Shopify Order Count: How to change the order number?

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Shopify Order Count

If you’ve ever wondered how to change the Shopify order count for your store, you’re in the right place. 

Managing and customizing order numbers is a common concern for online merchants, and understanding the process can help streamline your business operations. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to modify Shopify order numbers, providing you with the flexibility and control you need for effective order management.

Shopify Order Count: Steps to change order number

1) View Order Histories in Shopify

Shopify lets sellers view the complete history of their orders through the order timeline in their stores. Within this timeline, you can add comments, and notes and even communicate with staff members. 

Furthermore, the timeline serves as a useful tool for communicating with staff, attaching your files, and linking to other products, orders, and customers.

Step 1: Access the Order List

To check an order’s timeline, begin by logging into your Shopify admin account. Once logged in, navigate to the second option, “Orders.”

Step 2: Choose a Specific Order

Proceed by selecting the specific order for which you wish to view the timeline.

Source: Avada

Step 3: Examine the Order’s Timeline

Conclude the process by scrolling down to the order details page, where you can effortlessly review the timeline of your selected order.

Source: Avada

2) Verify an Order’s Currency

This feature proves invaluable for merchants dealing in multiple currencies. In detail, within your Shopify admin, orders are presented in your store’s default currency, allowing you to preview how they appear in your customer’s chosen currency.

Step 1: Access the Orders Section

To accomplish this, click on the “Orders” button within your Shopify admin.

Step 2: Select an Order

Next, choose one of your orders.

Step 3: Check the Order’s Currency

Scroll down to the payment section, click on “View order in customer’s currency,” and you’re all set!

3) Enhance Orders with Tags, Notes, or Edits

Effortlessly update order-related information on the Shopify Orders page by adding tags, notes, or making edits.

Step 1: Go to Orders

Within your Shopify admin, access the Orders section by selecting the corresponding option.

Step 2: Access an Order

Click on the order number you wish to update.

Step 3: Modify with Tags, Notes, or Edits

Here, Shopify allows you to make adjustments such as:

    • Edit customer information
    • Add or remove order notes
    • Attach or remove order tags

4) Include a Prefix and/or Suffix

While you can’t directly modify Shopify order numbers, you have the option to add a prefix or suffix to them on your Shopify store. Here’s how:

Step 1: Access General Settings

Navigate to your Settings page from your Shopify admin, click on General, and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Source: Avada

Step 2: Integrate a Prefix and/or Suffix

In this section, you’ll find the space to input your desired prefix and/or suffix. Take note of the statement “Your order ID will appear as #1001, #1002, #1003…” below. If your existing system has order numbers below a thousand, the transition is seamless.

Source: Avada

Additionally, if you’ve surpassed order #1000 and still wish to incorporate a prefix or suffix, consider setting the default # as the prefix and adding a brief suffix to keep it simple and manageable.

4) Reach Out to Customers Regarding an Order

All customer contact details are conveniently stored in Shopify. To add extra information, click “Edit” in the Contact section of the order page. 

Only the contact details provided by customers during checkout are visible to you. If you need to communicate important order information, and a phone number is provided, feel free to call the entered number directly.

Step 1: Access Orders

Navigate to the Orders section in your Shopify admin by clicking on the respective option.

Step 2: Select the Order for Communication

On the Orders page, choose the specific order from the customer you wish to contact.

Step 3: Email the Customer

Within the Contact section, click on the customer’s email address. In the Contact customer dialog, compose your message in the provided space. To receive a copy of the message, select the appropriate box next to the desired email address (yours or the store owner’s). Finally, click on the “Review email” button.

Afterward, your email will undergo a review. At this point, you can opt to either send the notification or go back to make any necessary changes—simply select your preferred option.

Now that you know how to change the Shopify order count, let’s explore a powerful helpdesk with order monitoring and returns management capabilities.

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In conclusion, mastering the art of altering Shopify order count empowers you with a valuable tool for customization. While the platform itself doesn’t allow direct modification of order numbers, incorporating prefixes or suffixes provides a flexible workaround. 

This guide has walked you through the steps, emphasizing the significance of understanding the order timeline and effectively communicating with customers. We hope it was helpful. 

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