Nine Phrases to Transform Your Customer Service From Good to Awesome

Last Updated: February 2024

Regardless of which industry you are working in, customer experiences can make or break your business reputation. This is why having a proactive customer service strategy is crucial. A recent study showed that 84% of consumers consider customer service as a critical determining purchase factor (Oberlo).

At such a critical juncture, a customer service agent assumes many roles and responsibilities. They may have to be your business representative, a product specialist, a troubleshooter, and most importantly, a sympathetic hearer. The phrases and the language they use during these times are crucial for retaining the customer. 

We have put together these eight customer service phrases and tips to help you make customer interactions as seamless as possible. 


Acknowledging Customer Complaints & Pain Points

For effective communication, you need to listen to what your customer is saying and acknowledge their frustrations. When you try to connect with their struggles, it will make them feel more supported.

Here are some phrases you can use to help you establish a genuine connection with your customers.

1. “Thank You For Letting Us Know”

If a customer is reporting you about bugs or raising a complaint, you should be thankful for their feedback. The phrase indicates that your company acknowledges the issue and expresses genuine appreciation to the customer for speaking up.

You can further explain to the customer how you’ve never encountered the problem before and assure them that your team will start working on it soon. This will help you engage the customer and accelerate the problem-solving process.

2. “I Would Be Just As Frustrated If I Were In Your Position”

This phrase comes in handy when you are trying to calm angry or disappointed customers. Many times, your customers may feel that a support agent does not understand their concerns. By exhibiting empathy, you assure the customers that you understand their frustrations.

Depending on the situation, you can also replace the word ‘frustrating’ for another, such as ‘upset’ or ‘annoying’.

3. “We Can Work Through This” 

Using collaborative words, such as ‘we’ and ‘together,’ you are building confidence. In this way, you can take the burden off the customer’s shoulder and make them feel a part of your company. 83% of customers are more loyal to brands that respond and resolve their complaints. (Help Scout)

By using a positive tone and offering prompt customer service, you will empower your customers, make it clear that you empathize with their situation, and contribute towards resolving the problem.

Offering Gratitude

It should not come as a surprise, but gratitude is the first step towards building a lasting relationship with your customers. Sending timely ‘Thank You’ newsletters or thanking your customers for transacting with you is an easy way to delight your customers and enhance their experience.

Let us look at the top phrases and empathizing statements that express gratitude.

4. “Thank You For Choosing Us”

This is a great way to humanize your conversation with the customer. After you have resolved your user’s problems, you can take a moment to appreciate their time. Your customer service team can personalize a message by referring to how long they have been your consumer or how valuable their contribution to the company is.

5. “I’m Glad To Be Of Service”

Clients and customers may feel guilty about messaging you for the silliest things. By using this phrase, you are putting them at ease that no question is too trivial. When your statements are full of gratitude and support, customers will feel at ease, reaching out to you for any complaints and feedback.

Offering Your Customers an Update

Whether it is a complaint or a follow-up, the main focus of customer service is to provide timely and reliable resolution. Therefore, sending clear information and updates is a critical component of customer experience and must be handled with care.

The following phrases show that you value your customers and are trying your best to improve their experience.

6. “I Will Have An Update Ready For You At (Date)”

Establishing a timeframe assures the consumer that you are looking into the matter as best as you can. Research shows that 73% of customers prefer doing business with companies that value their time (Groovehq). Conversely, late and unreliable support can negatively impact your brand image. Hence, it is best to draft a message communicating a clear timeframe and delivering the solution at that time.

7. “Would You Consider An Alternative Solution?”

The worst situations are the ones where you have to say no to your consumers. Once you tell them the negative news, you may think that your responsibilities are already fulfilled. However, to appease them, you can provide them with alternative solutions and options.

The best course of action is to resolve as many of their queries as you can and do everything in your power to turn their frown upside down.

Closing Remarks

Heading into a closing conversation with your customer may feel nerve-wracking. No matter how fast you may have resolved their queries, there is no fool-proof way to guarantee whether you have enhanced their experience or not. However, a well-thought-out closing statement may do the trick.

Here are some phrases to help you deliver an impact:

8. “We Welcome Your Feedback”

After resolving an issue, don’t forget to ask for their feedback. Gathering feedback is essential for the growth of your business and helps you improve your product and services. Hence, before signing off, ask the users for their valuable thoughts.

9. “I Would Be Happy To Help You With Any Other Questions Or Concerns”

Using this phrase towards the end signifies that you are always ready to put your best foot forward and help out your customers. It makes your efforts look genuine and doesn’t leave behind any lingering questions. An integral part of customer service is user satisfaction, and this phrase will help you get that reassurance.

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