: The multi-level drop-down menu makes it super easy for fashion lovers to explore your store’s categories effortlessly.
    • Showcasing Variety: Perfect for fashion brands with lots of collections, the menu lets customers easily find exclusive or limited-edition items, making their shopping experience more exciting.
    • Style Inspiration: Shopify merchants using the multi-level menu can showcase style ideas directly, giving customers something extra and inspiring them to explore complete fashion looks.
    • Eye-Catching Displays: Mega menus in this design allow you to highlight cool images and banners, making it fun for customers to discover new arrivals, best-sellers, or exclusive collaborations in your fashion offerings.
shopify symmetry theme

4. Reorderable home page rows

    • Customized Display: Arrange products, blog posts, or promotions on your homepage just the way you want by changing the order of rows.
    • Stay Trendy: Quickly adapt your store’s layout to showcase the latest fashion trends, whether it’s summer essentials or holiday outfits.
    • Blog Integration: Easily include blog posts on your homepage to share fashion tips and updates, engaging your stylish customers.
    • Fresh Shopping Experience: Regularly update your store’s layout with reorderable rows, ensuring a new and exciting shopping experience for repeat customers.

5. Quick buy

    • Easy Shopping with Quick Buy: Add items to your cart without leaving the page, making the buying process fast and convenient.
    • Instant Fashion Gratification: Quick Buy lets customers add fashion items with just a few clicks, meeting their need for a swift shopping experience.
    • Mobile-Friendly: Ideal for mobile users, Quick Buy reduces clicks, making it easy to add fashion items to the cart on smaller screens.
    • Boost Sales and Satisfaction: Simplifying the buying process, Quick Buy increases conversion rates, removes barriers to purchase, reduces cart abandonment, and makes your fashion store more successful and profitable.

Who Is Shopify Symmetry Theme For?

The Shopify Symmetry theme is a top pick for fashion retailers worldwide. It’s designed especially for online stores with a diverse range of fashion items, offering plenty of features and design options.

With the Symmetry theme, you can easily build a polished and professional online store. Showcase your fashion products elegantly and engagingly, attracting more customers and boosting your sales.

Symmetry Shopify Theme: Customer Support

Channels available: Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Response time: Monday to Friday (excluding public UK holidays), from 09:30 to 17:00 GMT

Services offered:

  1. Addressing theme-related questions and inquiries.
  2. Assisting with theme features and functionalities.
  3. Offering guidance on configuring theme settings.

Services not provided:

  1. Theme customizations and modifications.
  2. Troubleshooting issues caused by third-party apps or custom code.

3 Successful Stores Using Shopify Symmetry Theme

Discover three outstanding online stores that have effectively incorporated the Shopify Symmetry theme.

1. Make My Lemonade

This store catches your eye with vibrant and lively colors, creating a positive and exciting vibe. Make My Lemonade’s use of the Shopify Symmetry theme has made their online fashion shop look great and easy to use. 

shopify symmetry theme

The theme’s customization and friendly features make shopping there a fun experience for fashion-forward customers.

2. Sepulcro

This store opts for a clean and sophisticated appearance with a neutral, minimalist color scheme. The main focus is on the products, allowing them to stand out.

The straightforward design adds an elegant and refined touch to the overall aesthetic.

3. Wall Encyclopedia

This store makes things interesting with cool patterns and eye-catching icons, creating a fun and good-looking experience. They use cool pictures and short messages to make info easy to understand and attractive.

Check out their collection of animal posters that are super cool and make learning fun.

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In summary, that wraps up the review of the Shopify Symmetry Theme. We hope it offered valuable insights.

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In short, the Shopify Symmetry Theme is like magic for online fashion shops. It helps them make awesome websites that look cool and are easy to use. 

Whether you like bright colors, simple styles, or fun patterns, this theme has everything. It makes shopping quick and changing the website easy. 

So, if you want your online shop to be amazing, go for the Shopify Symmetry Theme. It’s not just about looking good – it makes customers happy, brings them back, and helps sell more stuff.

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