Optoro Vs ReadyCloud Which One Is The Best For Your Business

Last Updated: February 2024

Both Optoro and ReadyCloud are web-based softwares providing returns management solutions to retailers and online brands. But then, there are some common features and differences as well between them both.

Hence, it is necessary to know about both software tools in detail to compare and pick the suitable one. So, to make things easier for you, we have differentiated the tools based on the following features.

Read this article thoroughly and zero in on the right solution for your business.

Optoro vs ReadyCloud Comparison of Features

Free Trial Period

Firstly, any software company should offer a free trial period to test and try their tools with your business.

  • ReadyCloud – In this scenario, ReadyCloud offers a free trial for 2 weeks. After that, the returns management plans start from $24 onwards.
  • Optoro – On the other hand, Optoro does not offer any trial period. All you need to do is request a demo by writing to the company and they will get in touch with you.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Returns Management (Final Winner: Optoro)

Warehouse Availability

When you have multiple warehouse locations instead of just one main location, then you can enable speedy returns and restocking of inventory.

  • Optoro – Along with your own warehouse spaces, you can even outsource the fulfillment processes to Optoro’s network of returns centers.
  • ReadyCloud – There is a global network of ReadyShipper warehouse centers available with Readycloud.

Winner: Both

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

A unique tool specially designed to enable faster rerouting of the returned products to the inventory.

  • Optoro – Optoro’s SmartDisposition application guides your inventory team with the necessary step-by-step instructions. Also monitors and updates the inventory data in real time.
  • ReadyCloud – ReadyCloud’s ReadyShipper tool lets you automate warehouse operations, and provides you with instant networking, multiple carriers, and international shipping solutions.

Winner: Both

Returns Policy

It is quite necessary to design and publish your won Return Policy on your website to prevent fraudulent returns.

  • Optoro – Leveraging Optoro, design effective data-driven returns policy depending on various returns metrics like item types, holiday returns, gift returns, etc.
  • ReadyCloud – Using ReadyCloud tools, you can set custom rules for your return policy.

Winner: Both

Vendor Management

To manage and maintain vendor relationships for streamlined reverse supply chain workflows.

  • Optoro – Cut vendor complexities, automate RA submissions, and maintain consistent vendor agreements across inventories.
  • ReadyCloud – No exclusive vendor management tools are available with ReadyCloud.

Winner: Optoro

Returns Experiences (Final Winner: Optoro)

Branded Self-service Returns Portal

This is an online returns portal that you can host on your brand website where your customers can initiate returns by themselves.

  • Optoro – Optoro offers a branded self-service returns portal that you can embed with easy clicks. 
  • ReadyCloud – The ReadyReturns experts help you set up branded returns portal in less than 90 minutes that naturally fits within your website.

Winner: Optoro

Printerless Returns

Allows your customers to return the products even without a printed label. In this method, usually, the shipping company accepts the returns by simply scanning the QR code.

  • Optoro – Enables you to take in UPS QR code scanned returns.
  • ReadyCloud – Scan and accept UPS and USPS QR code returns.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Returns Labels

Offering return labels gives your customers a seamless returns experience. Do Optoro and ReadyCloud provide you with this service?

  • Optoro – Take in the returned product from your customers even without the returns labels.
  • ReadyCloud (rating 4.5/5⭐) – With ReadyCloud, you get to use UPS and USPS return labels which become very handy as you only need to pay if the label is claimed. On top of it even lets your customers directly generate and print shipping labels.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Packageless Returns

In this express returns method, you accept the returns without any packaging. By doing so, you additionally contribute to sustainability.

  • Optoro – Optoro lets you accept package-less returns seamlessly.
  • ReadyCloud – ReadyCloud also has a great network of product drop-off locations to let your customers leave their returns box-free.

Winner: Both

Store Credits

Refunds in the form of store credits will tie your customer with your brand by enabling them to do a repurchase right away or sometime later.

  • Optoro – Offer instant store credits to your customers easily using Optoro.
  • ReadyCloud – Automatic store credits are available for your Shopify and BigCommerce stores.

Winner: Optoro

Exchange Options

Providing your customers with instant alternate product options to choose from will reduce returns and promote more sales.

  • Optoro – Offer instant exchange to your customers by shipping out the selected product even before receiving the returned one.
  • ReadyCloud – Allows your customers to choose the exchange product from your website catalog itself.

Winner: Optoro

Customer Support (Final Winner: Optoro)


The company should be able to give you onboarding and ongoing support as and when required.

  • Optoro – Get online user support from Optoro.
  • ReadyCloud – Gives you online support during business hours.

Winner: Optoro


Apart from the regular user support, there should be a rich knowledge resource for you to access at any time.

  • Optoro – Help documentations are available to guide you with the software usage.
  • ReadyCloud – Whereas, ReadyCloud gives you online video training along with the help articles.

Winner: ReadyCloud


Providing customer support in multiple languages.

  • Optoro – Optoro support services are available only in English.
  • ReadyCloud – ReadyCloud provides support in multiple languages.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Integrations (Final Winner: ReadyCloud) Rating 4.5/5⭐


  • API – Both Optoro and ReadyCloud support API connections.

Winner: Both

E-commerce Integrations

  • Optoro – Connects with Shopify and eBay. Also, the platform has an in-built wholesale marketplace called BULQ where you can restock and resell returned products.
  • ReadyCloud – ReadyCloud easily combines with your eCommerce stores including Amazon, Bigcommerce, Magento, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and more.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Shipping Integrations

  • Optoro – Integrates with Shipmonk, UPS, and Shippo to provide you with shipping solutions.
  • ReadyCloud – Has a native integration called ReadyShipper with multi-carrier, automation, and money-saving options. ReadyCloud also has third-party partnerships with UPS, FedEx, stamps.com, etc.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Marketing Integrations

  • Optoro – No connections are available.
  • ReadyCloud – MailChimp, Action Alerts, and Constant Contact tools help you stay ahead with email marketing services.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Inventory Management Integrations

  • Optoro – External third-party connection is not available with Optoro.
  • ReadyCloud – SKUVault, AACE, and Fishbowl to meet your inventory management needs.

Winner: ReadyCloud

Analytics (Final Winner: ReadyCloud) Rating 4.5/5⭐

Returns Tracking

Using this monitoring tool, you can measure the returns productivity and also identify issues to quickly optimize and resolve returns complications.

  • Optoro – Lets you view and monitor returns data in real time and track issues even before their unit-level visibility.
  • ReadyCloud – Learn what products are being returned and track them all in real time.

Winner: ReadyCloud

In The End,

What we have found out comparing Optoro vs ReadyCloud is that both are returns softwares yet with varied features. By reading this detailed comparison guide, we are sure, you would now be able to decide on the best suitable one for your business.

In case, you are still not able to finalize, we would recommend you check out Saufter. With it, comes an in-built fully customizable customer self-service returns portal. This helpdesk software auto-scans all the orders every day and notifies you in case of any issues.

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