Olark Pricing: Which Plan is the Best for You?

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Olark Pricing

Last Updated: May 2024

Olark is one of the popular tools to add live chat to your website. Over 40,000 organizations including small and large businesses, non-profits, and government entities have chosen Olark for its user-friendly features and competitive pricing.

It integrates well with several CRM, e-commerce, and help desk platformsto provide you with automation, chatbots, key customer insights, and more.

So, you can subscribe to Olark but… which Olark pricing plan are you going with?

Well, if you’re new to Olark, we will help you understand Olark’s pricing structure, and choose the best plan for your business.

Contents of this post are as follows:

An overview of Olark’s Pricing Structure

All Olark Plans start with a free 14-day trial. After that, you have the option to downgrade to a free account or you have to subscribe to paid plans.

The free account has limited features, one agent, and a maximum of 20 chats per month (which is very less even if you’re just starting out).

Talking of paid plans, Olark has two pricing plans:

  • Self-Service, and
  • Pro

Olark Pricing Overview

Olark’s self-service plan costs $29 per month per agent seat (billed monthly). With the annual subscriptions, you get a sizeable discount, ranging from 20 to 35 percent with a 2-year subscription.

On the other hand, Olark’s Pro plan offers customized pricing according to the problem you are trying to solve and your targeted go-live date.

Olark Add-ons (PowerUps):

Apart from the features you get with either plan, there are optional add-on features that are individually priced from $29 to $99 per month, called PowerUps. These are specialized features for sales, growth, and customer service, available to add to any Olark plan with a flexible monthly subscription.

The following are Olark’s add-ons available:

  • Visitor cobrowsing at $99 per month, which allows you to see your visitor’s screen and provide a personalized experience for purchases, support, and all other tasks;
  • Live chat translation at $29 per month, which helps you capture leads and sales from around the globe with automatic language detection and real-time translation in your chatbox and agent console
  • Non-branded chatbox at $59 per month, in case you want to keep your visitors focused on your product and brand by removing the ‘Powered by Olark’ link, and
  • Visitor insights, through which you get to score leads, prioritize chats and personalize your service and sales approach with visitor data collected from public social profiles and company websites. 
    • Visitor Insights: Social – Visitor data collected from public websites and social profiles costs $59 per month.
    • Visitor Insights: Social & Professional – Visitor data collected from company websites and social profiles costs $99 per month.

With Olark, you get the same core live chat features regardless of the size of your plan. But if you want to “super-power” your plan, then you can either choose the Pro plan or pick the required PowerUp at an additional cost.

A detailed breakdown of Olark’s Pricing Plans

Self-Service Plan

– Features Offered:

  • Unlimited chat history
  • Customizable chatbox – control the chatbox appearance and behaviour through the JavaScript API, add a custom logo and theme, select the preferred language, and customize for right-to-left languages
  • Comprehensive data security – data storage with AES symmetric encryption
  • Advanced reporting – receive daily, weekly, or monthly data summaries in your inbox and automatically add chat events to your Google Analytics dashboard
  • Advanced privacy features addition of GDPR pre-chat consent options to the chatbox, automatic redaction of visitor data from transcripts, hiding the chatbox from certain IP addresses, and blocking trolls
  • Real-time reporting
  • Agent groups – created to route chats by department, specialty, and more
  • Targeted chat – automating messaging and chatbox behavior based on visitor details 
  • Convenient integrations – Slack, Hubspot, Magento, Zendesk, Webhooks, Help Scout, Mailchimp, WordPress, Salesforce, and BigCommerce.

– Limitations of the Self-Service Plan:

  • No enterprise-level features are available
  • No Chatbot CoPilot
  • No Live training for the team
  • No dedicated personal account manager

– Self-Service Plan is good for:

If you want access to all the core live chat features provided by Olark, the Self-Service plan is for you. This plan gives individuals, as well as your teams regardless of their size, access to the reporting, integrations, and insights you need to impress your customers.

Pro Plan

– Features Offered:

Everything in the self-service plan and:

  • CoPilot Automation – custom-built chatbot automation tailored to your business goals
  • Training – your support team gets trained right out of the gate
  • Personal Account Manager – you get personal help fast with either video chats or phone calls
  • Payment options – you can pay via a vendor management system with an invoice or purchase order
  • Compliance – you get the assistance you need to jump through these tricky hoops, from NIST 800-53 security reviews to VPATs, WCAG AA 2.1 accessibility compliance, security audits, and processing customer EU contractual clauses
  • Olark API – you get access to API experts who will help you customize your reporting, integrate with your software, and optimize Olark for your business goals
  • Integrations – integrating Olark with your website, CRM, help desk, and other software
  • Priority support – same business day response time for all support requests.

– Limitations of the Pro Plan:

  • Not very scalable and overall, only limited automation features are available.

– Pro Plan is good for:

If you are part of a sophisticated organization or want to have enterprise power for a small business price, the Pro plan is for you. This plan is perfect for industries such as higher education, government, or any other that requires powerful automation and winning customer service. 

Olark Plans Comparison at a glance

We have looked at the comparison of the different pricing plans in some detail. Now, let’s look at the same at one glance.

Olark Pricing Plans Comparison

Why is Saufter the best Olark alternative?

Olark is a nice tool for live chat but the main issue with Olark is Scalability! What if you would need social media, email, and voice support channels in the future?

That’s why, we suggest you go with the best alternatives to Olark like Saufter.

Saufter is a complete help desk solution that can be integrated with many support channels, unlike Olark.

You get to see all of the customers’ messages and important events in a single view. Native integrations with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce are provided with just one click. Integration with Slack, a popular messaging platform is also possible.

The following are some other key features that make Saufter stand out:

  • Affordable pricing: Saufter offers custom pricing.
  • Unlimited tickets: You get unlimited tickets with each plan.
  • A lot of integrations: It allows a wide variety of integrations including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Slack. Moreover, it provides integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce.
  • Omnichannel support tool: Unlike Olark, the Saufter allows you to integrate various support channels including email, live chat, social media, and voice as well.
  • Proactive customer support: It automatically detects delays and issues with your customers’ orders, allowing you proactively resolve the upcoming issues and wow your customers.
  • Automated Agent Training: It is perhaps the only Help desk that offers agent training automation. The easy-to-use training module trains and tests your team based on your ticket/chat history. The software then scores them on their responses and allows you to track their performance.
  • Hire Skilled Agents: As Saufter is also one of the best customer service outsourcing providers based in the USA, you can hire agents on an hourly basis.
  • Marketing Automation: It identifies happy customers and can automate the collection of Google reviews, Trustpilot reviews, and user-generated content that you can use for your brand’s marketing.


To summarize, we’ve looked at the different pricing plans available with Olark, and also the detailed list of features that come with each plan. Now, you will be able to choose the plan you need to meet your business requirements.

Still, confused? Check out Saufter. Unlike Helpshift, it’s an omnichannel customer service helpdesk with a wide range of customer support management and automation features.

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