Top 5 Shopify Chargeback Protection Apps in 2023 [Tried & Tested]

Shopify has to be the best e-commerce platform available as it’s highly scalable, easy to use, and has a lot of features. Approximately 1.75 million merchants are selling their products on Shopify around the globe, and this number is increasing day by day

As the platform continues to grow, the number of frauds and scammers is also growing with it. E-commerce fraud has increased by 18 percent from 2019 with global chargeback reaching a high of $615 million in 2021.

To save you from  Shopify chargeback fraud, we have listed the 5 best Shopify chargeback protection apps. 

Seon. Fraud Prevention  (⭐4.7/5, 189 Reviews)

Seon helps merchants by going through data analysis of every client and provides detailed stats of customer profiles with a risk score. This feature will help you to look out for a scammer and prevent possible fraud. 

Key Feature:

  • They work on releasing enterprise-grade solutions that work with Shopify and will help you in eliminating cashback frauds as well as lost payments and goods.
  • Seon runs real-time checks and lists the risky orders quickly and helps you in quick decision-making. 


  • Free – 14 days
  • Monthly – $299

Signifyd (⭐4.4/5, 149 Reviews)

Signifyd runs on Artificial intelligence and has gathered data from thousands of merchants globally. Their AI feature has covered 98 percent of customers who have previously purchased a product from Shopify and alerts you every time a scammer is ordering from you.

Key Features:

  • Signifyd helps you approve more good orders and automatically recover lost revenue from a chargeback.
  • They protect you from customer abuse and give you a financial guarantee against fraud or chargebacks. 


  • Free – 14 Days
  • Monthly – $1,500 

*Additional charges may apply.

Shop Workflow Automation (⭐4.6/5, 135 Reviews) 

This app takes the daily repetitive tasks off your shoulders by automation and reduces the risk of fraud by diving deep into the customer’s profile. It also helps you in scheduling daily tasks such as sales reports, orders received, cash flow, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Auto detects potential fraud orders and sends you a mail.
  • They have free bots available which will help you reduce manual tasks.


Free – 50 Automations per month

Monthly – $9.99 – $49.99

*Depending on the services

NoFraud Fraud protection (⭐ 4.9/5, 151 Reviews)

Nofraud fraud protection application integrates with your Shopify platform to deliver a pass or fail decision for every order. They have AI and manual support which checks on your orders and help you in making the right decision.

Key Features:

  • The chargeback reimbursement option helps you get back your product or payment.
  • Nofraud eliminates manual reviews and helps in instant decision-making. 


  • Free to install

FraudLabs Pro (⭐4.6/5, 24 Reviews)

FraudLabs have partnered with Shopify and notify you every time a scammer tries to buy something from your store. You can customize your own fraud rules according to your liking from a list of rules provided by them. 

Key Features:

  • It has an SMS verification tool that verifies your customers’ phone numbers with help of an OTP.
  • Thanks to its automation tools, this app automatically let your customer know about their product’s status.


Free – 500 queries per month

Monthly – $29.95 – $249.95

*Depending on the services


With the rise of scammers and fraudsters, you must invest in a Shopify chargeback protection application as they not only protect your business from potential frauds but also helps you in automating your business. 

With the help of the links provided above, you can check the most budget-friendly and reliable App according to you and protect your business from fraud.

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