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shopify custom checkout

Last Updated: June 2024

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, a finely tuned Shopify custom checkout process can make all the difference. 

Imagine this: A potential customer has added a product to their online cart, clicked the checkout button, and is just a few clicks away from finalizing their purchase. However, they suddenly vanished from your website without a trace of an order confirmation.

For e-commerce sellers, cart abandonment is a common woe. Yet, with minor tweaks, Shopify’s checkout can rapidly boost conversions.

This article explores the art of customizing the Shopify checkout process, backed by real-world success stories from 17 direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. 

1. One-page checkout: Mcarthur Fitness

Studies reveal that 17% of online shoppers abandon their carts due to a lengthy and convoluted checkout process.

Mcarthur Fitness, a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand, solves this issue by using Shopify’s one-click checkout, Shop Pay. 

shopify custom checkout

This means shoppers don’t have to enter their credit card details, and shipping address, or remember multiple account passwords. With Shop Pay, they can easily shop across numerous Shopify stores using a single, convenient checkout log in.

2. Checkout cross-sell: Snow

Snow, the Shopify seller of teeth whitening products, adopted a distinctive approach. Instead of using Shopify’s default checkout, they customized it with a clever cross-selling feature.

For instance, when a customer adds Snow’s teeth whitening kit to their cart, they’re offered similar products right away—like toothpaste, flossers, and the maintenance bundle.

Adding just one of these recommended items boosts customer lifetime value (CLV) and the brand’s average order value (AOV).

You can replicate this on your Shopify store using checkout UI extensions such as Orderbump, Candy Rack, and Aftership Checkout Upsell.

3. Express checkout: Showerbase

Showerbase, an online Shopify store specializing in higher-priced items, offers a swift checkout solution using PayPal. This handy feature helps reduce cart abandonment by speeding up the buying process.

PayPal’s express checkout smoothly integrates with Shopify, allowing customers to finalize their purchase using their existing PayPal account. 

shopify custom checkout

This means their shipping address and payment info are stored, making future shopping experiences with Showerbase hassle-free, without the need for manual data entry.

4. Checkout trust badges: The Ridge

You’ve successfully convinced customers to add items to their cart, yet not all follow through with the purchase at checkout. Trust issues are responsible for about a fifth of cart abandonments.

The Ridge fixes this by using trust badges on its Shopify checkout. These include:

  1. Norton’s “secured” badge.
  2. verification to prevent discount fraud.
  3. Logos from trusted payment methods like Amazon Payments, Visa, and Mastercard.

5. Account creation prompt: Huel

Balancing between guest checkout and compulsory account creation poses a frequent challenge for Shopify store owners when refining the checkout process.

Approximately 25% of shoppers leave their carts behind if they’re compelled to make an account. However, having customer accounts can enable businesses to personalize the post-purchase journey.

shopify custom checkout

For instance, Huel, a Shopify store, opts for mandatory account creation during checkout. To alleviate any worries about this requirement, they include a brief section explaining the advantages. 

After creating an account with Huel, customers can conveniently modify and oversee subscriptions, access their order history, and manage payment methods.

6. Peepers’ customer support

Most people don’t pay much attention to the top part of the Shopify checkout page.

But Peepers does something smart there. They not only remind you of their store name and logo but also give you a phone number to call if you have questions about your order.

This is especially useful if you’re buying customizable glasses from them. You can pick your frame, lens, and correction, which might seem confusing. 

But with the phone number right there, you can call and ask questions without leaving the checkout page. It’s a smart move to help customers.

7. Tabs Chocolate’s subscription nudge

Subscriptions are popular right now, with sales expected to reach $38.2 billion in 2023.

Tabs Chocolate, a brand that sells directly to customers, is using this trend to its advantage. They want to turn one-time buyers into regular customers to keep their business stable.

shopify custom checkout

Tabs Chocolate does this cleverly on their checkout page. They show customers how they can save 20% by signing up for a monthly subscription. 

There’s a big button that says “Upgrade to subscription,” making it easy for shoppers to switch and giving Tabs a predictable income stream.

8. The Sewing Studio’s points program

E-commerce sellers often turn to loyalty programs to encourage shoppers to stick around. But here’s the question: Do your customers even know you have one?

The Sewing Studio makes sure its loyal customers are aware of its point-based loyalty program. They’ve set up a system where previous shoppers can use their points to get discounts on items in their cart. 

This clever customization in their Shopify checkout is a great way to attract new customers. When people realize that buying from you again can get them lower prices, they’re more likely to create an account and shop with you in the future.

9. The Lost Co’s social proof

Social proof is a potent marketing tool that reassures potential customers that they’re making a wise decision when buying from you.

Having past customers endorse your products, boasting a collection of 5-star reviews, or offering free returns can swiftly enhance the credibility of your Shopify store.

At The Lost Co, these pillars of social proof are proudly exhibited on their checkout page. Under the “shop with confidence” section, uncertain shoppers contemplating a purchase are greeted with a shining 5-star review from a satisfied previous customer.

shopify custom checkout

10. Gymshark’s delivery delay notifications

The worldwide supply chain sector is incredibly unpredictable. Customers are currently experiencing the consequences, such as products being unavailable and shipping delays.

Nevertheless, Gymshark doesn’t allow these supply chain issues to tarnish the customer experience. They proactively notify customers about delivery delays during the checkout process, ensuring that people are informed before finalizing their purchase.

This upfront communication undeniably spares Gymshark’s customer support team from dealing with countless inquiries about the whereabouts of orders.

11. Pura Vida’s free shipping threshold

Free shipping is now expected by most online shoppers. Setting a minimum spending requirement (like “spend $50 for free shipping”) not only protects profits but also increases the average order value (AOV) and meets customer expectations.

Pura Vida’s Shopify store shows how to offer conditional free shipping. If customers have less than $40 in their cart, they get a message telling them how much to spend for free shipping.

shopify custom checkout

12. Magnolia Bakery’s BOPIS checkout

Not everyone likes to wait for their online orders to arrive.

Magnolia Bakery offers a solution by connecting online and offline shopping through a “buy online, pickup in-store” (BOPIS) option.

When customers want to purchase Magnolia Bakery’s delicious treats, they first see a page where they provide important details for in-store pick up, like:

  1. The store they want to pick up from
  2. The date and time they’ll come in

Then, Magnolia Bakery sets up a particular Shopify checkout with these details already filled in.

Customers can quickly complete their purchase using express checkout options like Shop Pay or Google Pay and then pick up their order at the chosen store on the specified date.

13. Good American’s buy now, pay later

The tough economic times are making people watch their spending carefully.

Despite rising prices, Good American still offers its high-quality denim products and lets you pay in smaller monthly chunks using “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) through Klarna.

When you shop on their website, you can add your info at checkout and then Klarna helps you split the payment into monthly bits.

You can also set up BNPL payments on your Shopify store with Klarna, Affirm, or Shop Pay Installments.

shopify custom checkout

14. Schoolyard Snacks’ SMS opt-in

Text messages are a great way for Shopify stores to reach customers.

Studies reveal that people are much more likely to open texts than marketing emails, and most customers have made a purchase through a marketing text.

But to send texts and keep customers coming back, you need their permission. Schoolyard Snacks shows how a simple checkbox during Shopify checkout can get that permission.

They also make their Shopify checkout better by offering shipping protection.

15. Boll & Branch’s gift messaging option

People buy gifts for loved ones all year round. Even if you don’t sell personalized items, including a gift note option can make the shopping experience better.

Letting customers add a little message shows them that your products are great for gifting and makes the recipient’s experience even more special.

Boll & Branch does this easily with a “Is this a gift?” checkbox at checkout. If someone checks it, a small text box pops up for customers to write their message.

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That concludes our exploration of different Shopify custom checkout processes. Our aim was to provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

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In summary, the showcased Shopify custom checkout strategies from top DTC brands illustrate the pivotal role of customization in driving conversions. 

These insights, ranging from trust-building to subscription models and simplified checkouts, emphasize the importance of aligning with customer expectations to achieve e-commerce success. 

By adopting these practices, Shopify merchants can enhance growth and customer loyalty in today’s dynamic online commerce landscape.



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