Returnly Vs Loop: Which Is Best For You?

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Last Updated: February 2024

Do you know that 84% of customers with lousy return experiences won’t purchase from the same store again? That’s the reason you should have robust return management software. Well, Returnly and Loop return are two such platforms you can consider. But, among these two, which one is the best?

Return management software allows your customers to quickly return/exchange their products. It even takes the responsibility to give the exact refund amount to your customers. 

Online merchants are usually confused between Returnly and Loop return as they both provide similar services. However, we have curated a comparison between the two software to help you choose the best.

Return/Exchange Features ( Final Winner: Loop return)Rating 5/5

Return Policy Setup

This feature allows you to ask quick questions to your customers regarding the quality of the product before actually refunding it. 

  • Returnly does not allow you to apply your return policy rules.
  • Loop return allows you to easily apply return policies and check the condition of the product before initiating a refund. You can ask questions to your customers as per your choice, for eg. has this item been washed?, has this item been worn?, would you like to donate it?, and so on.

Winner: Loop return

Approve/Reject Return Request

With this feature, you can automatically decide the products that can be refunded and those which can’t. 

  • Returnly does allow you to decide whether a product can be returned or not.
  • Loop has a feature that allows you set the rule for return. This feature can be applied with trigger options. It even allows you to block shady customers from generating a return request. 

Winner: Loop

Branded Experience

This feature allows you to customize the return/exchange portal as per your shop theme. This helps in creating a brand experience for your customers.

  • Returnly allows you to select pre-set themes to match them with your store look.
  • Loop return, on the other hand, has this feature but the themes are limited. 

Winner: Returnly

Green Return

This feature allows you to offer return-less refunds to your customers which reduces fuel consumption.

  • Returnly has a green return feature which allows you to reduce fuel and plastic consumption.
  • Loop return also has a green return option that not only provides a refund for returning the product but it also allows your customers to donate the product.

Winner: Loop Return

Reports (Final Winner: Returnly)

Return Reports

This report provides you with all returned product information that can be used by you to customize your products to reduce the return rate.

  • Returnly provides you with a return report with the topics such as returned items, exchange items, average return value, orders with a return, manual returns, automated returns, and more. All these reports are more relevant as compared to the reports provided by Loop return.
  • Loop return also provides return reports. Some of the reports provided by Loop are return reasons by product, return reasons by SKU, refunds generated, store credit, and many more.

Winner: Loop return

Ordered Report

These reports inform you about the products that have been ordered from your store. 

  • Returnly provides two types of ordered reports that are total numbers of orders from your store and orders that have been returned.
  • Loop return provides only a single order report that is the number of orders placed from your store.

Winner: Returnly

Logistic(Final Winner: Loop return)

Return Destination Setting

With the help of this feature, you can decide the location where you want to drop the returned product. 

  • Returnly does not provide any return destination control. All the items will be shipped back to the same warehouse from where they got delivered.
  • Loop return allows you to control the return destination. With the help of this feature, you can send the returned item to the warehouse that has low stock allowing you to easily manage your inventory.

Winner: Loop return

Control Return Window

With this feature, you can decide the return time within which your customers can apply for a return/exchange.

  • Returnly has pre-set 30 days return window which can not be edited.
  • Loop return on the other hand allows you to easily control the return window time and customize it as per your choice

Winner: Loop return

Analytics(Final Winner: Loop return) Rating 5/5

Customer Satisfaction

This analytics allows you to check how happy your customers are regarding the return/exchange option provided by you.

  • Returnly sends your customers a feedback form after they have applied for a return//exchange. Later it collects all the metrics and shows them to you in a tabular form.
  • Loop return does not provide any customer satisfaction analytics.

Winner: Returnly

Revenue Generated Through App

This feature shows you all the revenue generated by the products that have been exchanged with the help of the app’s recommendation.

  • Returnly does not provide any such analytics.
  • Loop return on the other hand provides a detailed list of profits earned by the product exchange recommendation. 

Winner: Loop return

Return Analytics

This analytics provides you with a detailed overview report of the returned products.

  • Returnly provides limited return product analytics. Some of the metrics are return ratio, average return ratio, revenue returned by months, and more.
  • Loop return provides more analytical reports as compared to Returnly. Some of the return metrics are total revenue pulled from Shopify, total revenue returned through Loop, Retained revenue ratio, and many more,

Winner: Loop return


Now that we have compared all the critical features of Returnly and Loop return we can easily say that Loop return is the winner.  It provides more features such as logistic handling, letting you decide the refund value, better analytics, and many more. 

However, if you are looking for complete e-commerce support software then you should try Saufter. It provides a smooth return and shipment tracking option. Saufter also comes with trigger options with which you can automate your return page. It also has features like email support, phone order tracking, live chat support, dedicated call centers for small businesses, and many more.

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