Shopify Collabs App: The Ultimate Guide

Shopify Collabs App

Last Updated: February 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide on the Shopify Collabs App, your gateway to successful collaborations in the world of e-commerce. 

In this comprehensive resource, we will explore how this strategy can revolutionize your Shopify store’s partnerships and take your business to new heights. Notably, 90% of marketing professionals believe that influencer marketing is effective. 

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to unlock the full potential of influencer collaborations for your store.

What is the Shopify Collabs App?

Shopify Collabs is an app that makes influencer marketing easier by connecting creators with Shopify store owners. It’s a rebranded version of an older app called Dovetale, which was part of the Shopify ecosystem for many years.

Creators can sign up and pick from millions of brands to collaborate with based on their preferences. Additionally, if you’re a store owner, this app makes it simple to partner with niche creators and get more exposure for your brands.

Source: Affluencer

How does Shopify Collabs work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for setting up Shopify Collabs in your store:

1) Install Shopify Collabs

 Go to the Shopify App Store. Search for and install Shopify Collabs.

2) Create an Account

In your Shopify admin panel, click on “Settings” and select “Apps and sales channels.” Click on “Shopify Collabs.” Press “Open app.” Then, review and accept the terms and conditions for using Shopify Collabs.

Shopify Collabs App
Source: Shopify

3) Customize Your Application Page

From your Dashboard, go to the “Get Started” section and click “Edit your application page.” In the “Page design” section, upload your logo or brand name and customize the page’s design.

In the “About” section, provide a page title and a description of your brand and audience. In the “Collab benefits” section, list the benefits of collaborating with you.

4) Share Your Application Page

Once your application page is complete, you’ll find a link to share on the “Your application page is complete!” page. You also have the option to personalize a widget within the “Add a widget to your store” section.

5) Set up PayPal Payouts

Enabling collaborations with others is a great way to enhance your brand. By working together, you can share experiences and create something greater than the sum of its parts. When you collaborate with creators, the possibilities are endless.

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Benefits of the Shopify Collabs App

1) Improved Brand Visibility and Sales

Connect with creators across various niches, including food, fashion, travel, design, and more. Collaborations with these influencers enhance your brand’s visibility, drive traffic to your website, and boost sales.

2) Streamlined Payments

Direct payment transfers via PayPal simplify the affiliate link payment process, eliminating complex procedures and the need to share personal banking information. This convenience benefits both merchants and affiliate partners, offering a hassle-free global payment solution.

3) Enhanced Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Accelerate the process of connecting with influencers who discuss your brand, products, and industry. Also, you can access valuable data for efficient influencer selection, leading to more successful campaigns that boost brand reach and sales.

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What can creators expect from Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs App aims to level the playing field, offering creators a chance to boost their visibility, secure quality brand partnerships, and enhance their portfolio. 

1) Connect with Over a Million Merchants

Presently, Shopify is the backbone for a staggering 4,611,417 live websites which means creators gain access to a vast pool of potential brand partnerships. 

Creators can proactively collaborate with brands they admire, resulting in mutually beneficial partnerships with a stronger return on investment.

2) Product Seeding and Affiliate Commissions

Product seeding is a powerful tool for engaging small creators, motivating them to create authentic content that resonates with their audience. Shopify Collabs enables merchants to collaborate with creators by offering gifts, samples, and promotional items.

Source: Shopify

Creators can also earn affiliate-based commissions, allowing merchants to establish commission structures and monitor sales, all within the app.

3) Intuitive Dashboard for Earnings and Data Tracking

Shopify Collabs App provides creators with a user-friendly dashboard for tracking earnings, expected payments, performance metrics, and other crucial details.

It simplifies collaboration and payment management, helping creators identify pending payments and organize their data efficiently.

Despite these advantages, some creators may find Shopify Collabs less appealing due to:

    • Lengthy and complex sign-up procedures.
    • Interface issues and software glitches.
    • Intense competition within the creator community.

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What can merchants gain from Shopify Collabs?

Approximately 50% of consumers rely on influencer product recommendations. Thus, discovering the right creators it’s a game-changer for e-commerce business owners.

1) Unearthing Niche Creators with Ease

Shopify Collabs offers a Creator Marketplace, a carefully curated database with creators from diverse niches and channels. 

Brands can efficiently connect with these creators by setting up their profiles, making their stores discoverable, and using filters for audience, follower count, and channel preferences.

2) Simplified Creator Hiring and Management

Shopify Collabs App streamlines creator identification, simplifying hiring and collaboration directly on the platform. It generates tailored insights for campaign optimization and sets performance metrics, offering unique links and discount codes for multiple creators.

Seamlessly integrated with Shopify admin, Collabs provides a comprehensive sales funnel overview, covering customer database, orders, and inventory.

Source: Affluencer

3) Enhanced Affiliate Sales and Payment Tracking

Shopify Collabs simplifies affiliate management with an overview of affiliate sales, auto-commission calculations, and direct payments. It provides performance analytics for recognizing and rewarding high-performing affiliates, facilitating the expansion of successful collaborations.

Source: Affluencer

Despite these merchant-centric advantages, Shopify Collabs has certain limitations, including restricted payment options to PayPal, the absence of a multi-language translation feature, and limited customization options.

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Tips to Find Influencers to Collaborate With

Incorporating influencer marketing with Shopify Collabs involves both outbound and inbound approaches.

Outbound Influencer Marketing: Influencer Search and Discovery

Shopify Collabs features a robust influencer search tool that rivals other comprehensive influencer search platforms. You can perform searches based on the following criteria:

Shopify Collabs App
Source: Neal Schaffer
    • Social Network: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Blog.
    • Search parameters include keywords, hashtags, location, or usernames.
    • Filter results by follower count, average engagement, likes, and views.

When you select a creator, you can access their information, and an email address, often, is available in the Info tab.

Source: Neal Schaffer

Inbound Influencer Marketing: Establish an Affiliate Program for Influencer Applications

Shopify Collabs also offers the option to create a recruitment page that can be added to your website as a Brand Ambassador landing page. This enables the recruitment of influencers from your existing customer base or website visitors. 

Shopify Collabs App
Source: Neal Schaffer

As a convenient approach, you can share the link to your application page with influencers through direct messages (DMs), and all the applicants can be conveniently managed in the Applicant tab within the influencer search tool.

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Two Key Ways to Use Shopify Collabs

Shopify Collabs is a handy influencer marketing tool integrated into Shopify’s e-commerce platform. It offers some common features and some special ones. Here’s how you can use it:

1) Product Promotion

Shopify Collabs App makes it easy to promote your products by giving free samples to influencers. You can send samples and keep track of orders. It also helps with managing your inventory and creating discount codes to make shopping smoother.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Shopify Collabs supports affiliate marketing, where website owners and content creators get special links or codes. It’s also helpful for brand owners to figure out what they owe influencers and to see where new customers are coming from.

And now you have a comprehensive overview of the Shopify Collabs App to kickstart your influencer marketing journey. Additionally, we must emphasize the significance of exceptional customer service, so let us introduce you to a helpdesk equipped with robust order-tracking features.

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In conclusion, the Shopify Collabs App offers a powerful and versatile solution for influencer marketing that can transform the way you connect with creators and customers. 

Its extensive features, including influencer discovery, product seeding, and affiliate marketing, make it a valuable asset for both creators and merchants. Moreover, to elevate customer experience and provide proactive customer service, consider Saufter!

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