ProProfs Knowledge Base Pricing, Features, Reviews

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ProProfs Knowledge Base Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]

Last Updated: April 2024

Are you looking for comprehensive information about ProProfs Knowledge Base? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete breakdown of ProProfs Knowledge Base pricing, features, and reviews

With an average user ratings of above 4.5/5, ProProfs Knowledge Base is a leading knowledge management solution that can revolutionize your organization’s knowledge-sharing and support processes. Let’s dive in and explore its pricing plans, powerful features, and user insights.

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What is ProProfs Knowledge Base?

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As the name itself suggests, ProProfs Knowledge Base is a knowledge management software that helps you organize and share information within your organization and with your customers. That means, you can create both public and private knowledge bases.

It has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features that allow you to create comprehensive articles, FAQs, and documentation. Both your team and customers can access them 24/7.

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Overview of ProProfs KB Pricing

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When it comes to pricing, ProProfs Knowledge Base offers one simple plan for all the needs of your business. You can pay for it annually or monthly

Moreover, you may try the plan’s features and capabilities for free for 15 days. It also provides you with an option to schedule a demo by simply registering.

Whether you’re a small team or a large enterprise, you don’t have a choice but to choose this one plan. Now that you get an overview of ProProfs Knowledge Base pricing details, let’s get into the complete breakdown of the plan.

Complete Breakdown of ProProfs Knowledge Base Pricing Plan

The ProProfs Knowledge Base pricing plan is known as the “Monthly Plan” or “Annual Plan”, depending on your billing cycle. The Monthly Plan charges $79/author per month, while the Annual Plan charges $49/author per month, equivalent to $588 per year. By choosing the Annual Plan, you can enjoy cost savings of 38%

Now, let’s explore the features that come with this pricing plan.


  • Unlimited Pages & Views: A Page is an article with a unique URL. You can create and publish an unlimited number of articles. On the other hand, unlimited Views indicate that there is no limit to the number of visitors who can refer to your public knowledge base.
  • Unlimited Users & Groups: Users are members of your team who can log into your knowledge base. They can view the content as per their assigned groups. You can create unlimited groups and provide access to unlimited users.
  • Revision History: Keep track of changes and revisions made to articles with version control. This allows you to compare different page versions and revert to previous versions if needed. 
  • Analytics and Insights: Gain valuable insights into knowledge base usage, article performance, and user engagement through comprehensive analytics and reporting features.
  • Custom Branding: Personalize your knowledge base by adding your company’s branding elements, including logos, brand names, colors, and themes. Also, you may use the power of custom CSS to better design your help site.
  • Integration Options: Seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms, such as CRM systems or customer support software. 
  • User Roles and Permissions: Assign different roles and permissions, like editor, viewer, and administrator, to users within your knowledge base, ensuring controlled access and security. 
  • Multilingual Support: Reach a global audience by creating and managing your help site in 60+ languages, enabling effective knowledge sharing across diverse user groups.
  • Unlimited Knowledge Base: Build multiple manuals, knowledge bases, and help sites, each with its own separate domain.
  • Public or Private: Create a public help center, documentation, and manuals for your customers. Additionally, set up private help sites that offer limited access. You can protect these sites with passwords or use your own authentication services.
  • Templates: Use the collection of professional templates for help sites and pages to quickly generate a visually appealing knowledge base.
  • Mobile & Tablet: Optimize your help sites for tablets and mobile devices.
  • Version Control: Generate different versions of your site and switch between them effortlessly. Also, revert back to a previous version whenever you need to.
  • Advanced Editor: With the WYSIWYG editor, easily write, edit, publish, customize, and add images and videos to your content.
  • Conditional Content: Set conditions and rules to control the visibility of your content with parameters, such as user groups, URL, and viewing device.
  • Vault: Stores all your deleted articles so you can recover them anytime you need.
  • Ticket Forms & Deflector: Include a ticket form within your articles to allow your customers to generate a request for unresolved issues. Furthermore, you may deflect the tickets by recommending relevant articles right in the ticket form.
  • Security: Get complete data ownership with custom licensing. So, you can access any report and transfer ownership as needed. Moreover, you get the ability to safeguard any sensitive information with SSL encryption and protect your help site by setting IP restrictions.
  • Help Widget: Add the Help widget to your site and directly display relevant articles.
  • Import & Export: Import your help sites from Frame Maker, Madcap Flare, Adobe RoboHelp, etc. ProProfs also supports native formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, HTML, CHM, and EPUB.
  • API, SSO, SAML, JWT: Connect with other platforms using API integration. Plus, allow your users to access multiple systems with a single set of credentials by setting up SSO. Furthermore, leverage SAML and JWT for user authentication and to enhance your data security.
  • Content Snippets: Using the topic sharing feature, write a snippet or a topic once and then update it across your help site with one click.
  • Tooltips, Lightboxes & Pop-ups: Assist your customers with a helpful “learn more” pop-up or an informative “what’s this” lightbox and tooltip. Your authors can update these elements whenever necessary.
  • Workflow & Comments: Streamline your workflow by assigning status to articles, such as ready for review, draft, and in progress. With internal comments, let users collaborate with each other.
  • Dedicated Manager: Provides a dedicated onboarding manager to help you with your queries about the usage of the software.


  • Limited Authors: If your business needs more than 3 authors, then, you should talk and get approval with the ProProfs team.
  • Custom Doman & White Label: In order to attain a custom domain and URL for your help site and to remove the label “Powered by ProProfs”, you need to pay $300/year.

This Plan is Good For:

The Monthly or Annual pricing plan is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses that need an affordable knowledge base solution without compromising on essential features. ProProfs KB is a cost-effective option for organizations with limited budgets.

Key Features Missing in ProProfs Knowledge Base

While ProProfs Knowledge Base offers a range of features, there are a few key features that are currently missing:

1) Workflow Automation

The platform does not provide robust workflow automation features, such as task assignment, approval processes, and notifications. These features streamline content creation and review processes, saving time and improving collaboration.

Note that 90% of knowledge workers experienced improved job conditions as a result of automation, with 66% reporting increased productivity.

2) Gamification and User Engagement

There are no built-in gamification elements or user engagement features in ProProfs Knowledge Base. Gamification can incentivize user participation, increase knowledge retention, and enhance the overall user experience. 

As per research, gamifying your website boosts browsing time by 30%. Furthermore, 81% of the respondents reported that gamified activities increase their sense of belonging.

3) Social Collaboration

The software does not provide social collaboration features, such as discussion forums, end-user commenting, or collaborative editing, which can enhance knowledge sharing and foster a sense of community among end-users.

Considering these missing features and their impact on your specific needs and goals will help you make an informed decision when evaluating ProProfs Knowledge Base. To help you further in your decision-making, we are providing user reviews.

User Reviews

Some of the tool’s features that I cannot help but fall in love with everything I use them, are its best practice templates, customizations, robust reporting, and the sheer ease of use it provides. if you are looking for knowledge base software for your project then I would suggest go with it is the best software in market at affordable price” – Saurabh A., SEO Expert.

Workflow approvals could use improvement. Tooltips, lightboxes & pop-ups require involvement from our development team. ProProfs Knowledgebase had the most value, flexibility and advanced features for the price.” – Verified Reviewer

For knowledge-sharing and documenting within our smallish (30+) team, this fit the bill for ease of use, as well as being very affordable. I compared many other similar software packages, this was the only one that gave editor rights to so many users for such a reasonable cost. I love wiki software, but the open-source standard “wiki” software has a learning curve to get a handle on formatting, linking etc. Avoid all that hassle by choosing ProProfs.” – Trever E., Creative Solutions Manager.


By considering ProProfs Knowledge Base pricing, features, and user reviews, you can determine if ProProfs Knowledge Base aligns with your organization’s needs and goals.

If you wish to go for better knowledge management software that offers custom pricing, then you should consider Saufter. Its self-service portal and knowledge base features will definitely help you deliver a better customer experience.

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