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SendPulse pricing

Last Updated: May 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive breakdown of SendPulse pricing

Utilizing marketing automation results in an impressive 80% increase in lead quantity. And amongst the comprehensive marketing solutions, SendPulse stands out as a versatile platform that helps you reach your target audience effectively. 

If you’re considering SendPulse for your marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand the platform’s pricing, features, and reviews. Thus, today we’ll delve into SendPulse’s pricing plans, features and explore reviews from users that have shaped its reputation in the realm of marketing. 

So, let’s dive in!

What is SendPulse?

sendpulse pricing

SendPulse is a tool that helps you communicate better with your customers. It does this by allowing you to send messages like emails, text messages, and notifications to a large number of people all at once. 

It is helpful for marketing because it lets you automate your communication, making it easier to reach customers and keep them engaged. It’s like having a smart assistant that helps you talk to your customers effectively. SendPulse also provides features that can automatically send these messages at the right times, making staying in touch with your audience easier.

Overview of SendPulse pricing plans

SendPulse offers several pricing plans based on the service you choose. They offer tailored plans for email marketing, chatbots, web push, transactional emails, sms, Viber, email verifier, landing page builder, as well as pop-ups and CRM. 

These plans range in features and pricing to accommodate various business requirements, making it possible for you to select the best-fit plan for your specific needs.

A detailed breakdown of SendPulse pricing plans

1) Email marketing

Free: Suitable for beginners and includes core features for email marketing.

    • Get up to 500 subscribers and send up to 15,000 emails per month.
    • Offers 100 MB of image storage and allows 3 sender email addresses under one domain.
    • You get 5 flows and 1 event in A360, along with 1 landing page.
    • Additionally, you can verify 100 email addresses using the email verifier.


Standard: Starts from $6.40/month and offers an expanded set of tools for growing businesses.

    • Covers a list size of 1 to 500 subscribers.
    • 200 MB of image storage, use 100 sender email addresses across 3 domains.
    • 10 flows and 10 events in A360, and 3 landing pages.
    • Verify 100 email addresses using the email verifier.
    • Full A/B testing capabilities and the plan allows for 3 users per account.


Pro: Begins at $7.68/month and is designed for email marketing pros.

    • Allows a list size of 1 to 500 subscribers, offering unlimited emails.
    • You’ll have 500 MB of image storage and up to 300 sender email addresses across 5 domains.
    • Get 50 flows and 50 events in A360, and create 10 landing pages.
    • You can verify 1,000 email addresses using the email verifier.
    • A/B testing capabilities, and support up to 10 users per account.
    • Offers an unlimited number of tags.


Enterprise plan: Tailored for large companies, this plan starts from $10.75/month.

    • The list size covered is 1 to 500 subscribers, and it includes unlimited emails.
    • 500 MB of image storage and advanced segmentation options.
    • Supports up to 300 sender email addresses and an unlimited number of domains.
    • Offers unlimited flows, landing pages, and events in A360.
    • A/B testing capabilities.

You can also opt for pay-as-you-go plans where each plan scales with features and pricing based on email volume and requirements.

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2) Chatbots

sendpulse pricing

Free plan:

    • Offers SendPulse’s chatbot builder functionality.
    • Send up to 10,000 messages per month across all your bots, with no credit card required.
    • Supports up to 500 subscribers, 3 bots, 10 variables, and 10 triggers.

Pro: Priced at $10/month.

    • Supports 500 subscribers and higher tiers, offering unlimited messages, and unlimited bots including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and Viber bots.
    • Includes unlimited variables, RSS feeds for auto-posting, payment acceptance, tags, webhooks, data reception from external URLs, and no SendPulse branding.
    • WhatsApp service is also included.

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3) Web Push

sendpulse pricing

Basic: Free

  • Suitable for up to 10,000 subscribers.
  • Offers unlimited web push notifications with HTTP and HTTPS support.
  • Includes features like RSS to web push, automated message series, and personalized messages.


Pro: $19/month

  • Designed for up to 30,000 subscribers and higher tiers.
  • Offers branding removal, API access, and segmentation along with A/B testing, and integration with Automation 360. 

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4) Transactional emails

sendpulse pricing

Basic: Free

    • Includes 12,000 monthly transactional emails.
    • Suitable for lower email volumes.


Pro: $74.85/month

    • Supports up to 100,000 monthly transactional emails.
    • Offers 1 dedicated IP address for improved deliverability.


Enterprise: $274.86/month.

    • Allows up to 500,000 monthly transactional emails.
    • Provides 1 dedicated IP address.

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5) SMS

sendpulse pricing

Prices per SMS vary by country. Each country has its corresponding pricing based on the destination’s country code.

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6) Email verification

Email address

Price per month



101 – 1,000


1,001 – 5,000


5,001 – 10,000


10,001 – 50,000


50,001 – 100,000


100,001 – 250,000


250,000 – 500,000


You can also go for the pay-as-you-go option.

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7) Landing page builder

    • Free: Offers a free landing page builder for creating websites. Suitable for personal use or brand advertising.
    • Standard: Priced at $13/year. Recommended if you need payment integration as it allows connecting payment systems for accepting payments on your site. 
    • Pro: Costs $22/year. Enables management of multiple projects on different domains.
    • Enterprise: Starts at $54/year and offers all service benefits along with priority support.

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8) EDU


    • Supports up to 200 students, 1 course, and 1 instructor.
    • Offers 1 GB of file storage, homework assignments, and an LMS platform.


Pro: Priced at $21/month or $252/year (after a 50% discount)

    • Accommodates 1000 students and higher tiers.
    • Allows unlimited courses and up to 10 instructors.
    • Includes 15 GB file storage, API access, personalized course link, and the ability to offer paid courses.

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9) Popups

sendpulse pricing

Basic: Free.

  • Includes features like 10,000 unique visitors per month, 3 projects, and 10 active pop-ups per project.
  • Allows 1 domain per project.


Standard: Priced at $6.40/month.

  • Supports up to 10,000 unique visitors per month and higher tiers.
  • Offers unlimited projects and pop-ups.
  • Allows 10 domains per project and includes features like webhooks, Google Analytics integration, and lead location data.

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10) CRM

sendpulse pricing

Basic: Available for free, with up to 2 sales pipelines and 2 task boards.

  • Allows contact management, deal tracking, and task management within SendPulse’s CRM system.
  • Integrates with websites, telephony (Binotel), and Google Calendar.
  • Offers features like user role settings, SMS campaigns, automated trigger emails, and more.

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Key features missing in SendPulse

    • Limited support: Lack of live customer support and training resources can be problematic, especially if you’re a beginner.
    • Learning curve: The platform’s complex functionality creates a learning curve. Excessive options and a cluttered interface may hinder your user experience.
    • Absence of learning material: Inadequate guidance material makes it harder to navigate the platform, adding to the learning curve and causing frustration.

User reviews

Positive reviews

“I was really impressed with the user interface. It’s so easy to use, even for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of experience with email marketing.” 

Mohamed F.

“Ideal for startups and small businesses, the good service and free quality is unbeatable in terms of price.”

Nish A.

Negative reviews

“Customer supports lies to you repeatedly, and the software is terribly glitchy.”

Lee H.

“While Senpulse appears to be user-friendly, providing additional training and support resources could be beneficial for customers who are new to the product or need additional assistance.”

Markus S.

So that was our detailed breakdown of SendPulse pricing. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, all-in-one customer support solution, take a look at Saufter.

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Key features

    • AI-generated emails: Employ artificial intelligence to create intelligent replies that are automatically composed based on the email content.
    • Seamless omnichannel integration: Enable the use of various platforms, allowing you to effortlessly combine all platforms and oversee your communication from a single location.
    • Collaborative team inbox: Enhance teamwork and communication by permitting multiple team members to access and oversee the identical inbox.
    • Integration of live chat and email: Effortlessly transform live chat discussions into email tickets, guaranteeing that no customer inquiry remains unanswered.
    • Pre-written responses: Establish predefined answers that can be utilized for frequently asked questions and typical problems.
    • Intelligent reports: Gauge the efficiency of your customer interactions and pinpoint areas for enhancement through comprehensive analytics and reports.
    • Seamless eCommerce return & exchange automation: Automatically trigger return or exchange requests for customers.
    • Effortless ticketing framework: Utilize a user-friendly ticketing system to expertly handle customer inquiries and requests.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, SendPulse offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools with flexible pricing plans to suit various needs. We hope the detailed breakdown of SendPulse pricing plans helped you to see if it’s suitable for your business.

Furthermore, if your objective is to streamline your support procedures, Saufter is the ideal choice. Take advantage of a unified ticket dashboard, instant updates, and collaborative functionalities that enhance inquiry handling and ensure prompt responses.

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