Return Prime Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

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Last Updated: July 2024

Did you decide to use Return Prime for your online business but are confused about its different pricing plans? Then you can read this article that breaks down its pricing plans completely. However, if you are in a hurry, you can quickly glance at the Return Prime pricing comparison table. Also, we have added user reviews to help you better understand the software. 

Table of contents:

What Is Return Prime?


Return Prime is an exchange and return management app that allows you to consolidate your business by simplifying the exchange/return process. Consequently, the app provides you below features. 

First, Return prime has a powerful dashboard that captures all exchange and returns data. Next, your customers can generate an exchange/return request by entering their registered email and order number. Then, it sends you email notifications that allow you to accept or reject that request. 

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Overview of Return Prime Pricing Plans


Return prime pricing plans suit merchants of different sizes. Consequently,  all pricing plans provide the same features varying based on merchant customer request volumes.

Therefore, Return Prime uses tiered pricing based on your usage. According to the developers, it helps them to understand your business operations. In return,  it justifies your investment in Return Prime. The developers of Return Prime ensure every penny you invest provides the best returns to you.

Following the tiered approach, Return Prime has three plans  – Start, Grow, and Scale. Based on your business size and process, you can select one that suits you best. Further clarification is provided based on the detailed breakdown of each pricing plan that follows next.

Detailed Breakdown Of Return Prime Pricing Plans

1. Start

This plan is free forever.  Do you want to check Return Prime’s features but hesitate to pay for a premium plan? Then you can use this plan to get accustomed to Return Prime’s innovative order exchange/return management features.


  • Customizable user journey: This feature provides a set of sub-features. First, it provides a customizable language for local translations. Next, it allows you to add a brand logo and customize the color of that logo.
  • Powerful dashboard: You get a powerful dashboard that you can use to handle all exchange and return requests efficiently. Consequently, it allows you to view a customer’s purchase history for a particular order and manage it. 
  • Placing return requests: A customer can enter his order number and email address to search for a related line item from a certain order. Consequently, a customer can select to exchange or return eligible products.
  • Support for logistics Partners: Return Price integrates with multiple logistics partners to manage return logistics.


  • Single-user Journey: This plan allows you to manage a single user’s journey.
  • Limited dashboard features:  Only allows you to manage customer requests.
  • Single logistics partner support: You can select one logistics.
  • No automation support: The software does not support any automation features.

This Plan is Best For:

You can check out this plan if you want to experience Return Prime features before investing. This plan will help you to get used to customer exchange/return management software.

2. Grow

The Grow plan costs $19.99 per month. As expected, this plan provides more features than the Start plan. Hence by purchasing this plan, you unlock all benefits of the Start plan plus some extra ones.


  • Customized user journey: This plan lets you map your customer’s purchase journey. From purchases to returns, the app tracks steps customers take and notifies you of each process.
  • Enhanced dashboard feature: You can now utilize the dashboard to view multiple customer requests at a time. This plan allows you to track and manage multiple customer requests, unlike the Start plan.
  • 24/7 live support: Grow plan allows you to support your customers 24/7 through live chat. This feature allows you to address customer issues anytime. 
  • More refund options: You can provide refunds in Shopify store credit and Gift cards.
  • Product Exchange feature: You can allow customers to exchange faulty products.


  • Additional charges after 60 users: The Grow plan allows you to handle 60 users per month. After that, you need to pay an additional $0.49 per month for each user.
  • Restriction on logistics: Grow plan restricts you to two logistics partners.
  • Only two refund options: Shopify credits and Gift cards.
  • No omnichannel support: This plan does not provide other ways of supporting customers. You can use the live chat feature on the dashboard only.
  • No automation: The dashboard has no automation support.

This Plan is Best For: 

As the name suggests, this plan is good for you if you are a mid-sized online merchant who handles 50-60 customer return requests per month. Furthermore, this plan is adaptable but charges an extra subscription fee for each request. 

3. Scale

This is Return Prime’s top plan, whose price varies according to your business needs. As a result, you get all the features of the software. The features of this plan are listed below.


This plan includes all the benefits of Grow Plus and: 

  • Unlimited user journey mapping: Unlike the previous Grow plan, you can manage more than 60 requests.
  • Advanced Analytics supports: You can use Advanced analytics in the dashboard to analyze your customer return/exchange processes.
  • 24/7 omnichannel support: You can provide 24/7 omnichannel support through live chat, email, social media, sms, and telephone support.
  • Automation support: Return Prime automates customer return/exchange resolution issues.
  • More Refund options: In addition to Shopify store credits and gift cards, this plan allows you to refund via bank checks, internet banking, and mobile payment apps.
  • Expert support: You get access to a merchant success manager through Return Prime..
  • Logistics support: Now you get all logistics partners supported by the app.
  • Beta testing: You get early release versions of the apps and can test the newest features before other users.


  • No free demo: This plan does not provide a free demo.
  • Beta App crash: There can be bugs in the beta release of this app. Consequently, you can face unwanted problems and unexpected crashes.

This Plan is Best for:

Entrepreneurs who handle high customer returns/exchange requests. So, if you have a large organization with a high budget, then go for this plan.

Return Prime Plans Feature Comparison

PriceFree$19.99 per monthNot Mentioned
User support12Unlimited
logistics support1225+
Refund optionsStore credit onlyStore credit and gift cardMultiple options
Number of requests560 then $0.49 per additional requestUnlimited
Advanced AnalyticsNoNoYes
Product exchangeNoYesYes
Product exchange featureNoYesYes
24/7 Live chat supportNo YesYes
Omnichannel supportNo NoYes
Merchant success manager accessNoNoYes
Early Beta accessNoNoYes
Automation supportNoNoYes

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Key Features Missing In Return Prime:

1) KPI metrics

Key performance metrics indicate your business’s success. Some examples of KPIs are the Net promoter score, Customer lifetime value, and Customer health score. Return Prime does not show these metrics. 

2) Multi-Currency Options

This feature allows you to initiate a refund in a customer’s native currency. As mentioned, in the first two plans, Return Prime allows refunds through gift cards and Shopify store credits. Only their top plan allows refunds in US Dollars. 

3) Lack Of Cloud Support

Return Prime does not have native cloud support. RapidScale claims that 94% of businesses achieved increased security using the cloud. Therefore your sensitive data related to customer orders and returns are less secure with Return Prime.

User Reviews

Now that you have a clear idea of all the Return Prime pricing plans, let’s look at the app’s user reviews.

Positive Reviews

Great app for returns and exchanges. Also, the team was very supportive.”-Lakshita

Great app for returns and exchanges, easy to navigate, responsive support. Thank you very much for the app! It helps a lot.”-Crooked Howlet Designs

Negative Reviews

Wish the developer was transparent with pricing. The app is advertised on the store as being Free. However, it is not free once you download, anything over 5 return tickets cost.”-Soueur Co

When a customer returns multiple items (which happens all too frequently), we need to process individual refunds for each item, which is annoying for both us and our customers.”-Retrogression



As discussed above, a detailed breakdown of different Return Prime pricing plans may help you select a suitable plan. Otherwise, go for another better customer return/exchange management software like Saufter. 

Saufter provides efficient return management solutions that reduce product refunds. Let’s check out some of its unique return features:

  • Automated Self-Help Portal: You will be happy to realize that Saufter is the only return software having an automated self-help portal to perform exchanges and returns. 
  • Intelligent Anti-Refund Strategy: Saufter has an intelligent anti-refund embedded AI algorithm that offers attractive deals to your customers based on their return needs.
  • Instant return label generation: The software instantly processes a customer’s return request and allows them to download the return label in a single click.

Finally, you get six months of free credits by applying a promo code. Thus Saufter is the best and most affordable Return Prime alternative.

So without further ado, you can start your free trial by clicking here.



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