Orderhive Reviews, Pricing, and Features

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Orderhive Reviews, Pricing, and Features

Last Updated: June 2024

Hey there! Are you tired of juggling multiple platforms and struggling to keep track of your orders, inventory, and shipping? Well, say goodbye to those headaches because we’re here to introduce you to Orderhive – a game-changing solution for streamlining your business operations. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into Orderhive reviews, pricing, and features to give you a comprehensive understanding of how it can revolutionize your order management process.

Table of Contents:

Pros and Cons of Orderhive



1. Order Management: Provides a centralized platform to manage your orders from multiple channels, making it easy to track, process, and fulfill orders efficiently. 

2. Inventory Management: Effectively track and manage your inventory levels across different warehouses or locations. 

3. Seamless Shipping Integration: Orderhive integrates with leading shipping carriers, allowing you to generate shipping labels, track shipments, and provide customers with real-time delivery updates. 

4. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor key metrics, track sales trends, and make data-driven decisions to grow your business. 

5. Returns Management: Process returns, track return statuses, and deliver seamless customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction.

1. Learning Curve: Due to its extensive features and capabilities, there may be a learning curve involved when getting started with Orderhive. It might take some time to fully explore and utilize all the functionalities the platform offers. 

2. Pricing Structure: The pricing plans of Orderhive may not be suitable for small businesses or those with limited budgets. The cost might be higher compared to some other order management solutions in the market. 

3. Orderhive Returns: While Orderhive provides returns management functionality, some users have reported limitations in terms of customization options and flexibility in handling returns processes. It may not fully cater to the specific needs of businesses with complex returns workflows.

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Orderhive Pricing (Rating ⭐4.5/5, 267 Reviews)

Orderhive Pricing
Image source – orderhive.com

Before diving into Orderhive pricing, remember, it’s important to evaluate your specific business requirements and choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Now, Orderhive has 4 pricing plans.

  1. Essentials Plan: For $125 per month or $1,500 per year, you get access to Orderhive’s basic features and integrations.
  2. Pro Plan: The Pro plan is priced at $225 per month or $2,700 per year. It includes all the features of the Essentials plan, along with additional integrations and tools.
  3. Pro Plus Plan: The Pro Plus plan costs $325 per month or $3,900 per year. It offers advanced features such as fulfillment and payment services, e-commerce automation, and custom user roles.
  4. Enterprise Plan: Provides customizable solutions tailored to your business needs. The starting cost is $500 per month or $6,000 per year. It includes all the features of the Pro Plus plan, as well as custom integrations and COGS management.

Note that Orderhive offers a 15-day free trial for all plans (except Enterprise) to help you explore the platform. For the Enterprise plan, you can book a demo. Additionally, there are options to add extra users and orders for an additional cost.

For a more detailed breakdown of Orderhive pricing, click here!

User Reviews

Price is perfect. Lots and lots of features.” – ⭐ 5/5, Mari H.

Honestly, the price was the driving force behind the decision.” – ⭐ 4/5, Robert A.

– cheap (compared to others). but in the long run it costs you more because the software is full of bugs!” – ⭐ 2/5, Amaan J.

Orderhive Reviews on Features

Here’s a breakdown of Orderhive features:

Inventory Management (Rating ⭐4.4/5, 103 Reviews)

Orderhive helps you efficiently manage your inventory across multiple channels. You can sync inventory from various sources, track stock levels, perform stock transfers, and handle bundling and kitting of products.

User Reviews

I would recommend OH to new clients to manage all stock and inventory especially if they use kitting..” – ⭐ 5/5, Mark F.

To change the stock count, i can’t go into the menu log and change then hop on to the next product. I had to constantly go back to the main inventory page to click on the next inventory which is cumbersome.” – ⭐ 3/5, Jenna F.

Order Management (Rating ⭐4.2/5, 83 Reviews)

Orderhive order management
Image source – orderhive.com

With Orderhive, you can streamline your order management process. Create and manage sales orders, generate invoices and payment receipts, handle back-ordered products, and customize order tags and fields.

User Reviews

provides many different functions for order processing” – ⭐ 4/5, Axelle D.

Not for businesses that handle a large number of orders/products” – ⭐ 1/5, Amar T.

Shipping Management (Rating ⭐4.3/5, 15 Reviews)

Simplify your shipping operations with Orderhive’s shipping management features. Track shipments, buy shipping labels from over 300 carriers, customize shipping labels and packaging slips, and enjoy USPS discounts for US customers.

User Reviews

Shipping integration is a time-saver and makes it easy to compare rates of your integrated carriers. The included USPS account has the lowest USPS rates we could find.” – ⭐ 5/5, Sven G.

Helped our company to handle and ship orders much faster.” – ⭐ 5/5, Fredrik H.

Returns Management (Rating ⭐4.2/5, 5 Reviews)

Orderhive allows you to efficiently handle returns. Create, manage, and process returns, track return shipments, and sort returned products as sellable, refurbished, or defective.

User Reviews

They provide many features so it takes few days to get the hang of it but in return, you have control of everything.” – ⭐ 5/5, Moshe B.

Unable to print return invoice and credit memo” – ⭐ 5/5, Johnson M.

return section is not great.” – ⭐ 4/5, Axelle D.

E-commerce Automation (Rating ⭐4.2/5, 12 Reviews)

Automate various e-commerce processes with Orderhive. Benefit from the automatic shipping carrier and service selection, pick and pack generation, order processing, and re-ordering of stock when needed.

User Reviews

We landed on Orderhive as they filled all of our channel needs as well as providing some cool custom Automation features that my team and I can write ourselves.” – ⭐ 5/5, Steven L.

totally helping us automate our order processing and shipping functions” – ⭐ 5/5, Judy G.

As a time-saving automation, it is a complete failure and costs us more time to run than doing a totally manual operation.” – ⭐ 1/5, Martin O.

Integrations (Rating ⭐4.2/5, 65 Reviews)

Orderhive offers integrations with popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, as well as online stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. It also integrates with shipping carriers, payment services, and accounting software.

User Reviews

As a company using Amazon, FBA, Shopify, Ebay, WooCommerce and wholesale sharing the same stock and syncing it from our ERP, it really works” – ⭐ 4/5, Arturo G.

it can be integrated with my Xero and Woocommerce. However, cancelled orders through woo commerce can’t be reflected on Orderhive.” – ⭐ 3/5, Jenna F.

The integration with our ETSY shop is at a very unsatisfactory level. Most of the time there is no quantity updates on the products we have there and we have to manually go through each listing and update” – ⭐ 4/5, Asya V.

Advanced User Permissions (Rating ⭐/5, 1 Review)

With Orderhive, you can assign user roles and set restrictions, ensuring secure access and control over the platform’s features and functionalities.

User Review

Pros – the ability to limit users by the permission tree.” – ⭐ 3/5, Omar A.

Reporting and Analytics (Rating ⭐4.2/5, 20 Reviews)

Orderhive reporting & analytics
Image source – orderhive.com

Orderhive provides reporting and analytics capabilities to help you gain valuable insights into your business performance. Track key metrics such as sales, inventory levels, order fulfillment, and customer behavior. Generate reports to analyze data and make informed decisions to optimize your operations and drive business growth.

User Reviews

The report that I wanted did not exist, but Orderhive went above and beyond to create a custom​ report for me.” – ⭐ 5/5, Astrid K.

Reports are limited and not user friendly.” – ⭐ 3/5, Syed M.

Customer Support (Rating ⭐/5,  Reviews)

Orderhive provides customer support through chat, email, and phone calls. Their support team is available for 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you with any questions or concerns.

User Reviews

The customer service is always available and provides a good support” – ⭐ 4/5, Axelle D.

Technical support is excellent. They even customized for my needs. Their onboarding is excellent.” – ⭐ 5/5, Steve M.

Cin7 Orderhive deserve a very special shout out for the lack of Support to their customers.They offer a 20×7 Support offering yet find themselves off for days and not responding” – ⭐ 1/5, Amar T.


Orderhive proves to be a reliable solution for businesses seeking effective order, returns, and inventory management. With its range of pricing plans and comprehensive features, Orderhive offers flexibility to accommodate various business sizes and needs.

However, if you find yourself unsure whether Orderhive is the right fit for your business, consider exploring Saufter as a viable alternative. It not only provides automated order and returns management services but also offers additional marketing and customer support features such as a knowledge base and live chat. 

With its affordable pricing options and a 15-day trial period, you can easily test out its capabilities and determine if it aligns with your business requirements.

Whether you choose Orderhive or Saufter, investing in a comprehensive solution like these can significantly enhance your operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive overall business success.



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