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podium pricing

Last Updated: July 2024

Looking for information on Podium pricing? You’ve come to the right place! 

In this comprehensive breakdown, we will delve into Podium’s pricing structure, explore its key features, and provide you with insightful reviews. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your online reputation or seeking effective communication tools, understanding Podium’s pricing is the first step in making an informed decision. 

So, let’s jump right in and uncover everything you need to know about Podium’s pricing, features, and real-world user experiences.

What is Podium?

podium pricing
Source: Podium

Podium is a software platform that helps you communicate better with your customers. It does this by offering tools for managing online reviews, sending messages, and collecting feedback. 

In simple terms, Podium helps you listen to what your customers are saying, engage with them through messages, and build a positive online reputation. 

It’s like a helpful bridge between you and your customers in the digital world, making it easier for both sides to connect and communicate effectively.

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An overview of Podium pricing plans

podium pricing
Source: Podium

If you are just getting started, the Essentials plan ($249/month) is a perfect fit. It offers 1,000 contacts and allows you to add up to 3 team members. 

For growing businesses, the Standard plan ($409/month) is suitable as it offers advanced segmentation, unlimited team members, and 1:1 onboarding.

Lastly, they offer a Professional plan ($599/month) which is a good fit if your business operates on a large scale and has complex requirements.  

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A detailed breakdown of Podium pricing and features

1) Podium pricing plans

a) Essentials ($249/month)

    • Best for: If you are self-employed or have a small business.
    • Contacts and team members: 1,000 contacts and 3 team members.
    • Bulk messages: 100/month
    • Features: It has features like online reviews, text marketing, website chat, and payment processing.

b) Standard ($409/month)

    • Best for: Growing businesses.
    • Contacts and team members: Unlimited.
    • Bulk messages: 250/month
    • Features: Offers advanced segmentation, reports, and analytics along with 1:1 onboarding with a Podium team member.

c) Professional ($599/month)

    • Best for: Large businesses with advanced requirements.
    • Contact and team members: Unlimited.
    • Bulk messages: 500/month
    • Features: Get an AI chatbot with automatic lead routing and auto FAQ response. The plan also offers multimedia marketing messages.

User Review

Its price is solid and affordable.”

Marta C.

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2) Online Reviews

One of Podium’s standout features is its ability to help you manage online reviews effectively. 

Podium seamlessly integrates with over 24 review platforms, including Google My Business, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and more. It facilitates review generation by sending customizable prompts via text and email.

Source: Podium

Moreover, Podium’s integrations with ERP, POS, and CRM systems enable automated review invitations, triggered after customer appointments or checkouts.

User Review

Podium allows my team to effortlessly solicit reviews from our real customers.”

Kurtis A.

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3) Messaging inbox

Within Podium’s platform, there’s a messaging inbox feature that empowers you to efficiently manage two-way conversations with your leads and customers.

While engaging with customers, your team can:

    1. Address inquiries.
    2. Share images and videos.
    3. Schedule appointments.
    4. Utilize templates for swift responses to common queries.
    5. Manage message statuses (read/unread) and assign them to specific team members.
    6. Organize conversations into categories like customer service, billing, or general inquiries.
Podium pricing
Source: Podium

Additionally, Podium offers automated conversations, enhancing the consistency of customer engagement and saving valuable time. 

This feature can be dispatched through multiple channels, including SMS text, Google Click to Message, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and Instagram.

User Review

Podium saves time and money by streamlining messaging, scheduling, and payments all in one place.”

James F.

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4) Webchat 

At an extra charge, Podium provides a webchat widget seamlessly integrated with the platform’s inbox. When visitors access your website, they’ll notice a compact icon displayed on the screen. With a simple click, they can input their mobile phone number and initiate a text-based conversation. These interactions are then seamlessly integrated into Podium’s inbox.

User Review

We love the Webchat text widget and the automated review invites that work with our CRM ServiceTitan.

Brian H.

Source: Podium

5) Customer feedback 

Podium’s customer feedback solution is designed to help you gauge the satisfaction levels of your customers with your business. This tool is geared towards pinpointing what your customers appreciate and ensuring that practices detrimental to their experience are rectified.

To gather this valuable insight, Podium engages your customers through text messages, posing two key questions based on the widely recognized Net Promoter Score:

    1. How likely are you to recommend us on a scale of 1-10?
    2. What influenced your choice of score?

All responses are seamlessly consolidated within the Podium Feedback dashboard. From this dashboard, you can swiftly spot negative feedback and continue the dialogue with your customers.

User Review

“More and more reviews come in daily providing our store with instant feedback to how we are doing and providing opportunities for our sales staff to respond in real time.”

Randy K.

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6) Payments processing

With Podium’s payment tool, you can conveniently receive payments from customers through text messages. 

Utilizing the Podium app, you send customers a text containing a payment link. Podium payments offer a swifter and more efficient alternative to in-person payments or traditional mailed invoices. 

podium pricing
Source: Podium

While there’s no monthly fee for this tool, you are charged a per-transaction processing fee. Advanced features incorporated in Podium payments encompass:

    1. Customized invoices with your branding.
    2. Detailed invoices.
    3. Capability to process refunds.
    4. Linking multiple bank accounts.
    5. Acceptance of payments via credit cards, debit cards, HSA accounts, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and bank transfers.
    6. Robust fraud protection measures.

User Review

“I like that you can take payments and send links for payments; this platform is everything in one place for a business.” 

Sheena G.

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7) Performance analytics

Podium’s analytics package offers insights into both your business and your competitors.

a) For Your Business

Source: Podium

Within Podium’s platform, you can gain valuable insights into your business’s interactions with leads and customers, as well as your online review performance. Some specific metrics available include:

    1. The number of inbound leads generated.
    2. Median response time for initial inquiries.
    3. Total ongoing conversations with customers.
    4. Your website’s average rating.
    5. The total count of reviews received.

Additionally, Podium’s sentiment analysis report identifies common keywords in reviews and assesses customer sentiment. This report helps pinpoint the most positive and negative aspects of your customer experience.

podium pricing
Source: Podium

b) Competitive Benchmarking

podium pricing
Source: Podium

Podium allows you to input information about up to five competitors for benchmarking purposes. This report offers a comparative analysis of your performance with your competitors, covering metrics such as:

    1. Number of reviews received.
    2. Average review ratings.
    3. Recent review performance.

User Reviews

“Works well, is super simple to navigate, quick response times to FB. The analytics, reviews, and leaderboards are a huge help and also help measure what goes on!”

Brian R.

That concludes our comprehensive exploration of Podium’s pricing, features, and reviews. Before you navigate away from this page, what if we introduced you to a tool that not only streamlines review management but also elevates your customer service?

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Want to automate your customer service?

Saufter is your comprehensive solution for seamless customer support and efficient review management. 

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Key features

    • Automated Review Gathering: Automatically collect Google and Trustpilot reviews without manual intervention.
    • Effortless Customer Support: Saufter simplifies customer support by offering tools for assisting via chat or email. It also automates the process of requesting feedback from your customers to gauge their satisfaction.
    • Real-Time Escalation Prevention: Saufter provides daily reports that highlight tickets with extensive back-and-forths and those from dissatisfied customers. Additionally, it promptly alerts you when negative reviews are received, allowing you to address issues proactively.
    • E-commerce and SaaS Expertise: Saufter automates various e-commerce and SaaS workflows for seamless operations.
    • Multi-Channel Support: Saufter supports a wide range of customer support channels, including email, live chat, social media, phone, and self-service options.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our comprehensive exploration of Podium’s pricing, features, and reviews has provided you with valuable insights into this versatile platform. 

Whether you’re seeking a robust review management system, efficient customer support tools, or a competitive edge in the digital landscape, Podium has demonstrated its prowess.

However, if you’re looking for a solution with the combined features of review management and powerful, automated customer support capabilities, consider Saufter. What’s more, it’s tailored to cater to the unique needs of E-commerce and SaaS enterprises. 

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