10 Best ReverseLogix Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

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Last Updated: May 2024

Did you know that of all the products ordered online at least 30% are returned? Having a returns management platform is vital for your online store.

Even though ReverseLogix is a good option, there are many competitors to it in the market. Have a look at the 10 best ReverseLogix alternatives and competitors and then decide which platform caters to the needs of your company exceptionally.

In this post, we will cover the following

Reasons to look for a ReverseLogix Alternative

  • Integration is not a simple process.
  • High running cost.
  • Deployment in mobile phones (android, iPhone, and iPad) is not possible.
  • No free trial or free version.

ReverseLogix Alternatives: Pricing Comparison

ReverseLogix Alternatives

Price Starts At

Pricing Limitations

SaufterCustom PricingNo automated returns center in the basic plan.
Zap Inventory$25/monthOnly 200 orders/month,
ReturnLogic$300/yearNo free trial and free version.
Ordoro$499/monthThe number of orders is capped at 3000.
Narvar ShipCustom PricingNo free trial and free version.
Returnly$29/monthDifferent priced exchanges are not possible with the basic plan.
Orderhive$95/monthThis plan does not provide sending automated messages to customers to inform them about the return.
AfterShipA free plan is available. The paid plan starts at $9/month.Only 1200 shipments/year. 
MetapackCustom PricingNo free trial and free version.
Loop Returns$59/monthOnly manual return approval.

10 Best ReverseLogix Alternatives

1. Saufter

Saufter is an all-in-one CRM solution for engagement, marketing, and order management. With this tool, you can track all your orders and automate returns.



  • Comes with an in-built portal to automate returns and exchanges. It allows your customers to automatically choose the items they wish to return or exchange, and based on your policies, it enables them to place an exchange order.
  • Automatically detects delays and issues with your customers’ orders and helps you proactively resolve the situation.
  • With Saufter, not only your team but your customers can also download return labels in one click.
  • Timely intervention by a customer support agent during the tracking can earn you a loyal customer for life.
  • Enables you to automatically message happy customers for reviews and unboxing videos.


  • All plans include 3 agents. Extra charges are applicable for additional users.

2. Zap Inventory (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 11 reviews)

Zap Inventory is a ReverseLogix competitor that helps you in managing returns while reducing your processing and logistics costs.

zap inventory
Image Source – https://www.zapinventory.com/


  • You can track both shipments & returns of orders.
  • Track all your returns in real-time.


  • Being cloud-based, it is inappropriate in areas with bad internet.
  • Loading times are a bit of a killer – For established businesses, this could be a bit underwhelming software.

3. ReturnLogic (Overall ratings: 4.8/5⭐, 10 reviews)

ReturnLogic is a return management software that helps you to deliver services to e-commerce sellers. Analyzing the pain points of your return policy assists you to develop a return policy apt for your business.

Image Source – https://www.returnlogic.com/


  • Products undergo a quality check before the return or exchange is accepted.
  • Provides AI-powered restocks updates.
  • Multi-location services are provided.


  • Some reviews state that their navigation does not always work properly.

4. Ordoro (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 9 reviews)

If you are searching for an all-in-one platform for e-commerce Ordoro is the right solution. It provides a complete solution for e-commerce store owners. Paper from return management provides services including order management, drop shipping, analytics, inventory management, etc.

Image Source – https://www.ordoro.com/


  • It’s very easy to set up.
  • The technical support and customer service team are excellent.
  • Enables you to connect all sales channels to manage a seamless fulfillment model.


  • No provision for Custom reporting.
  • Returns management provision from  Pro plan only.
  • Some users report that the UI can be improved.

5. Narvar Ship (Overall ratings: 4.3/5⭐, 8 reviews)

Narvar is a shipping software that helps online businesses to improve the post-purchase customer experience. They help you streamline the process of automation and tracking orders.

Image Source – https://corp.narvar.com/


  • Narvar provides a service that enables orders to be picked up by customers from Concierge stations.
  • You can customize various features like the returns portal.


  • Sometimes order tracking notifications are not received in real-time.

6. Returnly (Overall ratings: 3.8/5⭐, 4 reviews)

Returnly is a returns management platform dedicated to solving the returns problem in eCommerce.

Image Source – https://returnly.com/


  • They offer customer refunds upfront. The business owner need only pay Returnly if and when they receive the returned order in impeccable condition.
  • Returnly Credit enables customers to purchase the correct item before returning the incorrect one.


  • Have to rely on their support team to do any setup with the Shipping carrier. 
  • And also it can be integrated with just one shipping carrier and not multiple.

7. Orderhive (Overall ratings: 3.7/5⭐, 26 reviews)

Orderhive is an e-commerce software solution that offers a range of services including order management, inventory management, retail operation, returns management, etc. This software’s return management platform helps you to automate your brand’s return cycle and thereby improve customer satisfaction.

Image Source – https://www.orderhive.com/returns-management-software.html


  • Let you manage your returns efficiently by reducing your processing and logistics costs.
  • Speedy return approvals, pickup, and transportation processes.
  • Provides real-time tracking status of returns to customers.


  • Some users report there is a constant failure of the webhook and data sync features.
  • Certain integrations do not work properly.
  • Limited reporting features.

8. Aftership (Overall ratings: 3.8/5⭐, 31 reviews)

Aftership is an order tracking and multicarrier integration software wielded by numerous e-commerce companies. It has automation of the shipment tracking process and improves post-purchase customer experience via tracking.

Image Source – https://www.aftership.com/


  • Easy to use, sufficient and friendly to both small and large businesses.
  • Their status updates and tracking page keep the customers engaged. 
  • Helps avoid customer service calls and emails.


  • While Aftership ties up with a lot of carriers, it still struggles to integrate with new systems and carriers.
  • It has been known to face bugs and system crashes during the process of order creation. 
  • There are numerous occasions on which updating the tracking status is delayed. Once the order is picked up, tracking slows down significantly.
  • It does not always provide a delivery date to customers before they place an order. It is largely only provided for tracking purposes.

9. Metapack (Overall ratings: 3.6/5⭐, 6 reviews)

Metapack is a delivery management software that provides automation services for faster order fulfillment.

Image Source – https://www.metapack.com/


  • It allows you to choose a shipping partner based on predetermined cost, delivery, speed, etc.
  • Your customer service agents have access to the latest tracking information so that they can help your customers quickly.


  • It has no automation to handle the shipping exceptions that may arise.
  • The software does not have fully functioning customer support.

10. Loop Returns (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 28 reviews)

Loop Returns is a shipping solution that provides product returns and helps to bring down the rate of returns and convert them into exchanges. It gives you full control over how you pick up the reverse order, how it travels back, and which container is used for reverse shipping.

loop returns
Image Source – https://www.loopreturns.com/


  • Integrations with various third-party platforms are possible.
  • Analytical reports are provided to give insights into returns data to level up brands.
  • It helps to generate automated labels and return documents


  • Return products and exchange products are not labeled separately. 


ReverseLogix alternatives provided above have a lot of common functionality as well as some distinct features. Choose a ReverseLogix competitor that best suits your company’s requirements. If you want a more affordable return management/ automation solution with a wide range of features, Saufter is the way to go. Start your free trial now!



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