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payoneer review

Last Updated: April 2024

Looking for a comprehensive Payoneer review? You’re in the right place.

In the realm of seamless cross-border transactions, Payoneer shines as a leader. This review delves into its features and pricing, spotlighting its global financial prowess

With millions of users worldwide, Payoneer’s impact is profound. Explore how its features cater to diverse needs and how its pricing structure aligns with modern financial demands. 

Let’s jump in and discover how Payoneer is transforming the way we manage and move money in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Payoneer Pros and Cons

1. Global Reach: Operates in 200+ countries, facilitating international transactions.1. Fees: Some users find its fees relatively higher compared to other platforms.
2. Multi-Currency Accounts: Enables holding and managing funds in multiple currencies.2. Customer Support: Customer service can be inconsistent in response times.
3. Versatile Solutions: Serves freelancers, businesses, and online sellers effectively.3. Account Freezes: There are occasional reports of sudden account freezes for security checks.
4. Quick Transfers: Offers fast and efficient cross-border payment transfers.4. Limited Integrations: Integrations with certain platforms might be limited.
5. Prepaid Mastercard: Provides a prepaid card for easy access to funds.5. Currency Conversion Rates: Rates for currency conversion can vary and impact costs.
6. Integration with Platforms: Seamlessly integrates with various freelance and e-commerce platforms.6. Inactivity Fees: Regular account activity is required to avoid inactivity fees.
7. Escrow Services: Offers secure transactions for clients and freelancers.7. Verification Process: Some users find the initial verification process time-consuming.
8. Affiliate Program: Features a referral program for users to earn extra income.8. Withdrawal Delays: Withdrawals to bank accounts might experience delays at times.

Payoneer Pricing


Payment Method


From Payoneer Customers

Free when receiving from other Payoneer users.

Directly from Clients

Payment requests with 3% for Credit cards (all currencies), and 1% for ACH debits

Marketplaces and Networks

Seamlessly integrated with platforms like Wish, Fiverr, and Upwork.


Note: Additional fees by banks or providers may apply.

Via Receiving Accounts

Use local bank accounts for free in EUR, GBP, and more.


Withdrawal Type Details
Local Bank Account (Same Currency) Fixed fee for withdrawing USD, EUR, or GBP to local bank accounts:
– $1.50 for USD
– €1.50 for EUR
– £1.50 for GBP
Local Bank Account (Different Currency) Withdraw to bank accounts in many currencies, with competitive Payoneer rates.  Up to 2% above market rate
Note: Bank/intermediary fees may be deducted.


When it comes to settling payments with millions of suppliers, freelancers, and contractors on Payoneer, you’re in control. You can smoothly use your credit card for these transactions, all while enjoying a favorable rate of just 3%.

Other Fees

Manage CurrenciesEasily move funds between Payoneer balances for international payments. 0.5% fee based on the transferred amount.
Annual Account FeeThere is no fee for active accounts.
$29.95 if there are no transactions within 12 months.
Escheatment FeeDeducted as required for funds escheated to States. Variable per State

User Review:

“Multiple currencies, excellent prices, and transfer options.”

⭐5/5 Marian C.

Payoneer Features and Reviews

Seamless Global Transactions

  • Effortless Payments: Payoneer streamlines local and global transactions, making it easy for businesses to send and receive payments across multiple currencies via secure bank transfers. 
  • Currency Flexibility: Payoneer supports major currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, and CNH, and provides conversions for tax payments. Most Payoneer-to-Payoneer bank transfers are fee-free. 

In regions without local accounts, wire transfers are an option, and ACH transfers can be arranged for a fee, while wire transfer charges are beyond Payoneer’s control.

User Reviews:

“Very easy to make international transfers.”

⭐5/5, Rohith G.

“Payoneer is the best Payment service provider for global payments.”

⭐4.5/5, Sanjay J.

Effortless Invoicing with Payoneer

  • Professional Invoices: Seamlessly integrating with the Free Invoice Builder software, Payoneer offers the capability to generate polished invoices that can be sent to customers.
  • Tailored and Recurring: Businesses can personalize online invoices for specific clients while also retaining essential contact, company, and payment details for recurring invoicing requirements.

User Reviews:

“You can even pay your employees using the system, invoice clients, and there is an automated reminder that follows up on your payment requests.”

⭐4.5/5, Tyrone H.

“Our ICs can just send an invoice via email with a payment button.”

⭐4.5/5, Verified User


  • Guarding Against Fraud: With Payoneer, your transactions are fortified by cutting-edge fraud protection tools, ensuring that unauthorized activities are kept at bay.
  • Your Added Security Layer: Two-factor authentication (2FA) takes your account security up a notch. Alongside your password, this feature demands an additional verification step, enhancing your account’s defense against unauthorized access.

User Reviews:

“ The security is also great, and it is very simple and easy to use.”

⭐4.5/5, Shemmy K.

” You can send and receive money internationally with 3D Secure payment at Payoneer. “

⭐4.5/5 Arun

Payment Options

  • Payment Options: With Payoneer, you have a variety of convenient payment options at your disposal. Whether you prefer immediate transactions or recurring billing, Payoneer caters to your diverse payment needs.
  • Recurring Billing: Seamlessly manage regular payments with Payoneer’s recurring billing feature. Set up automatic payments for subscription-based services, memberships, and more, saving you time and ensuring consistency.
  • Instant Payment: Experience the power of instant payments through Payoneer. With just a few clicks, you can swiftly transfer funds and receive payments in real-time, keeping your financial transactions fluid and efficient.
  • Accepted Credit Cards and Debit Cards: Payoneer accommodates a wide range of credit and debit cards, allowing you to accept payments from customers across the globe using their preferred payment methods.
  • ACH Payments and eCheck Processing: Facilitate secure electronic transfers through ACH payments and eCheck processing. This feature enables hassle-free transactions directly from bank accounts, promoting a smooth payment experience.
  • Real-Time Payments: Enjoy the convenience of real-time payments with Payoneer. Instantly send and receive funds, ensuring that your financial transactions keep pace with your dynamic business needs.

User Review:

“The most serious payment platform I have ever tried.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Levi B.

“In a sentence, I will say Payoneer is a “simple and reliable online payment option.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Peace W.

Streamlined Tax Management

  • Effortless Form Submission: Upon setting up your Payoneer account, you can seamlessly complete the required tax forms. Whether you’re an individual or a business, Payoneer supports various tax forms such as W-9s, W-8BENs, and W-8ECIs.
  • Automated Record-Keeping: Payoneer simplifies tax administration by furnishing users with tax reports via its automated record-keeping system. This ensures your tax-related documentation is readily accessible and well-organized.

User Reviews:

“This will be the safest and lowest tax solution you will find, as well as very commercial.”

⭐ 4.5/5, Jhon H. 

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payoneer review

Key Highlights

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Final Words

In the journey through this Payoneer review, it’s clear that this platform is a financial powerhouse. For freelancers, businesses, and online entrepreneurs, its versatile features offer unparalleled benefits.

Through thoughtful consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of your business requirements, you can arrive at a knowledgeable choice.

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