ShipStation Shopify Integration Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide

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ShipStation Shopify Integration

Last Updated: May 2024

Shipping and Fulfillment services for an eCommerce store continue to be a backbreaking hard task yet inevitable. Moreover, this stage of the eCommerce business plays a major role in delivering your best to your customers’ hands, literally.

And therefore it is imperative that you ensure the best quality of shipping services to achieve that smile on your customer’s face and boost your brand loyalty.

Furthermore, suppose you own a Shopify store and are still doing the entire fulfillment process manually. In that case, you should be reading this article entirely to know how to provide effortless and seamless Shipping services.

In this article, we will introduce you to a labor-saving and cost-effective Shopify integrated Shipment solution tool called ShipStation that helps you achieve your flawless fulfillment goals.

Table of Contents,

Introduction to ShipStation

ShipStation Shopify Integration

ShipStation is a shipping software that offers eCommerce fulfillment services with faster printing and hassle-free shipping services with more savings. With ShipStation, you can save up to 88% on your shipping carrier costs and get to choose from the top carriers like UPS, USPS, and DHL Express.

Over 130000 merchants trust ShipStation for their fulfillment solutions.

Key Features of ShipStation

Order Management is made easy with ShipStation software as it is integrated directly with over 70 best-selling channels. Sync multiple orders across multiple sources by linking a selling channel. Set criteria for automated actions on orders. It is configured to automatically import orders from 100+ selling channels, marketplaces, ERPs, CRMs, or IMSs.

ShipStation offers you fully branded shipping with branded tracking pages and returns portal, custom emails, and templates at no extra cost. Amaze your customers by providing SMS tracking updates through their preferred communication channel, until successful delivery. Customers can initiate self-returns on the branded returns portal instead of calling customer support.

Generate Shipping labels for all of your online orders at the best rate. You can print labels individually or in batches of up to 500 labels.

ShipStation’s Inventory Management Solutions helps you efficiently manage inventory from the warehouse or remote locations. You can view stock levels, set inventory alerts, or allocate stock all while picking and packing, and fulfilling orders.

ShipStation integrates with 409 Fulfillment management partners for smoother eCommerce shipping solutions. In this article, we will be learning more about one such efficient integration (ShipStation Shopify Integration) further below.

But before diving in, let’s briefly introduce Shopify for aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs unfamiliar with it.

Introduction to Shopify

Shopify Home, ShipStation Shopify Integration

Shopify is a SaaS-based (Software as a Service) hosted shopping cart system that helps you create an eCommerce website supported by robust tools to help you find your customers, drive sales, and manage your entire store efficiently using various automated tools.

It is a one-stop solution for online retailers with access to simple and easy solutions for store setup, marketing, sales, payments, shipping, etc. Its salient feature-filled apps and integrations allow you to focus on customers from multiple channels (website, mobile apps, social media, email, etc) on one single dashboard.

Best of all is that you don’t need any technical expertise to use these tools. Every app or integration is easy to set up and easy to use. If you need any assistance, their award-winning 24/7 customer service is ever reachable. Using the relevant Shopify features and tools you can grow and scale your eCommerce business consistently.

ShipStation Shopify Integration

ShipStation Shopify Partner

Create your online store with Shopify and automate shipping with ShipStation. Shopify integrates perfectly with ShipStation.

We just saw that Shopify offers plenty of features and tools for the effortless management of eCommerce stores. Hence, merchants are pretty much used to its customizations, support, and ease.

Shopify ShipStation integration provides you with painless and affordable shipping functionality with a wide range of features, customization, and automated functionalities to fit your unique workflow.

Whether you’re a small or enterprise-size business or even a startup, Shopify and ShipStation together give you the tools and resources to scale your fulfillment while you can save time for other operational purposes.

Features of Shopify ShipStation integration

  • Connect your Shopify account to ShipStation in seconds
  • ShipStation is web-based and mobile compatible
  • Seamless order syncing with complete insights of all the orders at every stage of shipment
  • Imports product details such as item name, SKU, weight, and images with the order
  • Map special fields such as Multi-location inventory sources, Fraud Risk, and Customer Loyalty ( total amount spent, orders placed, etc ) into ShipStation’s custom fields
  • Run Automation rules based on specially mapped custom fields
  • Shipment updates with the carrier, tracking number, and item information to your Shopify store and customers
  • Connect to Shopify’s Inventory and get the stock and shipment updates on time
  • Receive Support from day one

If you are a Shopify Advanced plan or higher subscriber, then you can use the Checkout Rates Options which allows you to send the rates you get in ShipStation to your store checkout. You can also get live shipping rates and delivery timeframes from all your connected carriers.

Let us now proceed to set up the integration between Shopify and ShipStation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set up the ShipStation Shopify Integration

Before setup, ensure active accounts on ShipStation and Shopify with a Shopify store domain for seamless integration.

To connect your Shopify store to your ShipStation account, you must be logged in to Shopify and ShipStation first.

Step #1: Go to your ShipStation account settings and click on the settings icon

ShipStation Account Settings

Step #2: Select Selling Channels from the left-hand sidebar menu, then choose Store Setup

ShipStation Account Menu

Step #3: Click Connect a Store or Marketplace from the Store setup pop-up window

ShipStation Account Setting Stores

Step #4: Select the Shopify tile

Step #5: Enter your Shopify Domain name, then click on Test Connection to make sure that you have entered the correct URL

(To find your Shopify Domain name, log in to your Shopify account and go to your dashboard. Copy the part of the URL after https:// but before /admin:)

Connect Shopify store

Step #6: If the Test Connection is successful, click Connect

Step #7: After you click Connect, you’ll be redirected to Shopify and the ShipStation Application will be added to your Shopify account.

Once the application installs, you’ll be redirected back to your ShipStation account, where you can update the store-specific settings in ShipStation and click on Save.

ShipStation store settings

Check here further for more information on how to update Shopify Orders modification, identify Shopify Fraud Risk orders, and Troubleshooting tips.

You can even run a free trial of this integration to see whether this tool would suit your business’ fulfillment needs. And if yes, then upgrade to any of the plans ranging from $9.99 to $159.99 depending upon the services you require.

At the End to a Great Start

So, we have successfully accomplished our task of walking you through the ShipStation Shopify integration in detail along with the step-by-step installation guide. We believe this information is sufficient enough for you to start over with the automated Fulfillment solutions for your eCommerce store.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a coherent helpdesk that can scan your orders every day automatically, then check out Saufter. It auto-detects any fulfillment delays and prompts you to notify your customers on time. Along with other effective customer support solutions, it also integrates with Shopify efficiently with just a click. We recommend you try it and see the results for yourself.



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