Podium vs. Birdeye: Which tool is better for your business?

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Podium vs Birdeye

Last Updated: April 2024

Podium vs. Birdeye: Which tool is better suited to elevate your online reputation and customer engagement? 

In today’s digital age, 97% of consumers search online for local businesses and 85% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

When it comes to managing online reputation and gathering valuable customer feedback, two prominent tools often come to mind: Podium and Birdeye. Both Podium and Birdeye offer a range of features designed to enhance your online presence and customer interactions. 

However, the choice between the two can be a pivotal decision for your business. In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Podium and Birdeye, helping you determine which tool aligns better with your specific needs and goals. 

So, let’s dive in!

Podium vs Birdeye: A quick comparison




Review Management

Makes getting five-star reviews easy by sending text messages to customers. Offers a simple dashboard for responding to reviews.

Tracks reviews for individual locations and your overall brand, helping with online visibility.


Offers a feature for requesting payments or closing sales over text with a simple link, reducing cart abandonment.

The payments feature is available but still in beta, implying less maturity.

Customer Support

Some users have complained about slow response times and issues with support.

Users have mentioned a minimum 24-hour response time for email support, which may impact urgent issues.


Offers detailed analytics but lacks the ability to download reports, which may limit data sharing and storage.

Provides detailed reporting on various aspects, including reviews, SEO, PPC ads, social media, and more, offering comprehensive insights.

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Podium vs. Birdeye: Pricing comparison

Let’s compare Podium vs. Birdeye based on their pricing plans: 

1) Podium 

    • Essentials Plan ($249/month): This plan is suitable for self-employed individuals or small businesses. It includes 1,000 contacts and allows for up to 3 team members. Features include online reviews, text marketing, website chat, and payment processing.
    • Standard Plan ($409/month): Geared towards growing businesses, this plan offers unlimited contacts and team members. It includes advanced segmentation, reports, analytics, and 1:1 onboarding along with 250 bulk messages/month.
    • Professional Plan ($599/month): Designed for large businesses with complex needs, this plan offers unlimited contacts and team members. It includes 500 bulk messages and an AI chatbot with automatic lead routing, and auto FAQ response.
Podium Pricing
Source: Podium

2) Birdeye

Although Birdeye does not disclose the pricing of its plans, it offers 3 plans: Starter, Growth, and Dominate, crafted to cater to your specific requirements. 

With the adaptable option of custom pricing, you have the freedom to harmonize the platform’s expenses with your budget and specific needs. You can reach out to their team for more detailed information.

Podium vs Birdeye
Source: Birdeye

Podium vs. Birdeye: A detailed comparison of features

1) Customer Support


    • Responsiveness: Some users report difficulties in reaching support, delayed responses, and frequent transfers.
    • Additional Resources: Lacks extensive resources, making it challenging for users to self-help.
    • Issue Resolution: Users complain of unsolved problems and dissatisfaction with issue resolution
    • Accessibility: You may find it challenging to reach someone over the phone and experience difficulties in obtaining assistance.

Podium provides support and customer service options for troubleshooting and help.

Zaid a.


    • Responsiveness: Offers readily accessible support with prompt responses to queries.
    • Additional Resources: Provides a wealth of graphic materials and tutorials to help users navigate its features effectively.
    • Resolution of Issues: Generally succeeds in addressing customer issues to satisfaction.
    • Accessibility: Offers accessibility for meetings, phone conversations, and email support.

I also love the open communication I have with the support team, and how easy it is to set something up with them.

Aubrey S.

Winner: Birdeye

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2) Payments


podium payments
Source: Podium
    • Payment Process: Your customers can specify their preferred payment method via text.
    • Payment Features: Offers adaptable invoices, reporting refunds, integration of bank account line items, and various payment options.
    • Security Measures: Prioritizes secure payments and includes fraud prevention measures.

Podium saves time and money by streamlining messaging, scheduling, and payments all in one place.” 

James F.


podium vs birdeye
Source: Birdeye
    • Payment Method: Allows you to receive payments by SMS.
    • Transaction Tracking: Provides a Payment Dashboard for real-time transaction tracking.
    • Seamless Process: Eliminates the need to redirect clients to a separate website for payments.

We can even accept payments online and manage on the go with the Birdeye App!

Chris H.

Winner: Podium

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3) Integrations


Podium provides 180+ integrations and includes platforms such as Shopify, Dentrix, and FareHarbor.

Great integration with Google and our other online reputation.

Mike D.


Birdeye integrations
Source: Birdeye

Birdeye also offers integrations with over 3,000 software systems. It includes popular platforms like PayPal, Mailchimp, Shopify, Zapier, Zoho, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Twitter, Xero, Pipedrive, and more.

The integration across all platforms makes communicating with customers a breeze.”

Ben W.

Winner: Birdeye

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4) Reporting


podium vs birdeye
Source: Podium
    • Overview: Podium’s analytics appear impressive on the surface and allow you to monitor overall marketing performance.
    • Limitation: You cannot download reports for offline use; the only option is to take screenshots. The platform lacks the capability for convenient data transfers and cloud storage.

With all of the reporting it provides, you always know where your ratings are, and it’s super easy to use too!

Verified User in Automotive


Source: Birdeye
    • Detailed Reporting: With Birdeye, you can get in-depth reporting capabilities and delve deeply into various aspects of your business.
    • View: You get a comprehensive view of reviews with options to slice and dice data by source, history, rating, and trends.
    • Customization: Gives you the flexibility for users to drill down and access data as needed. Moreover, it also provides detailed reports on SEO health, PPC ads, social media presence, as well as call and email tracking.

The reporting capabilities are truly amazing and will serve our company immensely.”

James P.

Winner: Birdeye

Now that we’ve completed the detailed breakdown of Podium vs. Birdeye, allow us to introduce you to an all-in-one helpdesk and review management solution!

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Get a single view for all support tickets

Saufter serves as your all-inclusive answer to delivering smooth customer support and effective review administration.

Get single view for all support tickets

Key features

    • Automated Review Collection: Gather Google and Trustpilot reviews effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
    • Unified View: Attain a unified and neatly organized perspective of every customer’s journey and all support inquiries, eliminating any disarray or uncertainty.”
    • Streamlined Customer Support: Saufter simplifies customer support with chat and email tools, while also automating feedback requests to measure customer satisfaction.
    • Proactive Escalation Prevention in Real-Time: Saufter delivers daily reports pinpointing tickets with extensive interactions and those from dissatisfied customers. It also promptly notifies you of negative reviews, enabling proactive issue resolution.
    • Expertise in E-commerce and SaaS: Saufter automates various e-commerce and SaaS workflows, ensuring smooth operations.
    • Comprehensive Support Across Channels: Saufter offers support across various customer service channels, including email, live chat, social media, phone, and self-service options.

To sum it up

In the Podium vs. Birdeye showdown, it’s clear that both tools offer valuable solutions to enhance your online reputation and customer interactions. However, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities.

If you prioritize extensive integrations, Birdeye shines with its wide array of software system connections. Moreover, it excels in providing comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing you to dig deep into various facets of your business performance.

On the other hand, Podium offers a streamlined payment process and a variety of payment solutions, making it a strong choice if you require efficient transaction management. Additionally, Podium also has a webchat-to-text feature and video chat functionality.

Both Podium and Birdeye have their strengths, and selecting the right tool will depend on your business’s specific goals and priorities. But if you are still in a dilemma and need an all-in-one solution, consider Saufter. 

Furthermore, it’s customized to meet the distinct requirements of E-commerce and SaaS businesses. Begin your journey today and explore the capabilities of Saufter with a complimentary 15-day trial!

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