Planable Pricing: Which plan is best for your business?

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Planable Pricing

Last Updated: May 2024

Navigating the landscape of social media management, especially when it comes to Planable Pricing, is a critical aspect of optimizing your digital presence. As you explore various tools to streamline your efforts, the choice can be daunting.

However, in this article, we’ll simplify the process by delving into Planable’s pricing options, helping you determine the ideal plan that seamlessly caters to your unique social media management needs.

Table of contents

What is Planable?

Planable Pricing

Planable is a powerful social media scheduling and collaboration tool, tailored for social media managers and marketers. First and foremost, it streamlines the planning, scheduling, and management of content across various social media platforms.

What sets Planable apart is its user-friendly, visually-driven approach. Generally speaking, this approach simplifies content creation, previews, and collaborative efforts before publication.

 Moreover, this versatile tool supports an array of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business, and Pinterest.

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Planable Pros and Cons

Intuitive and user-friendly interface.The free plan has limited scheduling options.
Visual content calendar for easy planning.Limited analytics compared to some tools.
Collaboration features for team coordination.Doesn’t support direct publishing to some platforms.
Content approval workflow for better control.Pricing may not fit small budgets.
Media library for efficient asset management.No mobile app for on-the-go access.
Integration with popular social media platforms.Limited automation compared to advanced tools.

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Overview of Planable Pricing Plans

Planable offers a variety of pricing plans to accommodate different user needs. The free plan provides an unlimited experience for trying out the tool but limits you to scheduling 50 posts. 

For more features and flexibility, the basic plan is available at $11 per user per month. 

If you’re part of a growing team or agency, the pro plan offers advanced features for $22 per user per month. 

Lastly, for those with unique requirements, the enterprise plan provides a fully customizable solution, but you’ll need to get in touch with the Planable team to access it. Evaluate your specific needs to choose the plan that best aligns with your social media management goals

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A Detailed Pricing Plans of Planable

1. Free Plan

Embarking on your Planable journey can start with a trial of the free plan. This option provides you with an all-encompassing experience, allowing you to explore every tool feature. However, it’s important to note that in the free plan, your scheduling capacity is limited to a total of 50 posts.


    • Social Media Platforms: Planable’s free plan supports various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
    • Content Scheduling: You can schedule and publish posts on the supported social media platforms in advance, helping you maintain a consistent online presence.
    • Content Calendar: The platform provides a visual content calendar, allowing you to plan and organize your social media content efficiently.
    • Unlimited Users: The free plan allows you to collaborate with an unlimited number of team members, making it easy to work together on social media campaigns.
    • Drafts and Previews: You can create and preview posts before scheduling them, ensuring that your content looks perfect before it goes live.


    • Limited Social Profiles: The free plan allows you to connect a restricted number of social media profiles, limiting your reach on various platforms.
    • Team Members: You can collaborate with only a limited number of team members, which may be insufficient for larger teams.
    • Posts per Month: The free plan has a cap on the number of posts you can schedule each month, potentially restricting your content publishing frequency.

User Review

“Great value for money” – Richard. H

2. Basic Plan

The Planable Basic plan encompasses a range of essential features to enhance your social media management experience. The basic plan is available at $11 per user per month. 


    • Unlimited Social Media Channels: With the Basic plan, you can connect and manage an unlimited number of social media profiles across various platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your brand.
    • Content Scheduling: Schedule your social media posts in advance, streamlining your content distribution strategy and saving valuable time.
    • Team Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with your team members and clients, allowing for efficient content review, feedback, and approval workflows.
    • Content Calendar: Visualize your social media content strategy with a user-friendly content calendar, making it easier to plan and organize your posts.


    • Content Categories: You won’t have access to the content categorization feature, which can help you organize and label your social media posts for better content management.
    • White-labeling: The Basic plan does not support white-labeling, so you won’t be able to remove Planable branding from your shared content previews.
    • Post Boosting: If you’re looking to boost posts or run paid social media campaigns directly from the platform, this feature is not available in the Basic plan.

User Review

“Great option with competitive pricing” – Erin O

3. Pro Plan

The Pro plan from Planable is priced at $22/user per month. You can pay extra to add more workspaces and user access. In each workspace, you can manage up to 10 social media profiles and schedule an unlimited number of posts. In addition to all the features available in the Basic plan, the Pro plan offers enhanced collaboration tools, increased media library storage (100 GB), and expanded content planning options.


    • Unlimited Workspaces: Create multiple workspaces to organize your projects and campaigns efficiently.
    • Social Media Profiles: Manage up to 10 social media profiles within each workspace.
    • Scheduled Posts: Schedule an unlimited number of posts for your social media accounts.
    • Enhanced Collaboration: Enjoy advanced collaboration features for seamless teamwork.


    • Content Planning Options: While the Pro plan provides advanced content planning features, some specialized options may not be included.
    • Analytics Reports: Advanced analytics reports are not part of the Pro plan and require a higher-tier subscription.
    • Approval Workflow: The Pro plan lacks a multilevel approval workflow feature, which is available in higher-tier plans.

User Review

“I’ve been using Social Media ‘schedulers’ for a good 4 years now and I’m very happy with Planable” – Ilias G

4. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan provided by Planable is a highly customizable option. It grants access to all features, including multi-level approvals and diverse planning views. Additionally, you benefit from having a dedicated account manager. The unique aspect of this plan is its flexibility. You have the freedom to add or remove features based on your specific requirements. 


    • Customization: Tailor the plan to your specific needs by adding or removing features.
    • Multi-Level Approvals: Implement a hierarchical approval process for your social media content.
    • Diverse Planning Views: Gain access to various planning views to manage your content effectively.
    • Dedicated Account Manager: Benefit from personalized support with a dedicated account manager.


The Enterprise plan is highly customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of each enterprise. The limitations may vary depending on the features and options chosen by the enterprise.

User Review

“Go for it – good value for money” – Rodica B

Planable Pricing Plan Comparison

FeaturesFree PlanBasic PlanPro PlanEnterprise Plan
PriceFree$11 per month$22 per monthCustomized
Post limit50 UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
PagesNo4/work space10/workspaceUnlimited
AI AssistYesYesYes
Media Storage10GB50GBCustom
Approval WorkflowsNo234
Publish tweets1 tweet/page/dayUnlimitedUnlimited
ViewsFeed&Calendar viewFeed, Calendar, and grid viewFeed, Calendar, Grid, and List view
Chat supportNoNoYesYes
Dedicated account managerNoNoNoYes

Key Features Missing In Planable

Analytics and Reporting

While Planable provides basic performance metrics for published posts, more in-depth analytics and reporting features could help users gain deeper insights into their social media performance and audience engagement.

Shared Inbox

 The feature allows multiple team members to access and collaborate on incoming messages from various communication channels in a unified interface. This feature streamlines communication and ensures efficient responses to customers.

Campaign Optimization

Typically involves advanced analytics and insights that help users fine-tune their marketing campaigns for better performance. It includes features like A/B testing, audience segmentation, and the ability to adjust campaigns based on real-time data.

Final Words

In conclusion, Planable offers a range of pricing plans to cater to diverse social media management needs. To make the best choice, evaluate your specific requirements and budget, aligning them with the most suitable Planable pricing plan for your social media management goals.

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