Orderhive Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best?

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Orderhive Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best [Complete Breakdown]

Last Updated: April 2024

Do you want to subscribe to Orderhive pricing plans but don’t know which one is most suitable for your business? Then, you should check out the complete Orderhive pricing details from this article. 

Also, we are providing pricing plans comparison along with user reviews to give you a better understanding of the software. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this article to understand Cin7 Orderhive pricing.

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What is Orderhive?

Image source – orderhive.com

Orderhive is an eCommerce inventory management and shipping software. Indeed, this automation platform is tailored to help retailers and sellers, streamlining their back-end tasks efficiently and effectively.

Thus, you can manage all your inventory across multiple warehouses through Orderhive’s app. Moreover, the Cin7 Orderhive includes order and purchase management functionalities along with analytical reports. Plus, it supports multichannel B2B and D2C commerce. 

Moving forward, let’s get into the pricing details.

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Overview of Orderhive Pricing

Orderhive Pricing Plans
Image source – orderhive.com

Orderhive has 4 pricing plans, namely Essentials, Pro, Pro Plus, and Enterprise. For all these plans (except for Enterprise), you get a free trial for 15 days. In case the trial period is not enough, then you can extend it by contacting Orderhive’s support team at the email address, support@orderhive.com

Note that there are some additional charges applicable to all pricing plans. 

  1. Users – In order to add one extra user, you should pay $50/month
  2. Orders – For additional sales orders, Orderhive charges in the following way.
Orders (up to)Charges (per month)

Additionally, the plan prices we will mention in the next section don’t include taxes. And, you can pay for them through monthly or yearly billing.

Now that you have an overview of the Cin7 Orderhive pricing structure, let’s get into an in-detail view of pricing plans.

Complete Breakdown of Orderhive Pricing Plans

  1. Essentials
  2. Pro
  3. Pro Plus
  4. Enterprise

1) Essentials

To subscribe to the Essentials plan, you need to pay $125 per month or $1,500 per year. Then, you will receive the following features.

Features Included

1) Integrations

Refers to the ability to integrate with 3rd party apps. In this plan, you can integrate with the following categories.

  • Marketplaces – Includes apps like Amazon, eBay, Walmart.com, Wish, Bol, Iconic, and Etsy.
  • Online stores – Contains apps such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and Brandboom.

2) Integration Capabilities

  • Sync data – Sync your data about products, orders, inventory, etc. And also instantly update your stock feed.
  • Auto update – Automatically update your order and shipment status; moreover, manage payments, invoices, PO, and product price changes seamlessly.

3) Stock Transfer

  • Stock transfer – Create and manage all your stock transfers, nonetheless customizing your transfer format adds a unique touch to the process. Also, print stock transfers.
  • Warehouse location transfer – Provides all the data needed to transfer your warehouse. Plus, includes a backup plan in case of any mishaps. Ensures that additional inventory is stored at alternate sites for situations where the original site isn’t ready to proceed further.
  • Quick send/receive – Through scanning, quickly send or receive stocks.
  • Other features – Custom fields, ST tagging, import and export stock.

4) Purchasing Management

  • Quick receive – With scanning, quickly receive POs.
  • Manage supplier – Handle all your supplier information.
  • Purchase orders (POs) – Create and manage your purchase orders. Email or assign them, customize the format, and even clone the POs.
  • Other features – Include import and export POs, custom fields, PO tagging, and creating your stock transfer.

5) E-commerce Automation

Note: All the operations mentioned here are done automatically.

  • Shipping carrier and service – Orderhive selects the shipping carrier and relevant service to deliver your order.
  • Pick & pack – Generates a picklist and packs your orders.
  • Order processing – Splits, tags, and untags your orders.  Also, processes all your orders received from verified customers or sources.
  • Re-order Stock – When there is an extreme need, it reorders the stock.

6) Order Management

  • Sales orders & picklists – Create and manage your sales orders and picklists. Plus, import and export sales orders.
  • Invoice & payment receipts – Download and print your invoices and payment receipts. Plus, customize your invoice format.
  • Back-ordered products – Fully manage your backorders. Additionally, allow your consumers to backorder products.
  • Other features – Clone orders, order tagging, custom fields, and SLA management.

7) Shipping Management

  • Shipment tracking – Automatically monitors your shipment status; therefore, ensures prompt alerts for multi-piece shipments. Plus, tracks your returns, and end-to-end delivery.
  • Shipping rates – Buy labels from 40 shipping carriers. Further, let your customers calculate shipping costs, and receive USPS 50% discount (applicable for US consumers).  
  • Customization – Customize your custom forms. Further, create custom shipping labels and packaging slips and print them. Also, perform batch printing for order labels.
  • Quick ship – Scan product barcodes for quick shipping.
  • Other features – Exception management and international shipping.

8) Returns Management

  • Returns processing – Create, manage, and process all your returns and track them. Additionally, customize your return labels and download them.
  • Returned products – Sort returns as sellable, refurbished, and defective. Next, issue and manage the replacements to be sent to buyers.

9) Inventory Management

  • Inventory & stock management – Sync your inventory from multiple channels. Additionally, manage stocks (based on location), multiple warehouses, and stock transfers. Moreover, Orderhive keeps your stock count and performs warehouse inventory verification/audit. Also, does quick stock adjustments.
  • Bundling/kitting – Create simple, variant, and bundled products as per your need. Handle those bundled goods individually or in bulk.
  • Barcodes – Generate product barcodes and print them.
  • Duplicates – Clear any duplicate SKUs or products.
  • Other features – Batch and expiry management, custom fields, import and export inventory, and product tagging.

10) Orderhive’s Customer Support

In order to help you with the Orderhive setup and to clear any doubts you have, it provides the following customer support along with a knowledge base.

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone call

Note that the support is available for 20 hours and 5 days. They remain offline from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EST).


  • Orders per month – The number of orders is limited to 300 for monthly billing and 450 for annual billing. 
  • Users – Only 2 users can connect to your account. 
  • Integrations – Supports integrations in 2 categories.

Essentials Plan is Good For:

If you have recently started your business or online store, then the Essentials plan is the best one for you.

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2) Pro

The pro plan costs $225/month and $2,700/year. Here you get access to all the Essentials plan features along with the following ones.

Features Included

1) Integrations

  • Shipping & carriers – Consists of ShipStation, Shiptheory, ShipRush, StarShipIt, Webshipper, and BDSchneker.
  • Amazon FBA

2) Order Management

  • Amazon FBA orders – Send orders to your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) store.

3) Shipping Management

  • Amazon FBA shipment – Track your Amazon FBA shipments from Orderhive. 

4) Inventory Management

  • Manage Amazon FBA – Manage your Amazon FBA inventory.


  • Orders per month – For monthly and yearly billing, your store is allowed to have up to 1,000 and 1,500 orders respectively.
  • Users – Supports only 4 users.
  • Integrations – Gives access to 4 categories only.

Pro Plan is Good For:

In case you are an e-commerce seller whose business is emerging and definitely need Amazon Fulfillment, then go for the Pro plan.

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3) Pro Plus

For a month, the Pro Plus charges $325. If you want to pay yearly, then it costs $3,900. Now, coming to features, you get all the Pro plan tools and the following ones.

Features Included

1) Integrations

  • Fulfillment and payments services – ShipCentral, Mintsoft, ShipEdge, MBB, Deliverr, Stripe, Paypal Pro, ChargeBee, BrainTree, and so on.
  • Retail point of sale (POS) – Square, EPOS Now, Vend by Lightspeed, and Lightspeed.
  • Delivery and warehouse apps – Tookan-delivery management system.
  • Developer APIs and FTP – Allows you to use FTP and API (for more details view the Orderhive’s API documentation). 

2) E-commerce Automation

  • Payment & dropshipping – Automate your payment logging and all of your dropshipping processes.
  • Notifications – Send email and SMS notifications to your customers or suppliers automatically.

3) Order Management

  • Payments – Manage your payments and invoicing. Plus, save and charge debit/credit cards.
  • Order assignment – You can efficiently assign and email placed orders to third-party logistics (3PL)/dropship/customers.

4) Shipping Management

  • Dropshipping – Handle all your dropshipping activities. Also, supports mass shipping.

5) Returns Management

  • Notifications – Moreover, automatically send SMS and email notifications or alerts to your suppliers and users.

6) Inventory Management

  • 3PL – Enables you to manage your 3rd party logistic warehouses.

7) Advanced User Permissions

  • User roles Assignment – You may assign users to the basic 5 standard roles available. And also, add restrictions to the assigned roles.
  • Custom user roles – Allows you to create your own custom user roles and assign them.


  • Orders per month – Overall, you get up to 2,000 sales orders for monthly billing and 3,000 for annual billing.
  • Users – Only 6 users are supported.
  • Integrations – Provides 8 category integrations.

Pro Plus Plan is Good For:

When your business becomes full-fledged and requires you to have functionalities like API, fulfillment, etc., then you can go for the Pro Plus plan.

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4) Enterprise

Enterprise plan offers customizable solutions; nevertheless, it’s developed to fulfill your business requirements. Therefore, its cost varies. Though, the starting cost for the plan is $500/month and $6,000/year

Furthermore, there is no free trial available for this plan. However, you can get a personalized demo by clicking on the below button.

Orderhive - Demo
Image source – cin7.com

Generally, this plan includes all the Pro Plus plan features along with the following ones.

Features Included

1) Integrations

  • Marketing & CRM – Hubspot, Google, Twilio, Zoho, Unifonic, Burst SMS, and Klaviyo.
  • Accounting – QuickBooks Online and Xero.
  • Custom integrations – Revisio, GunBroker, FreshBooks, KinseysSouth, Picqer, and NFS US.

Also, electronic data interchange (EDI) integrations are available for larger enterprises.

2) E-commerce Automation

  • Purchase orders – Setup to automatically create and update your POs.
  • Invoice – Generate an invoice. Moreover, send it to your accounting team automatically.

3) Inventory Management

  • COGS management – The cost of goods sold (COGS) represents the expenses incurred specifically in the production of goods. It includes their delivery costs as well such as packaging. Now, you can efficiently manage all your COGS data and operations in Orderhive; additionally, streamline your workflow with ease.

4) Orderhive’s Customer Support

Along with chat, email, and 20×5 support that you receive in other plans, you also get 20×5 training until 3:00 PM (EST).


  • Customer support – Even in the personalized plan, however, you don’t receive 24×7 customer support services.

Enterprise Plan is Good For:

If your running a large-scale and multichannel business, then the Enterprise plan is the one for you. Because you would definitely need personalized solutions to run your store efficiently.

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Orderhive Pricing Plans Comparison At a Glance

Pricing (Excluding Taxes)
BillingEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise (Starts at)
Number of Features Supported
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Orders per month – monthly billingUp to 300Up to 1,000Up to 2,000No limit
Orders per month – yearly billingUp to 450Up to 1,500Up to 3,000No limit
Users246No limit
Integrations in2 categories4 categories8 categoriesAll categories
CategoriesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Online stores
Shipping & carriers
Amazon FBA
Fulfilment services
Payments services
Retail point of sale (POS)
Delivery and warehouse apps
Marketing & CRM
Custom integrations
FeatureEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Developer APIs and FTP
Integration Capabilities
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Sync data
Auto update
Stock Transfers
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Stock transfer
Warehouse location transfer
Quick send/receive
Custom fields and ST tagging
Import & export stock
Purchasing Management
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Purchase orders (POs)
Quick receive
Manage supplier
Import and export POs
Custom fields, PO tagging, and creating stock transfer
E-commerce Automation
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Shipping carrier and service
Pick & pack and order processing 
Re-order stock
Payment & dropshipping process
Purchase orders & invoice
Order Management
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Sales orders & picklists
Invoice & payment receipts
Clone orders & order tagging
Custom fields
SLA management
Back-ordered products
Amazon FBA orders
Payments and order assignment
Shipping Management
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Status tracking
Shipping rates
Quick ship
Exception management and international shipping
Amazon FBA shipment tracking
Returns Management
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Returns processing
Returned products
Inventory Management
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Inventory & stock management
Batch and expiry management
Barcodes and product tagging
Duplicate SKUs
Import and export inventory
Custom fields
Manage Amazon FBA
3PL warehouse
COGS management
Advanced User Permissions
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
User roles assignment
Custom user roles
Orderhive Product Support
FeaturesEssentialsProPro PlusEnterprise
Knowlege base
20×5 support
20×5 training

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User Reviews for Orderhive Pricing

Now that you know the Cin7 Orderhive pricing plans information in detail, let’s see what the users feel about it. To give you a better idea about Orderhive pricing advantages and disadvantages, we are providing both positive and negative reviews. 

Positive Reviews

I can unify the inventory count for multiple warehouses. Their customer service is amazing. That and the price for what I need is what I have kept me from leaving this service. Great price for what you can get for it.” – Adriana C.

Honestly, the price was the driving force behind the decision. That along with a dedicated account rep and the ability to customize work flow” – Robert A.

I genuinely could not find another piece of similar software that will do as much as orderhive does, for the price point that it does it at. It is not perfect by any means, but even in their flaws, they excel” – George C.

The software is comprehensive and great if your are running a small , medium inventory based business. It covers all the key functions needed at a great price. Inventory management, warehouse management, purchase orders management, integration with key software’s” – GRechard A.

Negative Reviews

Worst of all, they got me into a contract and then chagned the terms and tried to increase the price.

– cheap (compared to others). but in the long run it costs you more because the software is full of bugs! – tons of features (that don’t consistently work)” – Amaan J.

Charged double, was told I should have known what my account billing page said was incorrect…” – Verified User in Retail

The price increases ever since we went with Orderhive. Was abit over my budget, hence had issues with management on that. But, I guess its inevitable.” – Verified User in Financial Services

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Final Words 

We hope that, consequently, upon reviewing the Cin7 Orderhive pricing details, you can confidently select the best plan for your business. Subsequently, the user reviews gave you a better idea of the software in terms of pricing.

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