Pipedrive vs. Salesmate: Which Is Better For Your Business

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Pipedrive vs Salesmate

Last Updated: July 2024

In the realm of customer relationship management (CRM) software, Pipedrive vs. Salesmate is a common debate among businesses looking for efficient CRM solutions. 

Both platforms offer a range of features to streamline your sales processes, but which one is better suited to your specific needs? 

In today’s comparison of Pipedrive vs. Salesmate, we will delve into the key differences and strengths of each platform and take a look at user reviews.

So, read on to discover which CRM software, Pipedrive or Salesmate, will best empower your business to thrive.

Pipedrive vs. Salesmate: A Quick Comparison




Free Trial

14-day free trial.

15-day free trial.


Offers 5 plans starting at $9.90/user/month

Get 4 different options starting from $12/user/month.

Pipeline Management 

Flexible, drag-and-drop with lead history; Forecast view

Flexible, drag-and-drop with lead history; “win probability %”


Digestible interface with polished demos.

Less intuitive but relatively user-friendly; some UX issues.


Solid sales reporting; limited on lower plans

Solid sales reporting; unlimited but less aesthetic dashboard

Workflow Automation

Workflow builder on Advanced plan and up

Basic workflows on Starter plan and up; paid add-on for visual builder


400+ native integrations.

40+ native integrations.


Offers an AI sales assistant

It doesn’t offer notable AI features

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Pipedrive vs. Salesmate: A Detailed Review

1) Pricing


pipedrive pricing
Source: Pipedrive
    • Essential ($9.90/user/month billed annually): Basic plan for simple sales processes with lead, deal, contact, calendar, and pipeline management.
    • Advanced ($19.90/user/month billed annually): Includes email sync, automation, and scheduling on top of Essential features.
    • Professional ($39.90/user/month billed annually): Offers advanced customizations, document management, revenue forecasts, and more.
    • Power ($49.90/user/month billed annually): Designed for larger teams with project management and enhanced support.
    • Enterprise ($59.90/user/month billed annually): Unlimited access to all features, enhanced security, and advanced automation.

Every Pipedrive plan includes a complimentary 14-day trial period.


salesmate pricing
Source: Salesmate
    • Starter ($12/user/month): Basic features for building and organizing your sales, including contact and deal management, email sync, standard reports, and more.
    • Growth ($24/user/month): Adds automation and productivity tools like product management, custom dashboards, and team inboxes.
    • Boost ($40/user/month): The most popular choice, offering team management, power dialer, and advanced sales features to boost revenue.
    • Enterprise: Tailored for large enterprises, with dedicated support, unlimited features, and personalized onboarding. Contact the sales team for pricing.

Each plan includes a free trial, helping you decide the best fit for your business.

User Reviews

Pipedrive offers excellent pricing with a variety of features quite useful for any business.”

Mansi D.

Salesmate is an easy-to-use CRM with affordable pricing

Roger S.

2) User-Friendly


    • Demo Videos: Pipedrive offers guided demo videos that are well-structured and easy to follow.
    • Sample Data: Pipedrive goes the extra mile by providing trial access to sample data.
    • Visual Pipeline: Pipedrive’s pre-built views, including the Forecast view, List view, and Pipeline view, are not only visually appealing but also highly functional.


    • UX Roadblocks: You may encounter minor but frustrating UX issues within Salesmate. For instance, unclear error messages, like “Please provide valid name,” without specific guidance on what constitutes a valid name, can cause confusion.
    • Visual Appeal: Salesmate’s List and Board views lack the visual appeal of Pipedrive’s, and it doesn’t offer an equivalent to Pipedrive’s Forecast view.

User Reviews

The drag-and-drop features can make it simple and easy to move deals between phases, update progress, and monitor overall performance.


Salesmate is easy to use and learn.

Boris H.

3) Reporting


    • Limited Reports: Pipedrive’s reporting is visually appealing but limited in quantity. The Essential plan allows only 15 reports, with unlimited reporting available in the $99/month Enterprise plan.
    • Deal Limitations: Pipedrive places a cap on the number of open deals you can have. With the Essential plan, you’re limited to 3,000 deals, and unlimited deals are offered only in the Enterprise plan.
Pipedrive vs Salesmate
Source: Pipedrive


    • Unlimited Reports: In contrast, Salesmate doesn’t impose any restrictions on the number of reports you can create. This feature is available across all plans, including the Starter plan.
    • No Deal Limits: Salesmate offers unlimited open deals on all its plans, ensuring you can manage as many deals as needed without constraints.
salesmate reporting
Source: Salesmate

User Reviews

Pipedrive’s integrations and reporting capabilities are fantastic

Angie M.

Excellent reporting suite and usable by sales, marketing, and customer service.”

Michael E.

4) Workflow Automation


    • Advanced Automation: Pipedrive offers more robust and clean-cut automation features but it is only available in the Advanced plan and above.


    • Automation Journeys Add-On: Salesmate provides access to workflow automation on all its plans. Additionally, you can also get the ‘Automation Journeys’ add-on, which starts at $30 and varies in price based on the number of contacts you have.

User Reviews

“Pipedrive’s automation capabilities have enhanced our efficiency.”

MD. R.

Lead tracking, review, and automation of emails have become easier.

Manan V.

5)  Text Messaging


    • Team Inbox: Pipedrive does not offer a dedicated Team Inbox feature. Collaboration on messages and assignments may require workarounds or integration with third-party tools.
    • Text Messaging: Pipedrive doesn’t have built-in texting. To text with customers and leads, you might need extra tools or do it manually.


    • Team Inbox: Get Team Inbox for $24/user/ month. It lets your team see messages together and assigns them automatically, making teamwork better for deals and projects.
    • Built-in Text Messaging: Salesmate includes built-in text messaging as a standard feature across all its plans.
Source: Salesmate

User Reviews

Pipedrive helps us to keep track of all interactions (phone, email, in-person, text, etc) between our team and the clients.”

Andrea H.

Salesmate makes it easier to keep track of leads. Its capacity to send text or email messages, as well as phone contact, aids us in establishing and maintaining positive relationships with our prospects and customers.”

Gaurav M.

6) AI Capabilities

Pipedrive offers an AI assistant, that provides valuable insights based on past performance data. This AI notifies you when it’s opportune to reach out to leads and recommends actions to enhance your success and profitability. 

It also provides performance metrics over different time periods to track your progress. On the other hand, Salesmate currently does not offer an AI assistant or similar AI-driven features.

User Reviews

It was like having an AI assistant, way before generative AI actually came in.”

Verified User in Public Relations and Communications

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Final thoughts

In the Pipedrive vs. Salesmate comparison, it’s essential to consider how each CRM platform can enhance your access to customer data and enable more personalized service. 

As per a significant finding, 74% of respondents have experienced improved access to customer data through CRM solutions, leading to more personalized service delivery.

While Pipedrive impresses with its user-friendly interface and polished reporting, Salesmate stands out by offering inclusive features like unlimited reporting and open deals on all plans, including the Starter plan. Additionally, Salesmate provides cost-effective solutions for communication and collaboration with its Team Inbox and text messaging capabilities.

Ultimately, your choice between Pipedrive and Salesmate should align with your specific business requirements, budget considerations, and preferences. 

Alternatively, for an enhanced customer support experience, we suggest considering Saufter. With its 15-day free trial, it complements your marketing efforts by enabling proactive customer service and streamlined task management.

Give it a go and boost your business’s performance today!

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