Did you know that 48% of customers are unlikely to purchase more from companies whose product arrives late? That’s the reason why you should integrate with robust shipping management software.

Shipping management software makes it easier for you to manage your order shipping and increase customer satisfaction. Online merchants are always in dilemma between Shippo and Shipstation as they both are features loaded. However, we have curated a list differentiating their features to help you choose the best. 

Automation(Final Winner: Shipstation)Rating 5/5

Package Automation(Winner: Shipstation)

Package automation allows you to automate your order packing, labeling, marking, and more.

  • Shippo allows you to assign package templates to your orders.
  • Shipstation on the other hand provides more package automation compared to Shippo. Some of the product automation provided by Shipstation is adding tags, adding notes, setting custom packing slips, and many more.  

Winner: Shipstation

Service Mapping(Winner: Shipstation)

Service mapping automation allows you to apply charges to your customers’ orders. These charges are usually applied according to the distance between your shop and the location of the customer.

  • Shippo does not allow you to automate service mapping.
  • Shipstation allows you to automate service mapping. It also has a friendly interface with which you can easily apply rates as per your liking.

Winner: Shipstation

Notifications(Final Winner: Shipstation)Rating 5/5

Product Tracking Notifications(Winner: Shippo)

These notifications allow your customers to know the location of their ordered product. 

  • Shippo provides product tracking notifications such as product out for delivery, order processing, delayed delivery, and many more.
  • Shipstation sends automatic notifications such as out for delivery, in transit, delayed delivery, and many more. The link sent through these notifications can also be customized to match your store’s theme giving a branded experience to your customers.

Winner: Shipstation

Event Notification(Winner: Shippo)

These notifications are sent to your customers whenever there is a new event. An event can include discounts, extra credit points, buy1 get1 free, etc.

  • Shippo allows you to easily send event notifications which result in more sales. It collects customer data with the help of webhooks
  • Shipstation does not have an event notification feature as of now.

Winner: Shippo

Marketplace Notifications(Winner: Shipstation)

These notifications are sent to your connected stores informing them about the shipped product. 

  • Shippo sends notifications only to customers.
  • Shipstation provides marketplace notifications with topics such as delay notification, shipped information, and prevent marketplace notifications. 

Winner: Shipstation

Reports(Final Winner: Shipstaion)Rating 4.5/5

Overview Reports(Winner: Shipstation)

This report gives you an overview of your business operations. 

  • Shippo only provides total spending reports. These reports consist of netlabel spend, refund charges, surcharges, and many more.
  • Shipstation on the other hand provides intensive overview reports that consist of customer engagement, sales trends, business operations, and many more.

Winner: Shipstation 

Inventory Report(Winner: Shipstation)

This report notifies you about the products kept in your inventory.

  • Shippo does not provide any inventory reports. You need to integrate it with other third-party apps to get these reports.
  • Shipstation gives you an overview of your inventory reports with the options such as inventory low stock reports, inventory audit reports, out-of-stock reports, and inventory status reports.

Winner: Shipstation

Order Reports(Winner: Shipstation)

This report provides you with all the information regarding the orders given by your customers.

  • Shippo does not have any such reports.
  • Shipstation on the other hand provides insights such as total product ordered, the unique product ordered, top-selling product, low-selling product, and many more. 

Winner: Shipstation

Basic Features(Final Winner: Shipstation) Rating 4.5/5

Price(Winner: Shipstation)
  • Shippo pricing starts from $10 and ends up at $200. Its pricing depends on the number of labels you apply to your orders.
  • Shipstation is cheaper compared to Shippo. Its pricing starts from $9.99 and ends up at $159.9. The factor that decides pricing is the number of shipments made per month.

Winner: Shipstation

Languages(Winner: Shipstation)

If you have customers all around the globe then this feature allows you to send personalized messages in their language.

  • Shippo supports only the English language. You need to integrate it with other third-party apps to avail of multilingual language support.
  • Shipstation has 6 language options which are English(UK), French, Spanish, and more.

Winner: Shipstation

Customization(Winner: Shipstation)

With the customization option, you set up a tracking page, email templates, and more as per your brand theme.

  • Shippo allows you to only customize your emails. You can change the text, color, and background of your emails.
  • Shipstation has more customization options available as compared to Shippo. It allows you to customize your emails, packing slips, tracking page, and return portal.

Winner: Shipstation


Now that we have compared all the critical features of Shippo and Shipstation we can clearly reward Shipstation as the winner.

Shipstation is a multi-carrier software that will give you useful reports and make your life easier through automation. On the other hand, Shippo is a label creation platform that allows you to ship and purchase labels with minimum shipping features.

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