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Last Updated: February 2024

Be it a startup or a well-established organization, it’s important to listen to and solve your clients’ queries. This increases the chance of customer retention. As per a report, 89% of customers are more likely to make another purchase after a happy customer support service.

Regardless of what software you use for ticket resolution, it should be hassle-free and easy to manage. Thus, enabling your customer support executives to resolve queries in a quick, efficient, and insightful manner.

To assist you in building the best service desk ticket-handling process we have listed down some of the finest practices and tips.

Properly Trained Agents

The effectiveness of your ticket management system depends on the staff that will tackle it. If the customer support representative is not well trained to handle the software then there are chances that they will take more time to resolve a query than needed.  

You should ensure that the staff is well trained and is aware of every tool of the software. Training them regularly or when an update is made can guarantee that the software is used to its full potential. 

Tips to prioritize tickets

 prioritize ticket as per the profile

There are many ways in which you can solve your tickets. Using first in first out (FIFO) should be your go-to technique. However, if you have a small team and a large number of queries then prioritizing your high-pay customer can prove to be beneficial.

Creating a list of VIPs, and adding the detail to the software can ensure that quick resolution is given to them.

Setting notifications

You can set a notification whenever there is a pending ticket. By doing this your employees will prioritize solving it first and then move on to others. This minimizes human error and gives you more solved problems.

Setting notifications on VIP tickets will ensure that your key customers are given priority and no request remains unsolved for a longer time.

Keep on checking the workload

Poor agent performance can be linked to a high job burden. This usually results in high backlogged tickets and unsatisfied customers. Make sure that you have the right number of staff to tackle your tickets.

This can be done by checking the daily leftover tickets and the per-average ticket resolved by your employees. Keeping employees stress-free and happy is important for any organization to grow. 

Monitor ticket status

Monitor ticket status

Every ticket handling software allows you to check the status of all the tickets on their dashboard. By this, you can ensure that your VIPs get priority treatment. It also shows the time taken to resolve a particular query and to whom it was assigned, which can help you check the productivity of your employees.

Use ticket tagging effectively 

Tagging tickets is one of the most underutilized techniques. Inserting context on tickets by tagging them ensures that the agents have all the information like the reason for raising the ticket, organizing and identifying support requests, and many more.

To get the maximum benefit out of tagging technique ensure that all the tags are accurate, updated regularly, clear, and well structured.

Keep a record of resolved tickets

Having a library of resolved tickets can help you get to know about the previous problems and the step taken to resolve them. Your agents can also have a look at these tickets and how they were resolved for future reference.

Enable knowledge base for self-service.

Answering the same question, again and again, can be a bit tiring. This is when the knowledge base service of ticket resolution software is a lifesaver. It reduces ticket generation by directing your customers to the knowledge base which has all the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Track and celebrate your progress

Set goals for your employees

Set realistic and achievable goals for your team and share them with them. Make sure to be transparent and tell them that you will be monitoring their work. Keeping everyone ensured helps you increase productivity resulting in more ticket resolution.

Keep a track of their work and whenever they achieve your set goal, let them celebrate as a team. This not only reduces stress but builds synergy among team members. 


Customer service is an important aspect of your organization to grow. It helps in building customer relationships and retention. Using the right practices can ensure that all the tickets are resolved in due time leaving happy customers. 

The above-listed tips and practices can ensure that your customer support service is running to its full potential and wielding the best results. 

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