8 Return Policy Examples Worth Copying In 2024!

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Last Updated: April 2024

Data suggest that at least 30% of products are returned by online shoppers.

So you should create a return policy if your ecommerce store does not have one already. A return policy outlines the terms and conditions under which your customers can return or exchange the products they have purchased from your online store, protecting you from fraud.

But the question is – should you copy another brand’s return policy? Well, we do not suggest copying another policy. You should create one customized as per your products and customers.

However, we can take a little inspiration from the best ecommerce return policies listed in this post.


Knix is a popular women’s intimate apparel brand based in Canada. The motto of the brand is to create comfortable underwear products for all body types and encourage women to live unapologetically free from judgment and self-doubt. 


Here’s why Knix’s returns and exchanges policy is worthy of copying:

  • Simple and clear: Knix has a single-page informative returns and exchanges policy. It’s informative and clearly conveys what products customers can return or exchange and what they can not. They offer a 30-day return window for most products and have a dedicated holiday return policy as well.
  • Easy to initiate a return request: Customers can easily initiate a return or exchange request directly through the return policy page. They just ask customers to insert the order number and shipping code to get started.
  • In-store returns: Knix customers can return online purchased products to any nearest Knix store. 


Mizzen + Main

Founded in 2012, Mizzen + Main is a men’s apparel brand that creates comfortable clothes by combining performance fabrics with modern silhouettes. The brand designs clothes to fit the customer’s lifestyle and combines performance with comfort and style.


Here’s why Mizzen and Main return policy is worth copying:

  • Short and clear: Mizzen and Main have a short and to-the-point return policy that conveys many pieces of information within a few sentences.
  • Free return shipping: They offer free return shipping and convey it in the first sentence of the policy.
  • Extended exchange period: They offer a 90-day exchange policy along with a basic 30-day return policy. This encourages exchanges, saving generated revenue and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Extended return period for Holidays: Mizzen + Main puts its customers first. That is why they offer an extended return window for the products purchased during holidays.



Brooklinen is a Canadian company that sells luxury bed sheets, comforters, blankets, and other home essentials. The brand’s mission is to deliver simple, beautiful, and high-quality products at fair prices. 


Here’s why Brooklinen’s return policy is worthy of copying:

  • Short and sweet: They have explained the key information and conditions within a few sentences.
  • 365-day return period: Brooklinen offers a 365-day return window on most of its products. This is possible because they mostly sell home essentials.
  • Easy to start a request: Customers can initiate a return or exchange request directly through the return policy page by entering the order number and shipping code.
  • Free returns shipping: As Brooklinen is based in Canada, it offers free returns shipping in the USA and CA.



One of the oldest and most popular American companies for outdoor clothing, Patagonia was founded in 1973. The company operates stores in 10+ countries and has factories in 16+ countries. Patagonia’s mission is to create the best products while causing no harm to the environment. They are moving toward 100% renewable and recycled raw materials.

Why Patagonia’s Return policy is worthy of copying:

  • Informative and to the point: Patagonia’s return policy is short and informative at the same time. They have mentioned the key return conditions and information in a brief and have mentioned links to explore relevant information in detail.
  • Self-service portal: The returns page offers a variety of options to initiate and return or exchange requests. They also have many helpful articles to guide the customers through the return process.
  • Option to repair: Customers can get their products repaired online or by bringing them to the nearest Patagonia-owned stores.



Baseballism is an American lifestyle brand known for its unique clothing and accessories. As the name suggests, the brand’s mission is to cultivate an off-the-field passion for the baseball sport. Baseballism often collaborates with sports clubs and sportsmen to create co-branded products.

Furthermore, the brand has a loyal community of customers and is focused on providing a top-notch experience through its high-quality products and policies.

Here’s why the Baseballism return policy is worthy of copying:

  • Attention-grabbing visual: The Baseballism return policy starts with a visual (mentioned above) that conveys the key terms and features of the policy, winning the trust of the customers.
  • Lifetime return window: Baseballism has built a community of loyal customers, maybe that is why it accepts returns regardless of the date of purchase.
  • Clear terms: Baseballism clearly conveys that they do not offer free return shipping for international customers. Additionally, they clearly specify the time it can take to process refunds.
  • Incentivize exchanges: They present customers with 2 options – either take a refund or use the value with bonus credit to buy something new. This policy helped Baseballism generate $10000 extra in upsells.



Mejuri is a Canadian brand that sells affordable everyday fine jewelry for men and women. The brand sells a variety of fine jewelry online and in-store at various locations in the US, Canada, and the UK. Their mission is to redefine everyday fine jewelry, helping customers express their style and values.

Here’s why Mejuri return policy is worthy of coping: 

  • FAQ style page: Mejuri has explained its return policy using FAQs (as shown in the above image), making it easy to navigate and understand.
  • Well-structured information: They have structured the information very well. It’s clearly mentioned what can be returned, what the return period is, and more.
  • Easy return process: Customers can initiate returns by just entering the order number and email.



If you sell furniture or related durable products, you should take a look at Floyd’s return policy. Floyd is an American brand known for its furniture and mattresses. They manufacture a variety of home furniture goods in the US, China, and Mexico.

Accepting returns and exchanges for furniture can be hard due to product size and restocking costs.

Floyd Return Policy

But Floyd’s policy is a great example of an ecommerce furniture return policy. Here’s why:

  • 10% restocking fee: Floyd charges 10% of the product price to cover returns shipping and restocking costs. It is viable to charge a fee if you sell durable products like home furniture.
  • Steps to initiate returns: A step-by-step guide can be easily found on Floyd’s website FAQs page on how to initiate a return.
  • Easy return process: Customers just need to insert their email and order number to start the return process. 



Founded in 2011, Cuyana is an American company that sells women’s premium essentials including bags, clothing, small leather goods, and other accessories. Their mission is to provide fewer, better, easy-to-style wardrobes for women so their customers can focus more on what they love.

Cuyana Returns Policy

Cuyana has a customer-friendly and transparent returns policy. Here’s why it is worthy of copying:

  • Dedicated holiday return policy: Products bought or gifted from Nov 1 to Dec 31 2022 can be returned on or before 31st Jan 2023.
  • One-click return process: Customers can create returns by just inserting the order id and postal code.
  • Sustainable: Cuyana accepts domestic returns to local “return bars” nearest to customers. Thanks to local return bars, customers are not asked to repack or ship the products, making the return process sustainable and cost-effective. The only con is that they have to depend on a third-party company with a large return bars network.


Get An Automated Returns Management Software

Creating a return policy is not enough to manage the returns efficiently. You should invest in returns management software.

That’s because manually handling the returns process can also be overwhelming for you and your customers. It can not only lead to confusion and errors, but your customers will also feel overwhelmed as they would need to contact you every time they need to create a return request.

Helplama Helpdesk - Automated Returns Software

If you noticed, the returns of most brands listed in this post are powered by returns management software. So you should definitely use a good automated returns software like Saufter to streamline the returns process.

Here are some key features of the tool:

  • Self-service portal: Empower your customer to create a return/exchange request on their own.
  • Entire customer history: View the entire history on a single screen – every order, every interaction.
  • Order modifications: Allow customers to modify orders before they are processed to avoid unnecessary cancellations and returns.
  • Anti-refund strategies: Implement anti-refund strategies (issuing store credit, encouraging exchanges, etc.) to protect the revenue generated.
  • Track return metrics: A dedicated dashboard to track and analyze return rate, exchange rate, refund rate, customer satisfaction, and more.

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