How to Respond to Comments on Social Media

Last Updated: February 2024

As the market scenario is becoming more customer-centric, it has become more important to respond to comments on your social media handle. According to a report, companies that respond to their customers’ comments and reviews acquire 49% more money as compared to those that don’t.

Replying to comments makes the customers feel that personal attention is given to them and they tend to stick with your brand for longer.

If you are looking for the perfect way to reply to your customers, then we have worked out for you and listed down a few steps for the perfect tone:

Benefits of responding to comments on social media.

One of the benefits of responding to your clients is that it will help you build a brand community of loyal customers. They tend to stick for a longer duration and also promote your product through word-of-mouth marketing.

Replying to comments also increases your page engagement which results in better reach to customers.

Giving empathy to negative comments and assuring them of a solution helps those customers reading comments to gain more trust in your brand.

Steps for crafting the perfect social media response.

Take your time to understand the context

According to a report, 83% of customers expect a response time of less than 24hrs. Though, it’s important to reply swiftly but not too quickly as that will make you miss out on major information.

Making a plan and then responding to the customer is important, as that will ensure that all the desired information that must be delivered to the customer is displayed to them.

For Example:

Steps to draft a comment on social media

Here the admin could have just replied “Yes!/No!” but instead they made sure that the customer received all the information about the product by adding an important link.

Guidelines to follow for crafting a response:

Once you have collected all the desired information, the next step is to read their tone (positive, negative, neutral) and then respond accordingly.

These are some of the important points to keep in mind before drafting a response:

Product review

  • Always answer the question clearly and with a confident tone
  • Be ready with another set of answers if the customer replies back

Positive Review

  • Thank the customer 
  • Ask them to let you know the results of the product
  • State that you are with them if they face any difficulty in the future.

For Example:

how to respond to a positive comment

How to respond to a positive comment

Negative Review

  • Empathize with the customer
  • Accept their feedback and acknowledge them with a resolution.
  • If the problem still exists then direct them to your Customer care/Knowledge base.
  • Do not argue with them.

For example:

How to handle a negative comment

Neutral comments

These are the comments that help you show your brand quality and how quirky you can be. These comments usually target topics like Animal welfare, Environment friendly, Diverse culture, and many more.

Thus replying to them creates your brand image and also tells how you are contributing to society.

For Example:

Example of a neutral comment

In this post, McDonald used 2 kittens for their product marketing and further made sure that both of them are adopted. This circulates the message that McDonald’s is working toward animal welfare.

Don’t Delete comments

No matter how negative the comment is, never delete it. This will result in more heated comments coming your way. Instead, make sure that you take the necessary steps to solve their problem.

Create a ticket if the problem isn’t resolved. 

Sometimes the problem could be a bit technical and that’s when directing your customers to customer support is the best option. Not just technical, if the issue is not in your expertise then you should redirect them to customer support.

For Example:

How to direct a customer to customer support

Follow up with your customer support team.

Issuing a ticket should not be your only task if you are looking for more personalized service. Make sure that the issue is resolved and that a call/email is sent to them.

Once the issue is resolved make sure that you tag them in the same comments and inform them to check their inbox. This not only helps you give personalized service but also ensures that other readers get to know about your quick service.

If the issue is not technical (as mentioned in the above question) then you could even ask for an answer from the customer support team. This way you can answer on your own if a similar issue occurs, resulting in 1 less ticket.


Replying to comments on social media helps you create relationships with clients resulting in a community. You can even use your positive comments/reviews on your social media to build trust among new customers.

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