Olark Vs LiveChat: Which One Is Best For You?

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Olark vs LiveChat

Last Updated: July 2024

With over 44% of customers saying live chat is the most valuable tool a company can offer on their website, it is necessary to provide them with the best one. Well, Olark vs LiveChat are two such platforms you can consider. But, among these two, which one is the best?

The post is intended to find an answer to this question!

Confused about how?

We will be comparing the features of both these tools to arrive at a conclusion. The contents of this post are as follows:

Let’s dive into the post!

What is Olark?

Olark was founded in 2008 by Ben Congleton, Matthew Pizzimenti, Roland Osborne, and Zach Steindler. It is a simple and user-friendly live chat software suited for your support, sales, and marketing teams.

Olark has constantly evolved through time, equipping itself with features and tools to cater to the ever-changing business trends. Today, it wins the hearts of many businesses through its lightweight, versatile customizations, and robust engagement tactics.

Olark vs LiveChat

What is LiveChat?

LiveChat was founded in 2002 by Maciej Jarzebowski, Mariusz Cieply, and Szymon Klimczak. This software focuses on improving your profit margin through live chat.

With its AI automation and omnichannel approach, you can engage with your customers on multiple platforms and channels. Due to its flexible customizations, many businesses find its chat widget attractive on their website.

Olark vs LiveChat

Olark VS LiveChat: A Quick Comparison

Before we dive into more specifics, let us have a quick look at some basic features of both software:

Pricing Starts At$19/month$16/month

Shared inbox

Live chat


Contact management

Custom forms

CSAT Surveys


Shared inbox

Live chat


Contact management

Ticket management

Knowledge base

Helpdesk solutions

Email automation

Free trial14 days14 days

Olark Vs LiveChat: Live Chat Features

Features OlarkLiveChat
Canned Responses
Proactive Chats
Self-Service Option
Conversation Rating
Video ChatAvailable through 3rd party apps.
Chat Transcripts
Pre-chat Survey
Message Sneak Peek
Customized Greetings
  • Customization – This includes the customizations such as font, color, theme, etc. that you can apply to the chat widget.
  • Canned responses – These are the pre-set responses your agents can send to customers to minimize response and handling time.
  • Chatbot – With a chatbot, you can automate your customer engagement. Additionally, you can save yourself from missing chats.
  • Proactive chats – This feature allows you to start a conversation with a prospect, lead, or website visitor. You can also notify customers about product updates, recommendations, upcoming offers, etc.
  • Self-service option – These features generally include answering common questions the customer might encounter. The options include help articles, FAQs, knowledge base, etc.
  • Ticketing – Through the ticketing feature, the customer can raise an issue to your attention.
  • Conversation rating – It is a feedback request sent to your customers at the end of a chat. The rating will give you an idea of your chat quality.
  • Video chat – Lets your agent engage with your customers through video calls.
  • Analytics – Provides you with data on agent performance, chat volume, customer ratings, etc. It will help you make data-driven decisions for upcoming strategies.
  • Chat transcripts – Transcripts help you to search, read, and analyze your conversations with customers.
  • Pre-chat survey – Helps you deliver a personalized conversation by collecting customers’ information before the chat begins.
  • Message sneak-peek – Lets you see what customers are typing before they hit send. With this feature, you can cut down on your response time.
  • Customized greetings – Allows you to greet customers with personalized greeting messages based on their location, referring webpage, and so on.

Olark Vs LiveChat: Customer Support Features

Features OlarkLiveChat
Shared Inbox
Knowledge Base Builder
Analytics & Reports
Email Integration
Voice Integration
Social Media Integration
Mobile App Integration
Ticketing Workflows
Multichannel Approach
Chat Routing
Staffing Prediction
  • Shared inbox – With a shared inbox, your agents can access all customer conversations in one place.
  • Knowledge base builder – This feature assists you in creating a knowledge base to promote self-service.
  • Analytics & Report – Provides you with the performance of your agents, chats, chat volume, response time, etc.
  • Email integration – With this feature, you can follow up with a customer when you are offline.
  • Voice integration –  Lets your agents switch to an audio or video call with your customer without leaving the conversation.
  • Social media integration – Helps you to engage with your customers across social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Mobile app integration – Assists your customers to interact with you via iOS and Android platforms.
  • Ticketing workflows – With these workflows, you can streamline your ticket management.
  • Helpdesk – Using various automation tools, your agents can efficiently manage and resolve customer concerns. By automating many manual tasks, you can improve agent productivity and save more time as well.
  • Multichannel approach – Helps your customers to connect with you through email, website, live chat, social media, etc.
  • Chat routing – These include rules you can set for navigating the customer to the right agent.
  • Staffing prediction – Gives you an idea of how many agents would be needed to cover peak slots.

Olark Vs LiveChat: Marketing & Sales Features

Features OlarkLiveChat
Lead Generation
Targeted Messaging
Visitor Insights
Automated Data Syncing
Appointment Chatbot
Chat Carousels
Offline Lead Capture
Rep Performance Analytics
URL Based Routing Rules
  • Lead generation – Helps you identify a lead as per set rules. Lead generation can also be done with chatbots.
  • Targeted messaging – Lets you send personalized and priority messages to prospects and leads to draw them into the sales pipeline.
  • Visitor insights – Provides you with details of your visitors, their browsing patterns, etc. to deliver better engagement and grab more leads.
  • Automated data syncing – Assists you in syncing the data of your leads with your CRM, email marketing teams, and Google Analytics.
  • Appointment chatbot – Helps you to automate appointment scheduling and reservation booking for valuable meetings between your reps and customers.
  • Chat Carousels – Lets your customers know about product updates, new offers, updates, etc.
  • Offline lead capture – Enables you to capture data about prospects or leads even when you are offline. This is done by asking some simple questions.
  • Rep performance analytics – Provides you with data on how your sales reps are performing.
  • URL-based routing roles – Assists in routing customers to your sales, support, or marketing teams by monitoring the URL they are currently on.

Olark Vs LiveChat: Pricing Comparison

Now that you’re familiar with the features of both Olark and LiveChat, let’s look at their pricing schemes:

Olark Pricing Structure

To try out the features of Olark, you can go for their 14-day free trial. When the free trial ends, you will be automatically added to their free version.

The free version, however, has only limited features. You will be able to add only one agent and can handle only up to a maximum of 20 chats per month. If you are using the free version, and the chat limit exceeds, your chat box will be set to the offline mode by default.

For increased chat limits and additional features, you can opt from any of their pricing plans categorized as follows:

$29 per agent/per month No contract involvedCancel any time
$23 per agent/per month 1year contractFull payment during sign up
$19 per agent/per month 2year contractFull payment during sign up

Olark vs LiveChat

What’s more, you will get access to unlimited chat history under all these plans.

Olark also provides a special plan tailored for enterprise-level businesses, named, “Olark Pro”. It is a feature-rich plan to manage the complex support, marketing, and sales needs through live chat. Some of the feature highlights include co-pilot automation, priority support, a personal account manager, etc.

Olark has also covered the need for additional tools you may require in any of these plans. You can include them as add-ons via the “PowerUps” feature. All the add-ons range from $29 to $99 per month. Additionally, it is offered at flat rates irrespective of your agent count or business model.

For knowing the complete breakdown of Olark’s pricing plan, go through Olark Pricing: Which Plan is the Best for You? (Complete Breakdown).

LiveChat Pricing Structure

Initially, Live Chat offers a 14 -day free trial. You can add up to 100 agents during your free trial. Since this platform does not offer a free version, you have to subscribe to any of their paid versions categorized as follows: 

Starter$16/agent/monthFor startups
Team$33/agent/monthFor small and medium businesses
Business$50/agent/monthFor enterprise-class businesses
EnterpriseCustom pricingFor big enterprises

These pricing plans are applicable if the subscription is billed annually.

As you can see, the pricing structure of LiveChat is well-tiered and there are no additional charges involved.


Olark Vs LiveChat: Is there A Clear Winner?

After all these comparisons, this must be the question on your mind right now.

If you are expecting a one-word answer, well, we can’t choose or pick one as such. Because every business model is unique, and so are its requirements.

However, take into consideration these points before you opt for one:

  • Multichannel – LiveChat can assist you in handling multichannel, whereas Olark handles a live chat feature placed on your website.
  • Ticket Management – When it comes to helpdesk and ticketing solutions, LiveChat offers it whereas Olark doesn’t.
  • Chat History – Olark provides you with unlimited chat history under all of its plans. On the other hand, LiveChat provides this feature only from the Team plan.
  • Integrations – Livechat offers more robust integrations compared to Olark.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Even though LiveChat offers more in-depth and custom reports, only Olark offers real-time reporting.
  • Pricing Structure – When comparing the pricing plans, Olark’s pricing structure appears to be more simple. However, you will have to pay additional fees for add-ons. LiveChat, on the other hand, has properly segmented pricing. There are also no hidden fees in the form of add-ons.
  • Knowledge Base Builder – Only LiveChat offers a knowledge base builder.
  • E-commerce – Although both platforms offer e-commerce integrations, LiveChat has more integrations. Additionally, you can set goals and a sales tracker for your e-commerce business.
  • Customer Support – If you face any trouble with the platform, LiveChat customer service is there to help you out 24/7. On the contrary, Olark offers only business hour support.

To Sum It Up:

Now at this stage, you may have a clear idea of whether these platforms have the features you are looking for or not. So, choosing between Olark and LiveChat may not be that hard.

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