Why Customer Service Should Be at the Core of Your Growth Strategy?

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Last Updated: February 2024

As the adoption of digital channels has skyrocketed, businesses that take time to listen to their customer’s needs and wants will be the ones to survive. However, when a brand is not meeting customers’ expectations, they may start feeling undervalued and quickly switch. That’s why you need a solid customer service strategy that aims to enhance your branding efforts and creates a connection with your customers

Still not convinced? Let’s look at the top reasons you need to put customer service at the top of your growth strategy. 

7 Undeniable Reasons How Customer Service Can Enhance Your Business Growth

Investing in customer service may feel overwhelming, but it can help you strengthen your relationship with existing customers. By convincing your prospects to interact with your brand, you increase the engagement rates and add value to the brand.  

1. Customer Service Helps In Increasing Customer Satisfaction

A recent survey states that over 33% of customers are ready to switch to other brands due to unsatisfactory customer service (Oberlo). This means that efficient support and timely services play a significant role in increasing revenue and boosting sales. 

If your customer satisfaction rates are high, users are more likely to stay loyal to your brand and even recommend your business to potential users. In addition, with a strong support strategy, you can promptly address your user’s problems, provide them with suitable solutions, and enhance their experience. 

2. You Build a Positive Brand Reputation

Many companies spend quite a fortune on building a favorable brand reputation. However, they ignore a fundamental aspect of brand building: customer service. Studies show that good customer service can turn a whopping 86% of one-time customers into devoting brand consumers (HelpScout). Clearly, this indicates that your consumer support team is more in control of your brand perception than you know. 

Since users directly speak to your support team, they bear the responsibility of representing your brand. From responding on social media channels to replying to emails, providing friendly services is essential for the growth of your brand. They influence your user’s purchase decisions and convince them about the strong suits of your brand. 

3. It Plays a Critical Role In Customer Journey

A recent report shows that 70% of customer journeys revolve around how they are treated (McKinsey).

A customer journey includes all the interactions before, during, and after a user purchases a product or service. When users get inconsistent support, they may feel frustrated and can even sever ties with your brand. Your customer support team will ensure that your consumers are happy with all the touchpoints and help you shape your user’s view of the business. 

4. Increases Profitability

It may be surprising to hear this, but 50% of customers increase their purchasing due to positive experiences with the brands (Hubspot). So when you turn a blind eye to your customer’s needs, you are cutting short your revenues. 

Here’s how consistent Customer Service can help you enhance profitability:

  • Ensuring efficient customer support helps in reducing customer retention costs. 
  • Enhancing the customer experience. Happy customers are more likely to refer others and bring in more business. 
  • Reduce churn rates and increase engagement rates.

5. You will Spot Need for Improvement

No company can grow unless it evolves continuously. Since the main aim of customer service is to address user’s problems and encourage feedback, you will be aware of areas of improvement so you can tailor your offerings according to their needs. 

By asking for feedback and considering their opinions, you create a stronger relationship and also helps in gaining valuable brand ambassadors. Furthermore, customer surveys and feedback are reliable sources of objective data to help you make informed business decisions

6. Friendly & Timely Customer Service Helps You Stand Out

Modern consumers have high expectations from brands. They want to transact with reliable businesses and provide them with the proper support at the right time.  But only fewer brands can deliver on their promise.

In this brutally competitive world, a good product is not the only factor that will get you far. However, if you add superior service to the equation, the value of your product automatically increases. Moreover, research shows that customers are ready to pay more with delightful customer service (Smart Customer Service). Hence, if you want to stand out, you need to invest in turning your customer service into your strongest suit. 

7. Customer Service Help In Building Customer Experience

In a nutshell, customer experience is everything that can help your business takeoff. Customer  If you are not doing your best on this front, you are in danger territory. CX is the one thing that drives consumer loyalty and includes all the consumer interactions with a brand. Since your support team handles most user interactions, you need to make sure that you have a proactive customer service strategy for the best results. 


The bottom line is that the top companies are the ones that focus on strengthening their relationship with customers and view customer service as a successful ROI tool rather than an inescapable cost. Now that you have realized it can impact your business, it is time to take action and start working on improving it. 

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