10 Best Product Video Apps for Shopify in 2023

The eCommerce world can get very competitive. To lead your category on Shopify amidst competitors, you will have to optimize your store’s conversion rate. One of the ways you can achieve this is by using product videos in your store. Videos have proven to be the most effective way to advertise products to reach new visitors on various channels.

With numerous apps for creating product videos on the Shopify store available online, it can get overwhelming to pick one for yourself. Every app has specific features that make it efficient for your marketing requirements. Comparing those features, we have compiled a list of Shopify video apps with the best ratings in this post.

Top Rated Shopify Video Apps for Your Store

Editing and creating videos are not simple tasks. They need expertise, and not every store owner has the skills or the time to work from scratch. Here is where applications that create product videos for you come in. Find some of the top-rated apps on the Shopify store and their key features below:

1. Vimeo Create – Video Maker

4.5/5 (671 ratings)

FREE (Premium membership is also available)

Vimeo is a product video creator that uses existing images and text to generate videos and thus requires no video experience. The high-quality videos increase the conversion rate.

There are 3000+ templates offered with access to 30+ million photos, videos, and songs. Further, Vimeo comes with secure cloud storage for users to manage all videos in one place.

Users can also download and share the created video as an ad on social media/sites and drive sales. Vimeo offers easy analytics for users to track video performance. Premium users get access to a “Brand kit.” Users can customize product videos according to their brand by adding their logos as watermarks to the videos.

2. Promo Video Maker – Promo.com

4.7/5 (957 ratings)


Promo creates Shopify product videos that are powerful and engaging with automated video creation. You only need to select the type of video you want and the product images/clips to create a video, requiring little effort from your side.

The app pulls existing footage and images from your store to create an optimized video and makes new product videos in minutes. You can publish your videos to your social media channels and drive traffic. The app also comes with inbuilt tools that allow users to measure video performance.

3. SundaySky Video Creator

5/5 (5 ratings)


SundaySky is a Shopify video app that makes adding videos to the Shopify product page easy. Users can create videos customized to their brand with video templates that enable you to create new videos in seconds. Product information from your page gets added to the video on its own.

Users can also create new templates and switch products to keep the videos interesting. With no hidden costs, the app allows unlimited downloads and features to track daily performance.

4. EasyVideo – Product Videos

4.9/5 (123 ratings)

$5/month after a 7-day free trial.

EasyVideo allows your themes to support YouTube and Vimeo videos and offers customizable layouts and flexible video settings.

Users can add product or support videos to their Shopify store’s theme with a single click. Product video will play instead of an image or in a new window depending on user settings. The app works with most themes, but some may need extra configuration.

5. Trypito Product Video Maker

4.8/5 (34 ratings)

$39/month or $390/year (a FREE plan is also available)

Trypito’s product video creator for Shopify offers 500+ motion graphic templates. The ready-to-use templates are available for a wide range of categories.

Users can create videos with text that are on brand and customize the templates. Trypito also adds captions to your videos for engaging with customers who play on mute.

Videos with texts are very effective for showcasing products as they improve customer engagement and increase conversions leading to a boost in sales. Check out the link to explore the free plan (with reduced features).

6. Vidjet – Popup Videos

5/5 (58 ratings)


This Shopify video app creates a personalized experience using timed pop-ups. Vidjet allows automating videos based on the customer journey. Videos pop up based on visitor actions or specific pages. Such smart targeting ensures that customers have a great experience.

With a few clicks, users can launch campaigns and have total control. Vidjet is a no-coding pop-up video app that is very easy to use.

On Vidjet, users can also measure and track conversions and engagement. The personalized and timed videos will also help boost customer trust.

7. Product Videos Gallery – Omega

4.9/5 (9 ratings)

$4.99/month after a 14-day free trial

The app by Omega allows adding videos to the Shopify product page. With Omega, users can display videos on their page from TikTok, Vimeo, or YouTube. There are several layouts available that are responsive and engaging. Omega allows the creation of smooth video galleries for Shopify stories.

The app comes with a feature to play videos in Lightbox Popup. Shopify app users can also set up a video background and make their page more attractive and engaging. Customers shopping from phones will see a page optimized for their devices. Customizing the position for displaying the videos is also possible.

8. Video Ad Machine

4.8/5 (177 ratings)

$294/year or $49/month for Pro membership,

$499/month for Premium membership, and

A FREE version

Video Ad Machine offers the automated creation of Shopify product videos. This app turns images into engaging and professional product videos. Users can also set up and run ad campaigns using a straightforward editor.

This Shopify video maker connects to users’ Facebook and Instagram product pages. Users can also download videos and share them on other social media channels. The app allows users to track and test ad variants to maximize performance. The free plan available also comes with all the needed features.

9. Shopideo – Product Video

5/5 (4 ratings)

$5/month after a 7-day free trial.

Shopideo is a Shopify video app that allows users to add videos from Youtube and Vimeo to the product pages with custom thumbnails.

Shopideo even periodically checks the videos you add for technical problems. A video on YouTube or Vimeo can get removed after leaving behind a broken link on your store. The presence of broken links in your store can frustrate customers. If any such videos are present on the page, their links on your page will get disabled.

The app comes with an integrated video and product search. Further, Shopideo will not slow down your pages when visitors browse them.

10. Video Crockpot – Gaming Brotherhood

4.4/5 (12 ratings)


Video Crockpot is a product video creator for adding videos to the Shopify product page. Even users with no designing skills can create videos within 2 minutes.

There are several templates available for various products. The created videos will be ready for use on different social media channels.

Users can customize their product videos as much as they like. These include the logo, colors, dimensions, and music. The app will lead to an increase in engagement and conversions.

Choose Right

There are plenty of product video creators in the Shopify store. The choice of Shopify video app rests with you and your specific requirements. Since videos improve customer engagement and sales, this choice is crucial to your store. This list can help simplify your task.

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