Top 5 Page Lock Apps for Shopify in 2023 [Tried & Tested]

Top 5 Shopify Lock Apps

Last Updated: December 2023

Do you want to lock some of your Shopify pages or products? If yes, there are many Shopify apps that can help you password-protect your Shopify pages.

But it can be time-consuming and overwhelming for you to find and select the best Shopify page lock apps.

That’s why we have tested and shortlisted the top 5 apps to lock Shopify store pages.

Locksmith by Lightward (Rating ⭐ 4.5/5, 431 Reviews)

Locksmith is one of the most popular and top-rated Shopify apps to control access to your store. Not only webpages but you can also lock products and ask your customers to complete an action to unlock them.

Furthermore, the Shopify Locksmith app can be used seamlessly through Shopify admin and works with all the latest Shopify themes.


  • Action-based access: Require registration or a customer tag to unlock products or pages.
  • Easy to set up: Auto-install locks on multiple pages in one click. 
  • Variety of conditions: You can set any of the provided conditions or create custom conditions to grant access.
  • Great customer support: Locksmith is known for its helpful and experienced customer support.


Starts from $9 per month with a 15-day free trial.


B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price (Rating ⭐ 4.9/5, 268 Reviews)

B2B Login Shopify Lock App

If you are looking for an app to lock product prices on your Shopify store, this app by BBS Commerce can be the best Shopify app for you!

With B2B Login/Lock, you can force your web visitors to log in or subscribe to newsletters to access pages on your store. Moreover, you can also lock the products and product prices as well.


  • Restrict guest view: Ask web visitors to complete any custom action (for example, registration) to get access.
  • Hide product price visibility: Require visitors to log in or enter a private code to unlock the price and check out.
  • Send private code or secret link: Secure your content for the customers who are meant to see your content.
  • Small business friendly: A great app for startups and small Shopify stores looking for a free lock app.


A free plan is available. Paid plans start from just $5 per month. 


Advanced Registration (Rating ⭐ 4.9/5, 61 Reviews)

Advanced Registration App Shopify

This app by Talcon Commerce is the best if you want your web visitors to fill out a digital registration form to access your Shopify store or specific pages on your store.

As the name suggests, you can require your store visitors to complete advanced registration to get access. You can also enable your customers to upload documents or images at the time of registration. 


  • Custom registration: Create customizable and advanced registration forms for your web visitors.
  • Custom locks: You can allow visitors to view your store and pages but restrict them to buy the products.
  • Mobile-friendly: All the forms are optimized for mobile screens and can be easily filled using mobile devices.


Advanced Registration app costs $12.95 per month with a 7-day free trial.


Warnify Pro Warnings (Rating ⭐ 4.8/5, 320 Reviews)

For some stores, locking the pages and products is not required, and displaying warning messages and terms is enough. If this applies to your store, Warnify Pro Warnings can do the work for you!

With Warnify, you can show custom warning pop-ups to your visitors on any page or after specific actions (for example, on clicking the buy button).


  • Variety of warning options: Pre-order, shipping delays, business hours changes, product availability, and more.
  • Location-based warnings: Set custom warnings as per locations, product variants, categories, etc.
  • Custom pop up designs: Create custom pop up designs with a variety of elements, colors, layouts, etc.


A free forever plan with limited features is available. For unlimited features, you would need to pay $9.95/month.


Flooz Superkeys – NFT lock

Flooz is a modern NFT-based Shopify lock that enables Shopify merchants to tokenize any product and gate it behind a token or NFT.

It works seamlessly and directly through Shopify admin, works with the latest themes, and has no impact on store speed. 


  • Simple to set up and use: It only takes 60 seconds to set up and no coding is required.
  • Customizations: Choose a light or dark theme and upload your logo to customize the user experience.
  • Custom lock: Lock any page, product, collection, etc. behind any NFT or token.




Bottom Line

These Shopify lock apps are really useful if you sell products that need users to register or produce any documents to buy products like chemicals, medicines, etc. 

However, you can also use these apps as a marketing strategy to create customer engagement and capture leads. All of these Shopify lock apps are great and loved by their users for their unique functionalities. But still, we can’t suggest you a specific app for your store as it depends on various business factors like store type, size, budget, etc.

Nevertheless, we definitely suggest you opt for free trials or use the free versions first.

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