Returnly Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: May 2024


Wondering which Returnly pricing plan is best for your business? Read this article to first learn about all the features you get with it and compare to see what will work out for you. We know how tiring and time-consuming it is to surf through pages and documents to learn about a software.

Thence we did the required research for you and compiled the following information.

Table of contents:

What is Returnly?

Send the right item to your customers even before they ship out the wrong item back to you. This is what Returnly helps you with. It lets you engage with your customers at the point of return and simultaneously provides them with a smooth self-returns experience.

The Returnly suite consists of tools to handle returns and exchanges, tracking, and analytics.

returnly pricing

In addition to the aforesaid instant shipment, this software also pays for instant exchanges, under the advanced plan. For which, it does not require any payment from the customer. By doing so, you can exceed your customers’ expectations, strengthen brand loyalty, and attract more referral sales.

Look into the types of returns you can offer with this tool.

Types of Returns

  • Returns with Returnly credit
  • Gift returns
  • Instant gift returns
  • Green returns
  • International returns
  • In-store returns

Now you got a basic idea of how Returnly can serve your returns process. To know better, we need to dig deep into the pricing structure and features it offers. Let us proceed towards Returnly pricing breakdown.

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Complete Breakdown of Returnly Pricing Plans

When you go to the pricing page of the Returnly website, you will see two plans mentioned without any numbers next to them. You will find only the available features listed for these plans. And so, here today, we will be comparing only the features of both plans as follows.

returnly pricing

Click on this button here to visit their plans page directly.

1. App

Price: $149/month. This price information is not given on the company website. Yet we found this from the Shopify app page so that it will give you some idea about its pricing structure.

The App plan from Returnly provides you with basic returns/exchanges features required for your Shopify store.

Key Features

  1. Branded Returns Center: Host a fully branded and customizable returns center on your store site.
  2. Automatic Labels: On downloading, the software automatically emails the shipping label to your customer.
  3. Variant Exchanges: Enable your customer to choose an exchange from the available product variants.
  4. Gift Returns & Exchanges: Accept gift returns/exchange easily through the same returns portal.
  5. International Handling: Provide seamless cross-border returns experience through automated labels, customs, multi-currency support, and localized returns centers.
  6. QR USPS Codes: Let your customers enjoy contactless returns at USPS/FedEx outlets by accepting the returned products using a simple QR code scan.
  7. RMA Reporting: Returnly allots a unique Return Merchandise Authorization number for every returns. It also updates the statuses of all the RMAs in an activity log. So your customer support team can access this log to find the status of all the returns.


  • Automatic Refunds: Major setback in this plan is that you cannot process automatic refunds. The only automation available is label generation.
  • Multiple Warehouses: Enabling multiple warehouse locations with this basic App plan is not possible.
  • Custom Carrier Account: Connect with only Returnly’s default shipping carriers including USPS and Canada Post.
  • Integrations: In this basic plan, it is not possible for you to connect any of your third-party tech stacks with Returnly.
  • Analytics: No access to in-depth reports on all returns metrics, except for the RMA log.

This Plan is Good for:

If the basic returns/exchanges tools are sufficient for your business model, then go for this App plan.

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2. Premium

Price: Not disclosed. You need to contact the company to get the demo and quote. We have also included the respective link below, next to the features of this plan.

Under this Returnly Premium plan, you will get more advanced features to capture upsell revenue, reduce returns costs, and boost customer loyalty. This includes all App plan features plus the following.

Key Features

  1. Different Product Exchanges: When you subscribe to the Premium plan, you can offer your customers to exchange for any variant or even a differently priced product.
  2. Automatic Refunds: Set automated workflows to process instant refunds and auto-settlements through the portal and in-store.
  3. Multiple Warehouses: With Returnly, add multiple warehouse locations to process returns.
  4. Custom Carrier Account: Apart from Returnly’s default shipping carriers, you can also integrate your own carrier accounts here.
  5. Buy In-store, Return Online: As the name says, you can accept online returns for the products bought in-store.
  6. Custom Domains: Mapping your custom return center URL is available with this Returnly Premium plan.
  7. Integrations: Combine popular eCommerce tools like Shopify, Gorgias, Bergen Logistics, ShipBob, and more to ease your daily operations.
  8. API Token: Use Returnly API to aggregate, analyze data, and trigger events throughout your customer journey. Your developers can access the Returnly API documentation here.

Additionally, there are some add-ons available with the Premium plan. We are guessing that these could be for some extra charges. Please clarify this info with the company when you contact them. Let us look into those features here.

Premium Plan Add-ons

  1. Instant Credit: With this instant feature, your shoppers can get the right item even before sending the wrong item.
  2. Instant Exchanges: Offer instant exchanges to your customers where Returnly pays 100% for the exchange and your shoppers need not pay.
  3. Green Returns: Reduce the cost of returns by letting your customers keep the items that cannot be sold again. For example, beauty products, intimate or swimwear, etc.
  4. In-store Returns: This feature connects your in-store and online store to enable easy, convenient, and contactless returns across channels.
  5. International Returns: In addition to the automated international handling, give instant Returnly credits even to your worldwide customers on initiation of returns.
  6. Custom Integration: Build a custom returns stack using Returnly API and ensure consistency across systems.

This Plan is Good for:

All the advanced returns/exchanges features required to meet your globalized business needs are in this plan.

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Returnly Pricing Plans Feature Comparison Table

Branded Returns Center
Automatic Labels
Variant Exchanges
Gift Returns/Exchanges
International Handling
RMA Reporting
Different Product Exchanges🗙
Automatic Refunds🗙
Multiple  Warehouses🗙
Custom Carrier Account🗙
Buy In-store, Return Online🗙
Custom Domains🗙
API Token🗙
Add-ons With The Premium Plan
Instant Credit🗙
Instant Exchanges🗙
Green Returns🗙
In-store Returns🗙
International Returns🗙
Custom Integrations🗙

Let us now check out the Returnly user reviews to understand their personal experiences with this software. Thus you will get more insight to help in your decision-making.

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Returnly User Reviews

Positive Reviews

I like the easy flow that our customers move through when setting up a Return or Exchange. The visuals are beneficial for the customer to determine which order and/or item they want to return/exchange. I also love the idea of the Instant Credit option when setting up returns, as Instant Credit allows us to win back a customer. Returnly has increased customer satisfaction as they receive that new item quicker and then can send their original item back without an intense amount of pressure.” – a Customer Experience Trainer, mid-market.

automated and easy for customers to process on own.” – a verified user in consumer goods, mid-market.

I like that we can process the refund for the customer if it is within the 30 days try-on time.” – a Customer Experience Manager, mid-market.

It was an improvement to our returns/exchanges process and allowed customers to initiate their own return/exchange in a self-service kind of way. The setup was pretty easy, and the support got back to you quickly when facing any issues.” – a verified user from Apparel & Fashion industry, small business.

Negative Reviews

The process was occasionally confusing for customers, and the analytics tools didn’t provide easy logistics for us to compare. It wasn’t as straightforward and seamless as we hoped it would be.” – a verified user from Apparel & Fashion industry, small business.

As this is a newer tool, there is still room for development. It would also be nice for our customers to have the ability to choose a different shade or style during the exchange process.” – a Customer Experience Trainer, mid-market.

Overall great, but some issues. emails would send to customers and you did not have the option not to send.” – a verified user in consumer goods, mid-market.

I dislike the fact that I have to rely on thier support team to do any setup with Shipping carrier. And also it can be integrated with just one shipping carrier, and not multiple.” – Business Analyst, Apparel & Fashion, mid-market.

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Were You Able to Choose the Best Plan?

With all these detailed breakdown of Returnly pricing plans, features, and comparison table information, we are sure you will be able to decide on the right plan for your business. Or if you are still not sure, let us help you with that by suggesting an overall eCommerce helpdesk software.

Saufter provides you with the best of automated returns solutions that ease your returns process. With it, you get an in-built branded self-returns/exchanges portal which also allows your customers to make any order changes by themselves. Integrate this software seamlessly with multiple eCommerce stores including Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce with just a click.

Implement Saufter’s anti-refund strategies to reduce the returns rate by prompting best deals and discounts during returns initiation. This is the only helpdesk that auto-detects delays and issues with all your orders and notifies you to proactively resolve the situation. These are just a part of the whole platter this software offers.

Therefore, we say Saufter is the best and most affordable Returnly alternative.



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