Shopify Partner Academy: A Complete Guide

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Shopify partner academy

Last Updated: April 2024

Embark on a journey of expertise and success with the Shopify Partner Academy. This complete guide navigates the offerings, benefits, and pathways to mastery within the Shopify Partner program. Explore the key elements that empower you to thrive as a Shopify Partner.

Table of contents

What Roles Are Fulfilled by Shopify Partners?

Shopify Partners play a pivotal role in the Shopify ecosystem, providing a range of services to merchants. They design, develop, and customize online stores, create apps and themes, and offer various solutions to enhance the overall Shopify experience. Partners collaborate with merchants to optimize and grow their businesses on the Shopify platform

Within the Shopify Partner Program, professionals fall into four primary categories:

1. Shopify Developers

These experts specialize in developing Shopify stores, creating apps, and optimizing website functionality. They play a crucial role in enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales.

2. Shopify Designers

Responsible for eye-catching graphics and consistent branding, designers collaborate with developers to elevate the visual appeal of Shopify stores.

3. Shopify Marketing

Experts in defining target audiences, creating impactful campaigns, and optimizing marketing channels, Shopify Marketers facilitate customer acquisition and conversion.

4. Affiliate Marketing on Shopify

Open to influencers and content creators, affiliate marketers leverage the power of word of mouth—a trusted source that significantly influences consumer spending and online sales.

Noteworthy Statistic: Word of mouth, accounting for 13% of consumer sales, contributes to a staggering $6 trillion in consumer spending annually.

Features of the Shopify Partners Program

Exploring the Shopify Partners Program reveals numerous valuable supports and opportunities across development, design, eCommerce marketing, and affiliate marketing. These features are crafted to bolster your success, including:

  • Development Stores: Unlimited free development stores for continuous experimentation with themes, storefronts, and functions.
  • Interface: An intuitive interface in your partnership account, featuring self-explanatory buttons, intuitive pages, links, and forms, accompanied by robust customer support at every step.
  • Resources: On-site resources encompassing How-to articles, live chat, phone and email support, access to the Shopify Partner Academy, Polaris design tools, and perks offering discounts on essential software.

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Shopify Partner Earnings

Earning as a Shopify Partner is a collaborative process with Shopify receiving a commission for services provided through the program.

shopify partner academy

 The commission structure varies based on partner type:

1. Developer Partner (Shopify App)

    • Commission/Price: 20% Shopify Commission

2. Developer Partner (Shopify Theme)

    • Commission/Price: 30% commission, with all support and bug fixes managed by the developer, or 50% commission with bug fixes managed by the developer, and Shopify providing support. Exclusive themes earn higher commissions.

3. Marketing Partner (Experts Marketplace)

    • Commission/Price: 10% commission deducted from partner payments, paid twice monthly for all digital marketing services.

4. Design Partner (Experts)

    • Commission/Price: 10% commission deducted from partner payments for graphic design services, including logo creation and optimizing color schemes.

Joining the program is free, offering partners diverse opportunities to earn revenue based on their expertise and contributions.

Unlocking Exclusive Benefits with the Shopify Partners Program

Gain more than just free entry into the Shopify Partner Program; experience a robust support system designed to kickstart your journey to profitability. 

shopify partner academy

Here are some of the standout advantages:

  • Robust Pricing and Commission Structure: Free account setup with competitive commission rates.
  • Access to the Shopify Partner Academy: Enroll in online courses and certified training to deepen your understanding of Shopify and business growth.
  • Exclusive Deals on Business Software: Enjoy privileged access to discounted software. Claiming partner perks is hassle-free; visit your account dashboard, click ‘claim perk’ next to the listed deals, follow the instructions, and soon download software at discounted rates.

Empower your e-commerce venture with the myriad benefits offered by Shopify Partners Program.

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Steps to Becoming a Shopify Partner

Embarking on the journey to becoming a Shopify Partner is a strategic move toward unlocking a world of opportunities in the realm of e-commerce. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to seamlessly integrate yourself into the Shopify Partners Program:

Step 1 – Explore Shopify Partners

Dive into Shopify’s partner page, explore the blog, delve into guides, and check for virtual or local meetups to enhance your understanding of the partner program.

Step 2 – Enroll in the Shopify Partner Program

Simple and directly, enter your email, click join now, and complete the registration by providing your name, a secure password, and optional multi-factor authentication.


Step 3 – Email Verification

Verify your email promptly by clicking the link sent by Shopify within the 24-hour window. Confirm your email, select ‘Shopify Partners,’ and proceed to ‘Create an Account.

Step 4 – Complete the Form

Fill in your business details in the account creation form, specifying your business goals. Choose your partner type and indicate the eCommerce platforms you utilize. Accept the Partner Program Agreement, confirming your agreement to the terms.

Step 5 – Explore Your Dashboard

Access your Shopify dashboard, where you can explore and apply for Shopify Partner Programs aligned with your interests. Complete any additional forms, expressing your motivation for joining specific programs.

Keep in mind that meeting certain credentials may be necessary for program acceptance, which you can achieve by enrolling in free courses offered by the Shopify Partner Academy. Tailor your choices to your preferences and aspirations.

Making Money With Shopify

After successfully joining a Shopify Program, you commence your earnings journey. Payouts, initiated when you hit the $25.00 threshold, are processed bi-monthly through PayPal. Any balances below $25.00 are carried over until the subsequent payment cycle or until they accumulate to $25.00 or more.

Shopify Experts and Shopify Plus Explained

1. Shopify Experts: Unleashing Specialized Skills

Shopify Experts encompass professionals within Shopify’s Partner Program who contribute expertise without directly creating digital products for the Shopify App and Theme store. This includes individuals skilled in digital marketing, email campaigns, content creation, graphic design, and more.

As long as your skills align with assisting Shopify merchants in achieving their online sales objectives, you can join the Shopify Partner Program and share your expertise with their global community.

The Experts Marketplace serves as a platform connecting Shopify merchants with agencies and freelancers. Shopify charges a competitive commission from experts for these services.

2. Shopify Plus: Elevating Enterprise Solutions

On the other hand, Shopify Plus offers the same seamless experience as the familiar Shopify platform, but with added features, hence the plus. Tailored for enterprise businesses, Shopify Plus provides merchants with unlimited staff accounts, personalized support, and the capability to process 10,000 transactions per minute.

Upgrading to Plus maintains the familiarity of the editor, dashboard, and help center access, eliminating the need for relearning.

Shopify Plus stands out due to its advanced capabilities, allowing merchants to configure multiple shipping rates and options. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with their website and personalizes their store’s appearance for each customer based on browsing data and previous purchases through Shopify Flow.

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Pros and Cons for Shopify Partners

Pros Cons
1. Diverse Opportunities: Shopify Partners can tap into various roles such as developers, designers, marketers, and affiliates. 1. Competition: The popularity of the Shopify Partner Program means increased competition among partners.
2. Earning Potential: Partners can earn through commissions, app development, and other services. 2. Approval Process: Some programs may have a stringent approval process, requiring certain credentials.
3. Access to Resources: Gain access to Shopify’s resources, including the Partner Academy for skill enhancement. 3. Dependency on Shopify: Partners depend on Shopify’s policies, changes, and updates.
4. Global Exposure: Can reach a global audience, expanding their client base. 4. Limited Control: Have limited control over Shopify’s platform policies and changes.
5. Shopify Partner Academy: Offers online courses and certified training programs for business development.  5. Learning Curve:  Liquid programming language for templates can be difficult to learn.
6. Regular Updates: Receive updates on new features, tools, and trends within the e-commerce industry. 6. Evolving Ecosystem: The e-commerce landscape evolves, requiring continuous adaptation and learning.
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Unlocking Opportunities: Why Becoming a Shopify Expert Is a Smart Move

Becoming a Shopify Expert is a smart move with the platform’s global popularity and continuous growth in merchants. The user-friendly features make it a sought-after choice, ensuring a sustained demand for Shopify skills. Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, the opportunity to expand your business and attract new customers, specifically Shopify merchants, is unparalleled.

If you’re seeking to enhance your skill set in Digital Marketing, Graphics, Web Development, Design, or Affiliate Marketing, becoming a Shopify expert offers valuable prospects.

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Dive into the dynamic world of the Shopify Partner Academy, unleashing its full potential. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, designer, or marketer, It empowers you with tools and insights to flourish in the ever-evolving eCommerce realm. Seize control of your success, venture into limitless possibilities, and enhance your expertise with priceless support and opportunities.

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