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Last Updated: June 2024

The market size of influencer marketing grew significantly from a meager $1.7 Billion in 2016 to a whopping $16.4 Billion in 2022 and is estimated to shoot up further to $21.1 Billion in 2023!” – shows the recent influencer marketing benchmark report.

What do you think, could be the reason for this drastic increase in numbers?

79% of the American customers have reported that UGC and social commerce have influenced their buy decision.”

“Also, 72% of the brands rely on UGC to establish a good connection with their customers and build brand trust.”

If leveraging influencer marketing and UGC to achieve higher conversion rates and loyalty is on your marketing cards, then read this article to learn about one such marketing platform. The name of the software is Pixlee TurnTo.

You may be new to this name or are already familiar with it. Either way, this article will aid you with Pixlee pricing, features, and reviews to make an informed purchase decision.

Up ahead, you will be reading about the following content.

What is Pixlee TurnTo?

Pixlee TrunTo is a social user-generated content (UGC), ratings & reviews, and influencer marketing platform helping community-driven brands to increase sales through word-of-mouth marketing.

Pixlee TurnTo
Source: pixlee.com

It lets you collect, curate, manage, publish, and measure a library of social posts and customer reviews of your brand using various automation and tools. The collection of UGC includes texts, images, and videos.

Also, collect and manage product ratings and reviews from across your web, email, and mobile properties. Leverage industry-leading moderation features in line with FTC guidelines without compromising on speed and accuracy.

You will also get end-to-end influencer marketing solutions on the Pixlee TurnTo platform. Right from discovering the influencers, designing influencer campaigns, and managing, to measuring the results, Pixlee TurnTo offers necessary solutions. Their support service is available through email and chatbot.

Brands like H&M, NAVY, alo, ARTICLE., boohoo, etc., use Pixlee TurnTo to build their brand trust. Even, it has won industry recognitions and awards for Best Influencer Marketing Technology, Best Content Management Innovation, and more.

That was about the Pixlee TurnTo software. Let us now head on to its pricing structure.

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Overview of Pixlee TurnTo Pricing

Alas! Pixlee TurnTo doesn’t provide public pricing. Moreover, there is no free trial of the software available.

They only let you fill out a form asking for a demo from their site. During this demo session, they will show you how Pixlee TurnTo can help your brand utilize customer-powered commerce to grow sales.

Pixlee pricing
Source: pixlee.com

We understand that without an exact figure or a free trial period, it is highly impossible to consider buying software. And for this purpose, we took the liberty to thoroughly research and present to you some honest user reviews about Pixlee pricing.

For a small business or someone starting out the price point per month could be rather high.” – a verified user, Furniture industry, small business.

Pixlee contract is AWFUL, they lock you in without telling you and immediately renew the contract. They then basically strong arm you and won’t let you cancel. Their pricing is also 3x more than the other UGC platforms that they basically ripped off. They also do nothing on their part to make sure that their tool is worthwhile. My personal favorite is that they attempt to charge you $2.3k to remove THEIR logo from YOUR website.” – Livia S, Consumer goods, small business.

The application is also not so expensive and therefore easy to afford by anyone.” – Edgar B, Sound Editor, small business.

To get the Pixel TurnTo software demo, click on the button below.

So far, you read about Pixlee TurnTo and some reviews in place of its pricing structure. Though we couldn’t help you with the numbers, the next section of the article will surely guide you through the right decision. Because this is where we will cover its features in detail along with authentic user reviews.

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Key Features of Pixlee TurnTo

We have endorsed relevant user reviews along with the features descriptions for your better understanding.

Discover Influencers (No ratings available)

This tool helps you uncover potential influencers across topics and social platforms from one place. It displays basic parameters like the profile name, location, a short bio, and link to their social profiles.

So on their profile pages, you can find their follower countpost history, etc. But, if you want deeper information to analyze, onboard, and manage the influencers, then you need to avail of their demo first.

Manage Influencers (Rating – 4.8/5⭐)

Learn here how you can manage influencer marketing and content using Pixlee TurnTo software.

  • Unified workflows: Pixlee TurnTo interface centralizes all of your influencer marketing workflows using campaign logs, custom tags, and content authorization features.
  • Single platform: Aggregate messaging, product posts, and influencer interactions into one single source.
  • Permissions: Manage content rights and permissions right within the Pixlee platform.
  • Content management: Use custom tags to segment content based on type and buyer personas for easy personalization of future campaigns.

The tool allows to segregate content from various channel in one place, and a very good tool to manage your Influencers.” – a verified user, Apparel & Fashion, mid-market.

The Pixlee team also consistently provides our brand helpful feedback on possible optimizations to improve our engagement, UX, and influencer management. Workflow around the platform can be tricky at times when dealing with UGC and CRM, especially for new users.” – a verified user in Automotive industry, mid-market.

Our team also wishes it were easier to see if we’ve already contacted or chatted with an Instagram user in the past. We also would like to have the ability to see if a user has posted/tagged multiple images of our brand, right now we have to do a search workaround which isn’t the most efficient use of time. We enjoy the tagging functions which make it easy to specialize and break out new widgets/albums by the type of content.” – Emily T, small business.

Amplify (Rating – 4.8/5⭐)

Now that you have collected and curated the UGC content from your influencers and customers alike, you need to showcase them appropriately to increase customer engagement. Let us now see how Pixlee TurnTo helps you handle this.

  • Multi-channel visibility: Design and place clickable influencer content on multiple channels including your social, web, email, and mobile. Additionally, use them over acquisition channels like ads and in-store displays.
  • SEO-friendly: When you publish the influencer content through Pixlee TurnTo, your audience can find it on search engines also.
  • Integrations: It is possible to connect this software with various eCommerce, helpdesk, and other tech stacks including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, etc. Pixlee TurnTo APIs help you synchronize with your existing content and programs.

Their review platform is also very robust and generates in-depth product reviews which are seamlessly integrated in to our Google paid ads.” – Jeffrey K, small business.

Quick and appealing widgets that display our favorite UGC on our websites, with lots of options on how to present and incorporate content into our overall marketing strategy.” – Emily T, small business.

we find that the content posted via TurnTo is done in a way that is very SEO-friendly (very searchable).” – a verified user in Business Supplies & Equipments, small business.

Measure (Rating – 4.8/5⭐)

With Pixlee TurnTo, you can measure your influencer campaign results and scalability. Here’s how.

  • Track ROI: The real-time metrics show you the live conversions and gaps, if any, which you can identify to optimize the strategy instantly.
  • Reports: Generates a consolidated report with values of content reach, engagement, etc., that helps you examine the best and worst performing campaigns.
  • Sales tracking: Through the influencer links, analyze the total sales generated. This will be useful for re-investment planning purposes.
  • Custom reports: Easily build, generate, and export custom reports based on your organizational KPIs.

I would like to see some more proactive reporting provided to the client. As subject matter experts on customer content and review sentiment, I would defer to the TurnTo team on what reporting & data is most pertinent as a showcase of progress or success. Maybe we, as a client could do a better job at depicting the reporting needs.” – Jack P, Associate Manager (Digital Strategy), enterprise-size business.

The only thing I wish we could further partner on is the integration with our own company product information as far as reporting for further ease of internal sharing and reporting.” – a verified user, enterprise-size business.

you can export reports in .xls or .csv so you can analyze and send to Directives.” – Thalia B, E-commerce Digital Operations Manager, enterprise size business.

Till here, we have covered the major portion of the article including the introduction to Pixlee TurnTo, pricing, and features with reviews. Next, we are also adding a quick glance table showing you the pros and cons of Pixlee.

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Table for Pros and Cons of Pixlee TurnTo

Find relevant influencers based on topics and locationNo free trial period
Can track campaigns through influencer linksRequires subscription to get in-depth influencer data
Content can be published any number of timesUI not compatible on desktop
SEO-enabled and shoppable content publishingLimited reporting
Content rights and permissionsComplicated workflows, requires expert assistance
Responsive support team 

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In the Conclusion

Finally, you have learned how Pixlee TurnTo can help you in influencer marketing and UGC management services. Also, our detailed discussion of its key features provided sufficient information for you to judge this software.

Nevertheless, if you recollect, we have earlier mentioned that Pixlee TurnTo offers end-to-end influencer marketing solutions, as stated on their official website. But, we have a better solution for the same.

Check out Saufter, an eCommerce support software that also helps you scale your small to enterprise-size business through its effective influencer identification and UGC management solutions.

Finding a suitable influencer for your brand all by yourself may seem complacent, but it takes a lot of time. On the other hand, you can use Saufter to filter and reach the best influencers in your industry as per your requirements.

And on the UGC front, the software auto-collects relevant positive reviews (text, images, and video formats) and lets you easily share them on socials with a few clicks.

Adding to these features, it also offers various AI-powered omnichannel support solutions for your eCommerce business. On top of it all, you can try this helpdesk software with full features free for 15 days without providing any credit card information.

Therefore, we suggest Saufter for influencer identification and collecting user-generated reviews.



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