30 Personalization stats That Every B2B Marketer Should Know!

Personalization stats

Last Updated: February 2024

If you are still using the same marketing copy to target all of your customers, then you might end up losing them to your competitors who are implementing personalized marketing.

Today’s consumers want companies to provide an exceptional customer service experience keeping their priorities, preferences, and customer journey in the mind.

Personalization is one of the key factors that allows brands to fulfill consumers’ expectations. And if you run a B2B business, personalization can be crucial to winning consumer trust.

In a study conducted by the Helplama team, 80% of consumers trust a brand or company that publishes custom online content relevant to them, keeping their customer journey in mind.

Not only through building trust, but personalization can benefit your business in many ways. Have a look at some interesting personalization stats mentioned below.

Consumers Want Personalization

80% of consumers trust a brand or company that publishes custom online content relevant to them, keeping their customer journey in mind.
  1. 80% of consumers trust a brand or company that publishes custom online content relevant to them, keeping their customer journey in mind (source).
  1. 89% of consumers only consider brands that show they understand their needs and care about them (source).
  1. Over 78% of consumers will only engage offers if they have been personalized to their previous engagements with the brand (source).
  1. 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history (source).
  1. 81% of consumers want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach them and when not to (source).
  1. 87% of consumers surveyed say that personally relevant branded content positively influences how they feel about a brand (source).
  1. 63% of consumers are highly annoyed by the way brands continue to rely on the old-fashioned strategy of blasting generic ad messages repeatedly (source).
  1. 63% of consumers said they’d think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting, or relevant (source).
  1. 59% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decision (source).
  1. 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience (source).
  2. 51% of consumers feel it is important to get a personalized experience across all digital channels within a brand. (source).

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Influence of Website Personalization on Consumers

12. 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized (source).

13. Personalized home page promotions influenced 85% of consumers to buy while personalized shopping cart recommendations influenced 92% of shoppers online (source).

14. In-house marketers who are personalizing their Web experiences and who can quantify the improvement see, on average, a 19% uplift in sales (source).

The Impact of Personalized Email Campaigns

15. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened (source).

16. The open rate for emails with a personalized message was 17.6%, compared to 11.4% without personalization (source).

17. Emails that included the first name of the recipient in their subject line had higher clickthrough rates than emails that did not (source).

18. The ability to segment email lists and individualize email campaign messaging are the most effective personalization tactics for 51% and 50% of marketing influencers respectively (source).

19. Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them (source).

20. Triggered emails (based on user actions) receive 70.5% more opens than other types of emails (source).

Struggles and Challenges to Implementing Personalization

21.  When asked to prioritize one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future, one-third of marketers answered: “personalization.” (source)

22. 83% of marketers say creating personalized content is their biggest challenge (source).

23. Only 39% of retailers send personalized product recommendations via email (source).

24. Less than 10% of tier 1 retailers believe they are highly effective at personalization, and nearly one-third report having limited or no capability to support personalization efforts (source).

25. The biggest challenges with personalization are gaining insight quickly enough (40%), having enough data (39%), and inaccurate data (38%) (source).

26. 60% of marketers struggle to personalize content in real-time, yet 77% believe real-time personalization is crucial (source).

27. 94% of customer insights and marketing professionals across multiple industries said personalization is “important,” “very important,” or “extremely important” for meeting their current marketing objectives (source).

28. For 66% of marketers, one of the big struggles with personalization is securing internal resources to execute personalized marketing programs (source).

The Result of Personalized Marketing

29. 79% of organizations that exceeded revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy (source).

30. Smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15% (source).

So, personalization is important for every type of customer interaction whether you’re marketing products or providing customer support.

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