Top 8 Shopify Profit Tracker Apps in 2023

You cannot grow your eCommerce business without knowing how much you are actually making (profits) every single day. But this is not possible if you have associated with a CA or an accounts company to run this errand.

There are 500+ profit tracking apps available in the Shopify marketplace. Use these to automatically calculate your store profits daily. We know it is not an easy job to find the best suitable one for your business from this lot. Consumes a lot of your precious time too. Hence we made it easy for you by listing the top 8 apps here.

  1. Profit Calc (Overall ratings: 5/5⭐, 48 reviews)
  2. CollabPay (Overall ratings: 5/5⭐, 10 reviews)
  3. Lifetimely (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 378 reviews)
  4. BeProfit (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 279 reviews)
  5. True Profit (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 162 reviews)
  6. Conversific (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 152 reviews)
  7. Profitario (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 63 reviews)
  8. SimplyCost (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 125 reviews)

Stop shuffling between multiple spreadsheets and get your store’s vital profit calculations and analytics in just one click with Profit Calc. It makes you understand your business’s financial performance easily. Its important features are as follows.

Key Features

  • Avail of automated calculations, insights, and metrics on an easily readable dashboard.
  • This app can be easily configured with VAT or COD-enabled stores.
  • Integrations – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, AliExpress, Bing, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and CJ Dropshipping to collect overall metrics.
  • Uses real-time historical currency rates and exchange rates.
  • Get highly reviewed premium customer support.

Pricing Info

  • Use the 15-day free trial to try the features and then can subscribe for $39/per month. There is a 25% offer on annual billing.

Is Influencer marketing a part of your business model? Then CollabPay eases the profit calculation and collaborator payment process together seamlessly and automatically. Avoid calculating and sharing manually using the following tools.

Key Features

  • Link your collaborators’ accounts to your store account easily in a few clicks.
  • Set up commission rules to assign automatic payments.
  • Auto-calculates the profits and payments from the order details without any coding setup.
  • Its hybrid structure lets you calculate your earnings and payouts manually too.
  • Integrations – PayPal, multi-currency, international prices, POS, Stripe, and WooCommerce enable calculating international pricing.

Pricing Info

  • Not only for small to enterprise-size businesses, but CollabPay offers a Freelancer plan at $9/ per month for individuals too.
  • Other paid plans are Starter at $19/per month and Business at $35/per month for businesses.
  • A 7-day free trial is obtainable on all the above plans.

An automated Shopify profit and loss tracking app with 10+ marketing and shipping integrations to provide you with cohort analysis. Leading brands like Liquid Death, MrBeast’s Feastables, and Four Sigmatic are using this app to track their profits and marketing outcomes. What are the key features? Let’s find out.

Key Features

  • Use your choice of KPIs and customize the dashboards and email reports.
  • Integrations – 10+ collaborations with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Recharge, TikTok, Klaviyo, etc.
  • Monthly projections on customer lifetime value (CTV) analytics.
  • Helps you identify customer purchase patterns through 7+ detailed reports.

Pricing Info

  • 14-day free trial.
  • Free plan with data limited to 30 days.
  • Paid plans start from $19/per month.

BeProfit gives you the power to leverage data fished from your store channel, marketing platforms, payment processor, and shipping accounts. This gives you a clear picture of your eCommerce profits. What else does BeProfit offer you?

Key Features

  • Produces updated data reports synchronized from all your ad platforms, expenses, and orders.
  • Receive email notifications of all the reports.
  • Collaborate with your teammates anywhere as the app is mobile-friendly.
  • Integrations – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, ShipStation, ShipHero, Google Docs, and Klaviyo.
  • Analyze and optimize your ad campaigns, influencer marketing data, etc using UTM tracking.
  • Get live support on all the plans including the free plan.

Pricing Info

  • Starter plan is free to install and use.
  • Offers a 14-day free trial on plans ranging from $25/per month.

True to its name, this Shopify profit calculator app shows you the profit in real time on auto-pilot mode. Avoid using multiple spreadsheets and manual errors. Time to check out its salient features.

Key Features

  • Calculate your store’s costs, ad spends, profits & loss, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and more
  • Track all costs – COGS, shipping costs, transaction fee, custom costs, etc.
  • Integrations – real-time synchronization with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Amazon, Bing, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest Ads.
  • Mobile version is also available.
  • Analytics – in-depth insights from all spends, costs, and profits to help you make data-driven decisions.

Pricing Info

  • 14-day free trial on all plans starting from $19.95/per month.

Over 40000 Shopify stores have been trusting this Conversific Profit Analytics & Benchmark app to calculate their store profits for about 7 years. Can this app suit your business needs too? We will find out now.

Key Features

  • Know your competitors’ performance through benchmark reports and stay ahead in the race.
  • Access all the profits and 100+ KPI metrics data in one dashboard with very few clicks.
  • Integrations – combine with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Klaviyo to compute your store ROI.
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on customer buying patterns to increase traffic and sales.
  • Languages – available in English and Hungarian.

Pricing Info

  • The Free plan offers limited features. Also, there is a 14-day free trial on all premium plans. Subscribe to annual plans to get an additional 16% offer.

Profitario (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 63 reviews)

Shopify profit tracker app

Profitario – Profit Analytics is an automated profit tracker app from the Shopify marketplace. Gain complete control over your store’s net profits, margins, and other finances in auto-mode. Read below to find out why 50000+ subscribers trust this app.

Key Features

  • Automatically imports all the orders, profits, margins, disputes, and customer-related data from all the sources.
  • Helps you manage all the costs including product cost, shipping cost, and VAT from a single source.
  • Integrations – Facebook Ads, AliExpress, Google Analytics, PayPal, Google Ads, Google Adwords, etc.
  • Analytics and disputes integrations dive deep and produce profit/loss and other metrics performance results in real-time.
  • Make use of the live chat customer support for any app related issues.

Pricing Info

  • Access a 14-day free trial or subscribe to the ‘Free to install’ plan to manage up to 100 orders a month.
  • Basic and Professional are premium plans for $20/per month and $50/per month respectively.

SimplyCost (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 125 reviews)

Shopify profit tracker app

One of the automated profit tracker apps from the Shopify marketplace. SimplyCost tracks your store profit and expenses to help you make informed business decisions. Its useful tools and features are

Key Features

  • You can set up processing fees for every payment gateway individually.
  • Additionally, set up Shopify transactional fees in case you don’t use Shopify payments.
  • Integrations – Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and Pinterest Ads, to connect and calculate your total ad spends.
  • Calculate profits and expenses by the day, month, order, channel, etc.
  • Clutter-free dashboard displays every single profit/expenditure metric results. It also helps you identify the best-performing discount/gift campaigns.

Pricing Info

  • Subscribe to the only unlimited plan at 4.99/per month after trying it free for 14 days.

In Conclusion

Why wait for the whole quarter when you can generate and look at your daily profits effortlessly? Isn’t it? Also, if you are still doing it manually, chances are higher that you will make it amiss. In all, it would be a smarter decision to embrace technology in every possible way.

In addition to that, take in an automated customer support software called Helplama Helpdesk to avoid human errors in your support system. It is overloaded with intelligent integrations and automation tools for effective support management through your Shopify store, phone, email, chat, eCommerce sites, and social media. We recommend you check out its official website for full details.

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