7 Best Returns Management Apps for Shopify in 2023

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Last Updated: February 2024

The many tasks involved in managing an eCommerce store are website maintenance, order fulfillment, addressing customer feedback, and more. However, we often forget that one way to increase customer retention and sales is to deliver a pleasant return experience. This is because many occasions arise when a customer doesn’t find the product up to the mark or finds another product from your portfolio much more tempting. In such a scenario, a seamless return experience makes a ton of difference in the customer’s minds. When it comes to Shopify, you’re a step ahead. The platform’s excellent app ecosystem has several returns apps to choose from. Continue reading to find out which are those apps. Also Read: Top 5 Reasons Why Chatbots Fail and How to Prevent Chatbot Failure

7 Best Returns App on Shopify

When there are constant hindrances in a returning process, it drives away customers from your brand. Fortunately, certain apps alleviate this hiccup with ease. Following are some of the best returns apps for Shopify:

1. Rich Returns

Launched in 2019, the Rich Returns app is ideal for small and large businesses. Rich Returns app aims to simplify Shopify returns management by providing facilities like automatic process returns, exchanges, and refunds for your online store. In addition, the app provides a central dashboard that gives you an eagle-eye view of product return requests, refund requests, and other actionable. You can also extract reports from the dashboard like why the products were returned. Price: $9/month

2. Sendcloud

Sendcloud is more than a mere Shopify returns manager. It is one of the most trusted apps for all your shipping solutions. They have partnered with more than 25 carriers, and you have the flexibility to choose the delivery method (same-day delivery, cash on delivery, etc.) of your product as well. In addition, Sendcloud lets you customize your tracking and communication emails with your brand logo giving it a more personalized feel. Price: Free (Essential Pack), $45/month (Small Shop), $99/month (Large Shop), and $199/month (Business)

3. Returnly

You can simplify your Shopify returns management with the help of Returnly. It is one of the more simple apps and helps your customer execute their returns in a simplified user interface. Returnly also comes with features like in-app labels, policy controls, and a robust knowledge center that comprises all faqs for navigating and managing the app with ease. However, take note that this app is available only in the US and Canada. Price: $29/month, 14-day free trial Also Read: Top 5 Hubspot Alternatives and Competitors in 2022

4. Returns Management System

This is one of the best return apps for Shopify as it allows your customer base to return multiple items at once. This will help your brand stand out. Returns Management System also eliminates the need for any support personnel as it allows customers to generate and print prepaid shipping labels. This app also helps you with detailed graphical reports that will assist you in determining the exact reasons for increased returns. Price: $19.99/month, 30-day free trial

5. AfterShip Returns Center

AfterShip-Returns-Center This is the best-rated Shopify returns management app on Shopify. AfterShip returns center allows you to set eligibility rules based on criteria like returns window, non-returnable items, eligible returns per order, ineligible product types and tags, etc. Customers also get the flexibility to choose the carrier of their choice in making a return. The app also intuitively auto-updates the items’ return status and updates the inventory count when the item shipment is received. Price: Free, $9/month (Essential), $29/month (Growth), $99/month (Pro)

6. Return Prime

This Shopify returns manager is one of the best ones in the Shopify store. Return Prime is available in 50 plus countries and 25 plus languages. This makes it a global app, and thus their support team is prompt in resolving discrepancies. In addition, return Prime allows you to define a return and exchange window that gives you better control. For example, you can seamlessly make refunds in gift cards, discount codes, or direct amounts to customers’ cards. Price: Free, $9.99/month (Grow), $49.99/month and $99.99/month

7. PostCo 360

PostCo-360 PostCo 360 is one of the latest Shopify returns management apps for your brand. PostCo 360 app lets you customize your return policies. This, along with instant variant exchanges, automatic store credit, and automatic approval of return requests, makes PostCo 360 a go-to option for your e-store. PostCo 360 is partnered with more than 50 carriers worldwide. If you also have physical stores, you can enable in-store returns. Price: 14-day free trial, $29/month

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